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How You Make Money Trading Forex

How You Make Money Trading Forex

Make Money Trading ForexIn the FX market, you buy or sell currencies. Placing a trade in the foreign exchange market is simple: the mechanics of a trade are very similar to those found in other markets (like the stock market), so if you have any experience in trading, you should be able to pick it up pretty quickly.

The object of Forex trading is to exchange one currency for another in the expectation that the price will change, so that the currency you bought will increase in value compared to the one you sold.

Example of making money by buying euros

Trader's Action EUR USD
You purchase 10,000 euros at the EUR/USD exchange rate of 1.18 +10,000 -11,800*
Two weeks later, you exchange your 10,000 euros back into US dollars at the exchange rate of 1.2500. -10,000 +12,500**
You earn a profit of $700. 0 +700
*EUR 10,000 x 1.18 = US $11,800
** EUR 10,000 x 1.25 = US $12,500

An exchange rate is simply the ratio of one currency valued against another currency. For example, the USD/CHF exchange rate indicates how many U.S. dollars can purchase one Swiss franc, or how many Swiss francs you need to buy one U.S. dollar.

How to Read an FX Quote

Currencies are always quoted in pairs, such as GBP/USD or USD/JPY. The reason they are quoted in pairs is because in every foreign exchange transaction you are simultaneously buying one currency and selling another. Here is an example of a foreign exchange rate for the British pound versus the U.S. dollar:

GBP/USD = 1.7500

The first listed currency to the left of the slash ("/") is known as the base currency (in this example, the British pound), while the second one on the right is called the counter or quote currency (in this example, the U.S. dollar).

When buying, the exchange rate tells you how much you have to pay in units of the quote currency to buy one unit of the base currency. In the example above, you have to pay 1.7500 U.S. dollar to buy 1 British pound.

When selling, the exchange rate tells you how many units of the quote currency you get for selling one unit of the base currency. In the example above, you will receive 1.7500 U.S. dollars when you sell 1 British pound.

The base currency is the “basis” for the buy or the sell. If you buy EUR/USD this simply means that you are buying the base currency and simultaneously selling the quote currency.

You would buy the pair if you believe the base currency will appreciate (go up) relative to the quote currency. You would sell the pair if you think the base currency will depreciate (go down) relative to the quote currency.


First, you should determine whether you want to buy or sell.

If you want to buy (which actually means buy the base currency and sell the quote currency), you want the base currency to rise in value and then you would sell it back at a higher price. In trader's talk, this is called "going long" or taking a "long position". Just remember: long = buy.

If you want to sell (which actually means sell the base currency and buy the quote currency), you want the base currency to fall in value and then you would buy it back at a lower price. This is called "going short" or taking a "short position". Short = sell.

Bid/Ask Spread

All Forex quotes include a two-way price, the bid and ask. The bid is always lower than the ask price.

The bid is the price in which the dealer is willing to buy the base currency in exchange for the quote currency. This means the bid is the price at which you (as the trader) will sell.

The ask is the price at which the dealer will sell the base currency in exchange for the quote currency. This means the ask is the price at which you will buy.

The difference between the bid and the ask price is popularly known as the spread.

Let's take a look at an example of a price quote taken from a trading platform:

Forex Spread On this GBP/USD quote, the bid price is 1.7445 and the ask price is 1.7449. Look at how this broker makes it so easy for you to trade away your money.

If you want to sell GBP, you click "Sell" and you will sell pounds at 1.7445. If you want to buy GBP, you click "Buy" and you will buy pounds at 1.7449.

In the following examples, we're going to use fundamental analysis to help us decide whether to buy or sell a specific currency pair. If you always fell asleep during your economics class or just flat out skipped economics class, don’t worry! We will cover fundamental analysis in a later lesson. For right now, try to pretend you know what’s going on…

In this example Euro is the base currency and thus the “basis” for the buy/sell.

If you believe that the US economy will continue to weaken, which is bad for the US dollar, you would execute a BUY EUR/USD order. By doing so you have bought euros in the expectation that they will rise versus the US dollar.

If you believe that the US economy is strong and the euro will weaken against the US dollar you would execute a SELL EUR/USD order. By doing so you have sold Euros in the expectation that they will fall versus the US dollar.

In this example the US dollar is the base currency and thus the “basis” for the buy/sell.

If you think that the Japanese government is going to weaken the Yen in order to help its export industry, you would execute a BUY USD/JPY order. By doing so you have bought U.S dollars in the expectation that they will rise versus the Japanese yen.

If you believe that Japanese investors are pulling money out of U.S. financial markets and converting all their U.S. dollars back to Yen, and this will hurt the US dollar, you would execute a SELL USD/JPY order. By doing so you have sold U.S dollars in the expectation that they will depreciate against the Japanese yen.

In this example the GBP is the base currency and thus the “basis” for the buy/sell.

If you think the British economy will continue to do better than the United States in terms of economic growth, you would execute a BUY GBP/USD order. By doing so you have bought pounds in the expectation that they will rise versus the US dollar.

If you believe the British's economy is slowing while the United State's economy remains strong like bull, you would execute a SELL GBP/USD order. By doing so you have sold pounds in the expectation that they will depreciate against the US dollar.

In this example the USD is the base currency and thus the “basis” for the buy/sell.

If you think the Swiss franc is overvalued, you would execute a BUY USD/CHF order. By doing so you have bought US dollars in the expectation that they will appreciate versus the Swiss Franc.

If you believe that the US housing market bubble burst will hurt future economic growth, which will weaken the dollar, you would execute a SELL USD/CHF order. By doing so you have sold US dollars in the expectation that they will depreciate against the Swiss franc.

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Welcome to our affiliate page. In this page you will learn everything you need to know to become a top affiliate and earn fantastic commissions promoting the Forex Ultimatum System.

What's In It For YOU?

You will earn big commission when promoting Forex Ultimatum System. The product price tag is $97 and the affiliate commission is 60% , which equals to $53 commission for every sale you generate (ClickBank commission already deducted). The sales page, designed by a professional web designer, has proven to pull out high conversion rates. Furthermore, the system truly is a rock-solid product which keeps customer satisfaction high and refund rates very low.
Getting Started As An Affiliate
Enrol ClickBank And Get Your Affiliate ID

Who is this product for? The Forex Ultimatum System has been created for novice and intermediate Forex traders who are looking for an exciting and successful trading system.

This is a huge market with thousands of money hungry people coming in on a daily basis, and all those people need A) basic education and B) the right tools to succeed. That's exactly what the Forex Ultimatum System provides them with.

The income possibilities are endless!

Affiliate Rewards: As already stated, the product price tag is $97 and the affiliate commission is 60%, which equals to $53 commission for every sale you generate!

We have prepared everything to bring you the best conversion rate. However, it is hard to tell the exact number but according to our previous launch experience, this number can be as high as 15% – 20%.

How are you paid out? All the affiliate payouts and sales tracking is handled by Clickbank, the internet's number one affiliate network. They will mail out a check for you with the total of your commissions every two weeks so you will be paid regularly and accurately.

Getting started : Firstly you need to create a ClickBank affiliate account. It's free, painless and quickly! ClickBank is very professional with their affiliate network so you can expect your account to be up and running in no time.

Once you've become a member of Clickbank, you can then send visitors to the sales page via a "hoplink", which is nothing but an URL with your affiliate ID built in. That's exactly the URL you have to promote and send traffic to!

Join Our Affiliate/JV Mailing List

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you add yourself to the affiliate mailing list. It's our only way of communicating with you if you win prizes, if there are any launch updates, or if we need to pass along any other pertinent information.

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Keith Baxter and friends are launching
Epic Traffic Systems.

Earn Huge 1st Tier Commissions Of $1,000/sale, PLUS an Additional $200/sale for Every 2nd Tier Sale You Make For Promoting the EPIC Internet Marketing Event of 2010 - The June 15th Launch of…

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Richard Branson’s Necker Island…


2 Tier Commission Program

1st Tier commissions: $1000.00/sale

2nd Tier commissions: $200.00/sale

Launch Dates…

Pre-Launch Page Goes Live: Friday, June 4th at 12pm EST

Order Link Goes Live: Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 12pm EST

>>>>> The EPIC Affiliate Incentive Program <<<<<

The Epic Affiliate Incentive Program gives you 4 ways to win!

1st – Pre-Launch Cash and Prizes – During the pre-launch there will be cash and prizes awarded to those who make the greatest effort to help spread the word through actions such as opting in, tweeting, posting to Facebook, blog commenting, subscribing to our Youtube channel, etc. Everyone has a chance to win, and win big! These prizes will be announced in the coming days.

2nd – The Top 10 Affiliates – (Based on Points Earned) – Hold on to your hats for this one folks, because it just doesn’t get any more EPIC than this! Each of the top 10 affiliates who meet a min. qualifier of just 500 points will join Keith, Jon, Joey and Don on an amazing 5 night, all-inclusive tropical adventure to the private island paradise of Necker Island. We have made arrangements to have the entire island to ourselves for the biggest, baddest, sun drenched party ever…and with a little luck, we may have the opportunity to hang for a while with Richard Branson himself! You can bring a guest and we’re also picking up the tab for airfare to get you there and back.

3rd – Epic Tiered Bonus Prizes – (Based on Points Earned) – What you win entirely depends on how many points you earn during the Epic Traffic System launch period, and as you can see by browsing through the list of prizes…we’re not playing around!

4th – The #1 “Most Epic Marketer On The Planet” Grand Prize Winner – (Based on Points Earned) -He who hath the most points winneth!

These prizes are unique, truly amazing, and worth mega bucks! The top prize alone, when you add everything up….is worth around a QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS! Somebody will hit the 10,000 point level. Will it be you?
Prizes will be calculated and based on a Points System:

Points Earned :

1 x Tier 1 Sale = 10 Points
1 x Tier 2 Sale = 1 Point

Pre-Launch Actions:


There will be a leaderboard you can follow… updated on a daily basis.

Important: Final point results will be based on net sales produced, less any refunds and chargebacks, and will be awarded after all refund period expirations and payment due dates for multi-pay customers are reached.

I put it inside the members area, but also here is the JV
What Exactly is the Turbo Traffic System All About?

The main focus of this training course is to get traffic from social networking websites as well as through free search engine traffic through SEO methods. It is a membership based program that is designed to help you get more visitors to whatever websites you target.

Even for beginners, there are specially designed modules to take beginners through the basics of SEO and to slowly advance towards the more difficult to understand concepts. In total, there are 6 different modules of strategies that are each complemented with step by step video tutorials.

What Do The Modules of Turbo Traffic System Cover?

A Marketing Academy is included that is geared towards teaching beginner marketers how to build their own websites, how to quickly build their own lists and all the other necessary skills to become successful at earning an income online.

Some of the skills you can learn from it include social networking, back links building, local search engine optimization and keyword research. At the end of the day, all this is designed to help you dominate whichever niche that you are marketing to. Overall, there are a total of six modules with PDF guides, action plans and videos to help make learning much easier.

Turbo Traffic System Review Bonus – Is It Scam Free?
Posted by seo-boy

What is Turbo Traffic System? Is it a Scam Free product?

Rest assured that Turbo Traffic System is NOT a Scam, I have tested the system and am quite impressed with it. In this review, I will share with you some useful info about this product. So, make sure you read it first before you sign up.

TTS is not the same as many other e-books that teach re-hashed info on how to make money online. It’s a business system and it provides you the blueprint to implement the system. This is not another ‘get-rich-quick’ product, you need to put in some hard work to implement it. But once you finished the implementation, you will have a long-lasting and profitable online business.

The core system consists of 6 modules:

Module #1 – Setting The Foundation

Module #2 – Backlink Juice & Authority

Module #3 – Social Traffic Blueprint

Module #4 – Your Own Backlink Network

Module #5 – The Gold Mine of Local Search

Module #6 – Total Domination

NOTE: Please visit Turbo Traffic System Review to read the detailed explanations for each module.

In summary, modules 1 to 3 shows you how to create a solid internet Marketing business with the FREE traffic methods. You’ll learn how to find products that people are hungry to buy, how to get targeted leads and how to make your offer irresistible.

Modules 4 to 6 are advanced strategies and techniques used to take your business into the next level and dominate the niche market. You will learn how to build high authority sites that Google loves! You’ll also learn how to target your buyers geographically and dominate the local search terms and location.


Turbo Traffic System is not just a course that teaches you how to make money online, but rather a complete step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to build a long-term and profitable business system. If you build your business using this blueprint, you would be able to reap great profit in the foreseeable future. As mentioned, this is not a get-rich-quick system, there are some works involved in the beginning but the time & effort you put into building your business this way would be very worth it.

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The product name is Bloopio.

Bloopio is the new One Sale at a Time Software. With Bloopios you will be able to produce money-making sites that give one time offers with a limited time to consumers. Using the tools of scarcity you will have powerful websites that will make you insane amounts of money. You will also get training and learn how to make sales pages, landing pages, blogs, get you web site, incorporate the software and make the whole process pretty much automated.

This Video will teach you:

- Bloopio Insights
- How to set up the Bloopio countdown
- How to set up your Sales Copy using the Bloopio Software
- How to manage your comments
- How to put new products to your Bloopio Software
- How to sell to your clients even if they don’t like your product

So, without further due, here is the new video:

Get rid of excess inventory, sell & manage affiliate products, or help stores get rid of excess inventory. Bloopio makes it easy to run product offers using the calendar and times so that you are never missing out an a sale opportunity.

With Bloopio’s easy to use video & picture uploader, you have the ability to market all of your already existing marketing tools, or you can create new media to add in seconds.

So, in here you can see all of the advantages of Bloopio. This ws basically taken from the Bloopio Sales Page, unedited, so I apologize if it seems too much of a sales pitch (because it actually is!). So here is the link again, and we will be announcing our Bonus offer Tomorrow:

Get Free Bloopio E-Book

And what I liked most about Bloopio is its function:

“Fast, Professional Websites; No Technical Experience Required”

I receive countless numbers of emails from people asking me:

- how to get started?
- which website builder should I use?
- how long will it take to create a website?
- how will I create a website myself?
- how much will it cost to create a website?

I usually point people initially to Wordpress. It is a blog, though. Sure, it can be used to sell products and to promote products, but it is not designed to do that. It is meant to be a blog.

What makes Bloopio so unique is that it caters to the online marketer. It is the quick and easy way of getting actual offers and promotions onto the internet without having to deal with all of the
crazy plug-ins, modifications and WORK!

(It even incorporates things like opt-in forms for you…one thing that I ALWAYS tell my clients to add whenever they create an website.)

Enough of my ranting about this.

The moral of this story is that I mentioned to Hollis way-back-when that when he WAS to release this product, I want to be one of the first
to tell my clients about it.

Now is that time and Bloopio is currently in pre-launch…BUT NOT FOR YOU!

Between NOW and Tuesday (2/9), you can get this for only $97 before it goes live to the general public.

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Outsource Force

Outsource Force is a complete training that will teach you how to make money online, and also how to outsource most, if not the whole process, and have fun in the process. This means that instead of you spending most of your time doing the hard work, you spend your time coming out with new ideas and making money from them. This is not a new marketing idea, or a marketing gimmick. What will be taught is something that has made hundreds of people rich.

Outsource Force is John Reese’s newest product launch. Outsource Force is a Video Home Study Course that teaches people how to work less while earning more. Most businesses FAIL because business owners choose to do everything themselves. This is mostly because they have trust issues, and they cannot trust anyone else with the work they are doing. John Reese breaks this whole process down into a step by step formula with the Outsource Force. The Outsource Force is in Pre-Launch right now. John has released 4 Free Videos to teach and educate people about the Outsource Force, and show people that this course can change their lives.

John Reese is Launching Outsource Force soon. If you would like to completely outsource your entire business, and spend time relaxing on the beach drinking mojito’s, then I highly suggest that you pick up the Outsource Force. Every single product that John Reese has launched has been a sellout. He has a God given gift to package up information into an easily consumed video course.

John Reese, known to some as the “Million Dollar Man” for having made over 1 million dollars with his Traffic Secrets launch of 2004, has just announced his next Internet marketing offer: Outsource Force. If you’ve tried outsourcing before, and didn’t like the results you got (although you know that the idea behind it is very powerful), then this article might be of interest to you.

Like a lot of Internet marketers, you might be overwhelmed with the volume of work that has to be consistently done to establish your business. There are articles to be written, web pages to put up, technical things to deal with, e-mails, researching, customer service…the list goes on and on.

That might be one reason why many Internet business owners don’t get where they need to be: it’s really, for some people, too much for one person to handle.
Enter Outsource Force

outsourceforcevideos Outsource Force To Be Released By John Reese

John has just started pre-launch for Outsource Force today and he’s promised some excellent f.ree training videos for anyone who want to grab.

These are definitely worth getting your hands on…

»» Download The Free Video Training Here ««

The first video of the pre-launch series opens with John asking the viewer, “How much money can you make if you could clone yourself?”

Throughout the 16-minute, 27-second video, John goes on to reveal some great content and interesting things that all business owners should consider. Here are some of them:

* What John considers to be the number 1 skill in all of Internet Marketing

* The #1 secret to the lifestyle that author Tim Ferriss and the “New Rich” enjoy

* The “oldest formula in the world that has been the foundation of all wealth”

It’s the last point mentioned above (the “oldest formula”) that is the driving idea behind a lot of what John covers in the video. He gives a brief description of 2 well-known performing arts groups (Siegfried & Roy, and the Blue Man Group) and contrasts them against this oldest formula. You get to hear a brief story of each of these 2 groups, what happened to the one that didn’t use this oldest formula, and about how much more successful the one that did use this group became.

This oldest formula has been used throughout history by Henry Ford to build one of the first American businesses. It was also used during the 1800’s Norther Dakota Gold Rush. And, John says it will continue to be used to create all wealth in the future.
So, What Is Outsource Force?

Well, with the word outsource in the title, and from watching the video, it’s obvious that Outsource Force is about outsourcing. But, it’s not the traditional outsourcing that most Internet business owners think of when they hear about outsourcing. There’s a different way to look at, and do, outsourcing that’s almost radically different than the hassles that you might have had to deal with in the past.

We know that John’s products are, more or less, presented in a step-by-step manner, so we can expect that this latest offering of John’s will be the same. Outsource Force will teach you how to get others (some whom are more capable than you) to do virtually all the work of maintaining your business for you, all for very little cost.

Click Here to Download The Outsource Force Free Training Videos

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Dominating Google Bonus Review
Rod Seip
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How To Dominate Google With Your Article Writing
20 Jul 2007 ... Do you like to get two slots in Google's top ten results? Then follow closely as we'll uncover some of the secrets of those who make money ... - Cached - Similar -
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The Google Crush Method - How To Dominate Google
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How To Dominate Google For Personal Training
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# [PDF]
How to Dominate Google Adwords
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Because they DO NOT know how to dominate Google Adwords. .... seen as high as 33% CTRs – but the HEART of DOMINATING google adwords is in keyword ... - Similar -
Conversation Domination
Dominating the first page of Google. That's the name of the game. .... In fact, these are the exact guides i give my own team to dominate Google! ... - Cached - Similar -
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"Google Domination Gives You The Complete Scoop On How Anyone Can Take Over The Entire First Page Of Google Using Little Known Strategies That You Can Begin ... - Cached - Similar -
AP to Dominate Google Rankings?
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SEO Made Simple Search Engine Optimization
... search engine optimization techniques for achieving #1 Google rankings. ... Learn How To Dominate The World's Largest Search Engine with the help of ...

And remember the big day launch of Dominating Google June 15th 2010, 12pm EST
(Pre-Launch Starts June 8th).

You don't want to miss it.

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CB Predator Bonus

I have prepare the biggest CB Predator packages for you. My CB Predator Bonus package is absolutely RELEVANT to what you’ll learn from Chris Fox, Jerome Chapman, Mike Merz Jr & David Raybould and they COMPLIMENT CB Predator.

In other words you won’t be getting a bunch of outdated PLR junk to clutter up your hard drive and you won’t be getting a bunch of crap that distracts you with information overload. My CB Predator Bonus will help you to make MORE money in the long run!

At this point you’ve seen all the hype and heard the rumors surrounding the release of
CB Predator. So you may be wondering…

Is it for real?

Can this really help me?

Well the answer is yes, Chris Fox, Jerome Chapman, Mike Merz Jr & David Raybould is one of the biggest authorities when it comes to online marketing and CB Predator is so revolutionary, I’d call it GAME CHANGING!

See, with all the hooplah surrounding what could be one of the biggest product launches of the year, many a marketer just like me will be “bribing” you to buy “Chris Fox, Jerome Chapman, Mike Merz Jr & David Raybould ” from their link. I am no different, so I don’t want to disguise the fact that Alex Jeffreys is my friend and yes I will make a few bucks to sell his stuff.

But the bottom line is CB Predator ROCKS!. CB Predator is different because what you will learn will change everything you ever thought about getting money from the internet using a system that is pretty much already done for you!

So why should you buy from my link on this page?

“Because I’m about to rock your world with the best damn CB Predator Bonus on the planet!”

Listen, you’re going to see a whole bunch of bonus offers online and in your inbox. You’ll need to eventually make a choice on what suits you best.

My CB Predator bonus package is RELEVANT to what you’ll learn from Chris Fox, Jerome Chapman, Mike Merz Jr & David Raybould and they COMPLIMENT CB Predator.

In other words you won’t be getting a bunch of outdated PLR junk to clutter up your hard drive and you won’t be getting a bunch of crap that distracts you with information overload.

WARNING: “This Exclusive Offer On This Site Is Available To The First 15 People Who Buy CB Predator Through The Link At The Bottom Of This Page”

“Here’s what you get for FREE when you order CB Predator from this page…”

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Private Label Rights To “Work At Home Mastermind” Video Turnkey Business! (Value $3,397.00)

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what is inside “Work At Home Mastermind” PLR eBook & Video Series…

* Discover how to find the right affiliate products to promote for fast cash, ensuring that you NEVER waste time or money on low converting offers!

* Learn how to build profitable blogs that suck in targeted traffic! Never pay for a designer to create your website again! These fast-track strategies will help you develop an online presence in 2 hours or less!

* Basic Skills For A Strong Foundation – This chapter offers a quick start primer to everything relating to online business! Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to be an absolute success online! (Never look like a ‘newbie” again)

* Explore Chapter 2 for proven strategies of making money online. These methods are used by the most wealthiest marketers online and are guaranteed to yield results!

* Effective, low cost traffic generation strategies that will send an unlimited surge of traffic to your blogs and websites, quickly and easily! Most of these methods cost absolutely NOTHING to use!

+PLUS This Private Label Rights Package includes…

* COMPONENT #1: High quality eBook in PDF & Word format that’s over 50 pages ($500 Value)

* COMPONENT #2: High quality video series with over one hour of content ($1,497 Value)

* COMPONENT #3: Audio in MP3 format ($297 Value)

* COMPONENT #4: Professional Sales Page crafted by a seasoned copy writer. ($297 Value)

* COMPONENT #5: Five-part Autoresponder Series ($97 Value)

* COMPONENT #6: Professional graphics package ($197 value) – includes header, footer, e-covers

* COMPONENT #7: Complete, 100% Original Affiliate Center, featuring exclusive, original graphics (emailers, forum signatures, text link ads, animated banners, ecovers, etc!) – ($197 Value)

CB Predator Bonus #2
Tribal Marketing Intensive Course – Tim Schmidt (Value $2,997.00)

Access to this a perfected system that shows you step-by-step, exactly how to turn the human need to BELONG into an unstoppable FORCE of hard-wired, automatic buyers!!

This system will show you how :

- Hard-wired human behavior will give you way more free time to do what you want with your life. Meanwhile your business keeps gushing cash like Old Faithful.

- You’ll make more money with less effort – forget e-books, standard continuity and “quick-fix” solutions that simply fizzle out over time.

You won’t have to “sell” people to have an online business that spreads faster than a fire in a match factory. They’re programmed to buy what you have!

- You’ll never have to worry about “hit or miss” marketing strategies again… I’ll show you how to get your hands on a detailed formula to ALWAYS be in the right place at the right time.

- You don’t have to start from scratch… You can plug a human phenomenon into your existing business to triple your bottom line profits.

- You can easily follow my proven Tribal Marketing Trifecta. You can use these three rock-solid pillars to make your online business stand stronger than a Roman coliseum.

Tim Schmidt Has Took 3 Years to Discover How to Turn One of Mankind’s Deepest Needs into Cold, Hard Cash…, You Can Copy His System Now!

CB Predator Bonus #3
Internet Marketing Uncut (Value $1,997.00)

Internet Marketing Uncut is a full blown online study course that contains over 40 high quality videos plus additional PDF reports. The power of this course is truly unbelievable.

It finally allows the normal person to break free and make a lucrative income online without having to have special connections or be apart of the elusive “inner circle”.

One of the greatest things about Internet Marketing Uncut is that it teaches you how to replicate your efforts for even more profits. Let’s just say for an example you create a website and it generates $5000 a month for you.

Which is a nice little income but it really isn’t anything groundbreaking yet. But here is the power of Internet Marketing Uncut. Using what you will learn in the course you will be able to generate a second website that produces the same amount of income for you.

So all of a sudden from just two little websites you are now earning 5 figures per month which is OVER $100,000 a year. All of this can happen within a blink of an eye because with Internet Marketing Uncut you have a proven system that creates these websites for you. You can replicate your efforts over and over again.

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Access To Teleseminar Power Course - Michael Cage (Value $1,997.00)

This Is The Complete, Step-By-Step "How To Create Teleseminars And Webinars That Sell ... And That Put Money In Your Pocket Fast" Education That You've Been Looking For!

Maybe You've Heard Of People Making $3,000 Or More Literally Overnight On A Teleseminar Or Webinar That Takes Them Just An Hour To Create ... And Are Wondering How You Can Do The Same ...

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Unfortunately, Until Now, There Hasn't Been Anyone To Teach How To Create Big Paydays Fast With Teleseminars And Webinars That Sell ...

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Traffic Secret 2.0 By John Reese (Value $1,997.00)

Traffic = Money.
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As you know almost all internet marketer suggest you to learn how to generate traffic by this Number 1 Traffic Generation System Available On The net as known as Traffic Secret 2.0 Created By Most Respectable IM Guru You Ever Seen.

Do You Want More Cash-Paying Leads And Customers For Your Products & Services? And Do You Want Them TODAY?

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* And Much, Much More!

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Marketing Secrets Mastermind (Value $1997.00)

Every once in a while an absolute ‘golden’ internet marketing course is released which absolutely changes the face of online marketing as we know it.

The people who produced this course have helped shape online marketing as it is today. There are very few successful online merchants who haven’t been positively influenced by at least one of the internet masterminds on this page.

The Marketing Secrets Mastermind course was put together to condense down into a step-by-step system, many of the various strategies and tactics to creating from next-to-nothing a multi-million dollar online business.

Here is who you are going to learn from and what you’ll learn from each of them:

* Mike Filsaime – Million Dollar Business Strategies

* Ted Nicholas – Master Copywriting

* Andrew X – Marketing Leverage

* Jason Potash – Content Publishing

* Michael Cheney – Master List Building

* Joel Comm – Adsense Success

* Willie Crawford – Master Affiliate Marketing

* Jason James – Product Launch Secrets

* Louis Allport – Multimedia Marketing

* Richard Butler – Thinking Rich

And there are 30+ hours of extra videos in this product too, they contain step by step information on every aspect of building a website and gaining visitors to that website. It is a hugely comprehensive product.

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Full Access To Internet Millionaire System (Value $997.00)

You’ll get step-by-step videos! Each Internet Millionaire System module, starting with Module 2, contains links to quick “how-to” videos that make it drop-dead easy to do every step making money online.

Here are some secrets you are going to learn:

* How to find product candidates at some of the very best sources online today!

* The easy way to analyze any product from any source to see if it’s a winner or a loser…and be right 99% of the time.

* 3 simple ways to recover your investment in any product in literally days (yes, that means fast money, and maybe even big money).

* Core traffic strategy, which combines free methods and paid methods to get you started fast and grow your business to levels you might think are insane even to dream about.

* 8 free traffic strategies that can give you avalanches of traffic for years without costing you a dime.

* 3 paid strategies and the EASY way to use them so you won’t spend sleepless nights worrying about runaway costs.

* 3 specific tactics for making more money on every single sale you make, almost right away…and the simple copywriting tips to let you do this with confidence.

* And many many more…

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Full Access To Local Business Money Machine (Value $997.00)

Local Business Money Machine is an interactive online training program created by Internet marketers Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill that teaches people how to successfully make money by providing a service to local offline businesses.

Local Business Money Machine - How To Make 5-Figures A Month Easily Doing Online Marketing For Local Businesses.

Through the Local Business Money Machine training program, you will learn how to optimize offline business websites so that they will see a significant increase in business. You can contract with businesses to pay you a monthly fee for your website optimization services.

Some of what you’ll soon be learning on Local Business Money Machine:

* What are local businesses absolutely STARVING for and why is there little to NO competition for you? (You'll easily learn very basic online marketing skills and you'll dominate your market.)

* How can you get paid $1,000 to $5,000 a month per client doing VERY SIMPLE online marketing, and do it as soon as this month?

* How can you find local businesses that NEED your help, and how do you approach them and close them without "selling" them? (You'll see which ones are GOLDEN and which ones to avoid like the plague!)

* How do you quickly turn local businesses into the DOMINATE company in their local market online, making them lots of money? (You'll see how to make small tweaks to their "useless" websites and turn them into lead generating machines!)

* Why is there big money in local markets, how super Un-competitive is it, and exactly how did the guy who taught us everything make a killing doing this? (You'll get free videos sharing all this and more, plus case studies with examples!)

* How can you be one of only 100 people to learn EVERYTHING we know about making big money for local business owners starting your first month? (This is the most detailed step-by-step training on exactly what to do.)

* And much more...

CB Predator Bonus #9
Affiliate X Factor with Master Resale Right (Value $497.00)

Affiliate X has crushed $134,231.28 sales for an affiliate promotion, so you know it is going to be packed with great secrets.

You also receive Master Resale Rights, which means that you can not only learn from all the incredible information, but you can resell the product yourself AND you can even resell the resale rights!

Here are just some of the things you can do with this incredible product:

* Watch these videos and learn incredible secrets to dominate any subject with affiliate marketing!

* Learn how to start from scratch, build your own hyper responsive list and successfully promote affiliates products.

* Sell these videos

* Use these videos as a bonus package when promoting other peoples products

* Use as a backend offer for an existing product you are already selling

* Sell the resale rights to these videos

After you’ve completed the six week intensive Affiliate X Factor video training course, You will be a dominant super affiliate in ANY market you choose – I Guarantee It!

CB Predator Bonus #10
Full Access To John Carlton: Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel (Value $299.00)

Your own brand-spanking new copy of the best-selling hardcover marketing and copywriting course “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel”.

This is the same step-by-step guidebook that is on the bookshelves of top marketers all over the world.

And don’t let the word “copywriting” scare you. (Many rookies instantly go into brain-lock-down when they hear it, because they’ve convinced themselves that writing is “hard”. Nonsense.)

This amazing course is so legendary because it truly is a huge “shortcut roadmap” on how to go from clueless… to clued-in… in the fastest time humanly possible.

It’s not about the words you write… it’s about the sales message you put into your prospect’s head.

And this course is exactly like finding a detailed map that leads you quickly past the Marketing Graveyard (where most clueless businesses end up)… straight to the Promised Land of Big Bucks and Massive Success.

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to experience:

* How to quickly turn your hidden salesmanship skills into red-hot sales copy… even if you flunked English… with the amazing “Lazy Businessman’s 3-Step Shortcut” to creating your FIRST world-class sales pitch.

* How to sell to more customers in a day than you could personally meet in a year.

* 11 proven examples of hyper-successful selling concepts you can use immediately (no matter what business you’re in)… plus a tested “blueprint” to use when you gotta knock out sales copy FAST.

* How to uncover the head-turning HOOK that will reel in customers like crazy. (I’ll show you how to be the ONE thing your prospect reads today that gets his blood pumping and forces him to CRAVE what you’re selling. His adrenaline levels won’t go down until he’s sent you money!)

* Why your fortune depends on some basic “street smart salesmanship secrets”… and how to master them quickly, even if you’ve led the most boring life in town.

* A very simple tactic that can double your profits overnight! (ALL super-successful marketers use this tactic, and yet it remains unknown to most business owners.)

* How to confidently “close” deals for obscenely-large amounts of money. (The key to Big Time success.)

* How to create your own “perfect” product over a short weekend… so you can start amassing wealth even if you don’t have a “real” business or anything to sell yet. (Many of the richest entrepreneurs online started out with JUST this tactic, and nothing else.)

* The cash-multiplying secrets of “Operation MoneySuck”. (You can skip going to college for a master’s degree in business… because EVERYTHING you need to know about making the Big Bucks is right here.

CB Predator Bonus #11
Full Access To Joe Polish Piranha Marketing Course (Value $299.00)

Discover these simple and inexpensive breakthrough marketing strategies and start enjoying the easy,lucrative, fun business you’ve dreamed of!

Too many business owners and sales and marketing professionals are killing themselves to generate more cash using all the wrong methods that the so-called “experts” have convinced them are right.

In Piranha Marketing: The Seven Success Multiplying Factors to Dominate Any Market You Enter, famed marketing renegades Joe Polish and Tim Paulson reveal their radically different, consistently proven system for turning any business into a profit-generating machine that operates at full tilt 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The low-cost, low-effort, high-return strategies you will discover in Piranha Marketing are guaranteed to transform your business with amazing speed and ease.

In these 16 power-packed sessions, you’ll find out:

* How to permanently eliminate the need for face-to-face selling.

* The one question you MUST be able to answer if you want to excel - and the one answer that’s not good enough.

* The conveyor-belt process that will make your advertising operate like a well-oiled machine - no manual marketing labor required.

* How to dominate your industry and effectively become the only provider of your particular product or service.

* The amazing sales force that will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days
a week, for FREE.

* How to reach more people in one hour with one phone call than you could normally
reach all year.

* The $80 investment that generated $8,000 of business in one week.

* The brilliant way to instantly differentiate yourself from your competitors - and immediately increase your average sale, your perceived value, and your
conversion rate.

* How to build rock-solid customer loyalty by controlling this one simple thing.

* Four habits that will make people far more likely to refer you.

* The marketing vehicle you should eliminate today and never return to.

* The practically FREE thing you’re probably not doing that is costing you
HALF your profits.

* The Number One way to create an immediate cash flow surge.

* How to create lifetime value out of each and every customer you bring in.

* And much more!

You can put many of these revolutionary strategies to work almost instantly to experience an IMMEDIATE influx of customers and cash. Best of all, the Piranha Marketing system is designed to take the pressure off you and put the fun and joy back into being a business owner.

CB Predator Bonus #12
Full Access To Affiliate Extreme System (Value $197.00)

In this Affiliate Extreme System, you will learn Mark Ling’s Secret of making $119,427.95 in just 2 weeks in affiliate commissions.

Here are some of the topics covered on Affiliate Extreme System:

* The strategy that you can use to skyrocket your affiliate commissions by 200% and more.

How to construct a highly profitable landing page for pay per click.

* Special 6 part “getting started” video course for Newbies.

How to legally steal your competitors keywords, and a whole lot more.

* Secrets of how to make 5 figures in a single week promoting other people’s launches.

* How to get high natural search engine rankings so you’ll get tons of free traffic.

* How to use viral marketing strategies to gain floods more visitors and sales.

Super affiliate blogging secrets, from how to set up your own blog to how to market it online to gain high search engine rankings and lots of extreme affiliate sales.

* On page search engine optimization, how it works, and the free software that you need to analyze your web pages so that they are definitely perfect and ready to be ranked highly for your chosen keywords.

CB Predator Bonus #13
Full Access To Clayton Makepeace - Steal These Secrets Vol. II (Value $197.00)

This Million-Dollar Control Holds The Secret To Annihilating Your Prospect’s Sales Resistance – Making It Easier Than Ever For You To Close The Sale …

Clayton got a brand NEW collection of control-creaming promotions available for your personal swiping pleasure in Steal These Secrets, Volume 2.

These promotions mailed in the millions of pieces — hauling in hundreds of millions in sales for his understandably ecstatic clients and showering Clayton with millions in royalties.

And remember the Forbidden Cures package? Well, that little powerhouse helped launch the entire alternative health newsletter industry.

There are a lucky 13 promotions – 310 pages — in all. And each one is a guaranteed goldmine of marketing strategies and techniques that will …

* Spark ideas for your own copy, unleashing the creative genius inside of you …

* Banish writer’s block, allowing you to write faster, work on more projects, and skyrocket your income …

* Suggest solutions to problems in your own copy, boosting your promotion’s response-getting power …

* And help you assimilate the successful qualities and habits of winning promotions into your copy – creating an insatiable desire for your product and the irresistible impulse to order now.

CB Predator Bonus #14
Full Access To Affiliate Funnel System VIP Membership (Value $197.00)

The Affiliate Funnel System’s course is divided into five step by step modules:

Module 1 - Research

* This is all about finding the right product to promote. This is the foundation of a profitable online business. Saj P will discuss how to research the market and find profitable products. The advanced keyword research techniques and competition analysis will also be discussed.

Module 2 - Landing Page Systems

* The different types of landing pages, its uses and techniques on how to use them will be discussed.

* How to construct different types of review pages, presell pages, incentivised pages, opt in pages, call to action pages and banners. These are things that every affiliate marketer should know.

Module 3 - Initiate Campaigns

* In this module, you’ll learn how to create and layout your campaigns and then launch them as affiliate marketing funnels.

* The use of Google’s content network, YSM (Yahoo equivalent of Adwords), MSN, social media, autoresponders, and a lot more.

Module 4 - Bonus Funnel Systems

* Underground, never-released tactics on how to create a buzz in your marketplace before the launch of the product. This will make your target buyers want the product more before the launch date.

* Advanced SEO funnel system. These jaw dropping techniques will force the search engines to love your campaigns.

Module 5 - The Monster In A Box

* Get access to 3 FULLY tested campaigns in the following niches Forex, Weight Loss and Make Money! This is like turnkey business in a box, ready to plug and play! This is truly priceless!

* You’re going to get everything from review pages, presell pages, opt in pages, actual keywords to advertise on, actual ads to use, banner ads, actual websites to place banner ads, actual products to give away to build your subscriber list, actual autoresponder series, etc.

* These are the real-life campaigns in the markets that are responsible for generating million of dollars.

CB Predator Bonus #15
Full Access To PPC Ninja (Value $197.00)

Learn the exact step, techniques, and mindset to making 8k in 18 days using PPC and Affiliate programs… from a 32 years-old non guru…

To be better than everyone else you need to be thinking outside the box… which is EXACTLY what you’ll be doing with Pay Per Click Ninja… . You are about to discover simple but super effective techniques that will slam you in hyper drive and turn you into a PPC Ninja. No matter how successful you are or are not — you CAN become an unstoppable affiliate dominating machine with Pay Per Click Ninja… in fact, here’s a TINY fraction of what you’re soon to uncover:

* The best places to get cheap traffic, and the secret spot Google doesn’t want you to know about.

* 7 Chapters loaded with techniques, steps, and ways to FIND MONEY on the internet using PPC + Affiliate Programs.

* How to avoid the Google “Slap” on your affiliate ads.

* Why Google Cash is still “Alive and Well” (this is awesome)

* How to maximize your commission in the minimum time

* How to find REALLY UNIQUE keywords that NOBODY else is bidding on The power of surveys

* How to find secret niches that have no competition and LOTS of traffic.

* Secret “Private” Affiliate programs that spew out cash like an ATM on steroids! Learn how to find them….

* Get an exact Step By Step on how to take over CPA Networks, and the Google Content Network…. (this is NINJA)

* Techniques to reverse engineer any adwords niche

* Stealth system for taking any niche from BREAK EVEN to TOTAL PROFIT

* Ninja Split Testing Techniques that will show you EXACTLY which offers, ads, and traffic will make you MONEY. This is like finding money on the ground

* How to find huge NON-BUYER niches that you can convert with Cost-Per-Action offers PPC Conversion secrets revealed

* And much more…

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