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Brendon Burchard Presents Experts Academy Millionaire Training Program For New Gurus : Authors, Speakers, coaches, seminar leaders and online information marketers

Traditionally, Experts Academy has been my 4-day advanced training for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders and online marketers. It's a deep-dive training event where we teach people how to start from scratch and become the new guru in their industry. I teach the entire program and bring in elite guests like Tony Robbins, John Gray, David Bach and other big name gurus to reveal their secrets. The live event has sold out two years in a row at $4995 per ticket!

For the first time ever, we are taking all the live event video footage and putting it in an online format for easy access. Because we keep selling out the live event we know there is a huge demand to access the information from home and at a lower price.

We have all the pieces in place, including exciting upsells and massive bonuses, like exclusive never before seen content footage of Anthony Robbins, John Gray (Men Are From Mars fame), David Bach (The Automatic Millionaire) and others on stage sharing their systems for creating expert empires.

Experts Academy is about Brendon Burchard story is probably a lot like your story and the story of your customers. It’s a story of wondering, "How do I get my message out to the world in a big way?" Anyone who has an inspiring life's story or decent how-to content on how people can improve their lives or grow their businesses wonders this question.

And over the last 18 months, Brendon Burchard have figured out how to do that… through writing, speaking, seminars, major online efforts, and coaching/masterminds.

Brendon Burchard started from nothing, with just one virtual assistant, and went from bankruptcy to earning $4,600,000.00 in this industry.

Brendon Burchard proud of all that but what i love most is helping other people share their message.

Now, Brendon Burchard will be sharing all him strategies, marketing secrets, resources and swipe files through Experts Academy Online.


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