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Rapid Rewriter ( Price $77)
The Content Creation Secret Weapon

Rapid Rewriter is an article spinning software package available on both PCs and Macs (yay) that assists you to produce hundreds of articles in literal English to be submitted to article directories. Rapid Rewriter is made not to be just another article spinner, instead it is to allow for a new and different way to spin articles.

Rapid Rewriter has some special features to make your spun articles be even more unique. It supports word, sentence, paragraph spinning, HTML and images, random insertion of words, sentences and paragraphs, and includes a built in customized thesaurus. Most important of all, the resulting spun articles are in comprehensible English and not confused gibberish, because essentially you revision the articles applying this tool yourself.

In your search for an opportunity to get money on-line, you will see diverse ways and what you need to do is determine which path you want to look at. Choosing the right path begins in making up one’s mind which method you want to pursue in your goal to make money on the internet. Look at the things you like the best and add Rapid Rewriter to your marketing tool chest to assist you with your internet promotion.



Not only is Rapid Rewriter state-of-the-art ground breaking technology, that works fast, it also runs on Macs and PC's (Mac owners, your cries have been heard!!). It really is in a league of it's own and is intelligent enough to outsmart the search engines duplicate content filters.

As soon as I started using the content that Rapid Rewriter created for me, I immediately noticed Google was indexing my articles at lightening speed and as a result my Search Engine Rankings increased and my traffic exploded! Which meant more money in the bank.

Now I can't claim that this is the typical result everyone gets, because I've kept it to myself and been secretly enjoying the power of this thing and haven't let many people get there hands on it...but now you have the opportunity to get in on this too.




12 Part SEO Link Building Video Course: 'Backlink Blueprint' ( Price $77 )

In this link building course I give away the lot, and show people how finding PR 5 do follow links (that are not spammed) is so easy for me, infact I often can't be bothered building them all to be honest, and I mean .edu and .gov links too, because I have more than enough!

This course is jammed packed with some of the best link building tricks that have allowed me to grab position 1 in Google for my countless niche site keywords. It is a 12 part video course that demonstrates 12 different and highly effective link building techniques for getting top Google rankings.

In the course Backlink Blueprint, will be revealed every single backlinking effective techniques (effective and I mean, I do not bother with trash)

The best part is, all contained in a program easy to follow step-by-step video for you.

Let me tell you a secret for free now, that most people do not know and is the main reason for sites that do not get their search engine results have been dreaming about ... If you want your site to rank well in search engines, you MUST have a variety of links.

If you just get all your links from the same place, and only rely on several sources, then you will struggle to get top search engine rankings ... remember that a smart search engine,

The good news is, that in the course Blueprint backlinks, you will be shown how to obtain various kinds of quality links with ease, in a competitive step-by-step in a shoulder watching me, with a video program module 14. You will have more than the quality backlinks you'll know what to do with ...

Here's Just Some of the Things You'll Learn Inside:

How to find as many high page rank quality forum and blogs backlinks to boost your search rankings (I mean actual pages with page rank too, not just the home page)
Sneakily reverse engineer other peoples hard work and sort all their links by high page rank in a matter of seconds, saving you stacks of time (this trick will blow you away, see my example below)
Discover how you can flood your sites with quality content backlinks using the power of Rapid Rewriter and just one of my stealth backlinking tricks (Google love these kind of links and your website rankings will fly)
Dominate the search engine results for your niche by getting as many Education and Government domain backlinks as you need. (Hint: I use a very clever spy trick that removes all the hard work and is extremely successful! Just so you know, these links are like Gold for your search engine rankings)

Learn a powerful technique, where you get Google to email you, when they have a new link that you can go and grab! (I know this sounds crazy, but I told you I would teach you how to outsmart search engines)

Learn how to set up indestructable link networks, that harness the power of Web 2.0 and crush your competition by bombarding your sites with backlinks
Avoid the biggest link building mistakes that most marketers do, and end up causing their sites to never rank highly in the search results, or even get banned by Google altogether...you could be wasting time doing this already!
Copy just one simple and VERY effective method that I use to get brand new sites to fly up the search engine rankings in a matter of weeks...I even give you a PDF with 25 great links for you to get straight away!!!
Unleash a 'Backlink Tsunami' to your web pages using my social network backlinking technique that allows you to amass a huge number of links really easily
Blast your websites with highly relevant, high page rank blog links with a sneaky under the radar trick, that allows you to snoop on other people's best backlinks and ride on the back of their success...it's all about working smarter and not harder.
Learn the secret sauce for how to ensure your backlinking is exactly what Google loves, so your sites race up the search engines results and stay there, where they can become your auto-pilot cash machine.
Discover how easy it is to gain a huge number of quality backlinks from free software sites, to give your websites authority and further increase your search engines rankings (Hint: hardly anyone knows this trick, and the ones that do, get it all wrong..but I'll show you the secret to it.)

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If you know anything about getting free traffic from
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Articles are a key factor in getting backlinks to your
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Writing articles can be a total drag though, and a major time waster.

I just checked out this new tool that solves this problem
by producing 100's of unique articles, that read in perfect
English in an instant for you.

There's a video on the page, so you can check this
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That's not all though, the same guy who developed this
thing, has been enjoying top Google rankings for
countless niche sites.

The reason for this, is because after years of careful
testing and trial and error, he's developed a fool proof
backlinking plan that gets all his sites to the top.

It's a complete blueprint that anyone can follow to
replicate his success with.

Why am I telling you this? Well the thing is, that
he's giving his Backlink Blueprint course away with
his software for free for a limited time...

...Seriously, this is a pretty crazy offer, but that's not
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To your success,

Matthew Farrel Jr

P.S. Remember the first 300 to grab this get it at
a very low discounted price and after
that the price is going up significantly!


Tim Edwards said...

hei, This Bonus very big, nice Bonus...but, Are you really offering all those free bonuses???

Matthew Farrell said...

Of course, lots of people already got it. Now only 15 spot left!

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