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Once you have your Clickbank account and know your clickbank username, simply use the link below for your websites, emails, blogs, banner ads (there are several free banner ads below) and Google AdWords advertisements.

Your Affiliate Link:

Our vendor ID is fxprofits1 and you will place your affiliate ID in place of the "xxxxx" - for example, if your affiliate ID is "forexsales" then your link would look like this:

Step 3. Start making money.

Once you have your Clickbank account and know your affiliate link, simply use the affiliate link and the sales tools we provide you with below (banner ads for your websites and blogs, or use the email below to send emails to people you know, or your email list of forex traders).

You may even decide to set up some Google AdWords advertisements to start making money with your affiliate sales, there are many ways for you to make money as an affiliate.

Here are some banners to promote FX Profits Banker on your websites.

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