JV with the Giveaway Guru

Open only if you want a huge list...

I've got a chance for you to grow a
humongous list AND download tons of
f/ree gifts at the same time. How cool
is that?

Here's the scoop...

Reed Floren and Purnima Thakar are
bringing you the most talked-about
Giveaway of the year called Ultra Giveaway.

If you have been in Internet marketing for
any length of time, you'll know that Reed's
Giveaways are super exciting and wildly
profitable. That's why over 1,300 Internet
marketers have joined in to bring you the
biggest Giveaway ever!


Don't miss out on this golden opportunity
to kill THREE birds with one stone - build a
huge list, grab loads of free gifts and make
plenty of sales.


Giveaway starts Friday Aug 27.

Be there...or be square :-)


JV with the Giveaway Guru

Want to JV with a prolific Giveaway Guru?

Here's your chance to leverage on the expertise
and reputation of the foremost Giveaway expert
in Internet marketing - Reed Floren.

Reed and Purnima Thakar are launching the
Ultra Giveaway and over 1,300 Internet marketing
experts have jumped on board. Now you can
benefit from the tsunami of traffic that's coming.

Here's the link:


Believe me, if you miss this one, you will
miss the biggest Giveaway of the year. And
miss out on all the new names that could be
joining your list. Why let your competitors
get them?

Sign up now at:


The Giveaway begins on Friday, Aug 27.

See you there!

PS - Whether you're a contributor or not, you
can benefit by grabbing all the high-quality
gifts for Fr.ee! But signing up as a contributor
lets you get in on the massive opportunity to
grow your list and make lots of money at the
same time. Sign up here:



Clarence also wanted you to have an email that you can
send out to your list tomorrow at 10 AM EST to promote this event

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