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ATLANTA, GA (January 4th, 2011)—Atlanta software development and
consulting company HC Consulting Group LLC is responding to the emerging trend of daily deal websites by launching DailyDealBuilder.com on January 11, 2011. In 2004 e-commerce experienced one of the most monumental changes to date with the invention of the Daily Deal E-commerce model. The model was simple—offering one irresistible deal per day—to entice impulse purchases from customers. After its inception by Woot.com, the model has since exploded, most notably in the past year, and experienced unprecedented growth in 2010.
Daily deal sites have been changing the online shopping experience and have the potential to change the way businesses market and sell their products. The trend, started with Woot, has inspired countless daily deal sites that now reign as some of the most popular websites on the internet. Daily deal sites like these are breaking into countless niche industries, and there is still endless room for expansion into any niche and geographic market imaginable. More recently, purchasing of several of the largest daily deal sites has been making headlines. With offers on Groupon.com reaching the $6 billion mark, and Brands4friends.com and Woot.com being purchased in the mid hundred-million dollar range, it is clear that this online phenomenon has nearly endless fiscal potential. Amidst the emergence of this trend, companies such as HC Consulting are lowering the barrier to entry in this market. Their product, DailyDealBuilder.com, is a group buying platform and daily deal platform designed to let individuals create their own ‘daily deal’ websites with professional training and assistance in launching the site. The new software allows easy entry into the already successful model of group buying and daily deal services without any prior technical knowledge. Daily Deal Builder also includes comprehensive training from HC Consulting staff on how to build and launch daily deal businesses. DailyDealBuilder.com launches on January 11, 2011 and is accompanied by a live sales presentation at 12pm eastern time. HC Consulting Group is a software development, consulting and internet marketing company specializing in the online deployment of business solutions. Started in 2008, the HC team has grown into a global business with various information and software products that assist in growing internet businesses. HC Consulting Group’s core values reside in customer service, quality products and results driven consulting

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Daily Deal Builder

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