JV Joint Venture Affiliate Program by Christian Punkhurts

Dr Christian Pankhurst, D.C., winner of Britain's Next Top Coach is
re-launching his 'Accelerated Awakening' home study program in March
and has created an AMAZING compensation offer, which not only pays
you directly in commissions and prizes, but also for a YEAR of repeat
business generated by your prospect AND, get this, if you're a high
performing partner, you can tap into 20% of the yearly net income of
the entire company.

This is one of the most generous commission payout structures you are
likely to see and not only that, this Christian's program rocks. His refund
rates are one of the lowest in the industry and people love his stuff. He's
heart centered and offers deep, lasting transformation through a methodology
that's unique in today's saturated market.

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Of course, in our industry, it's not just about the money when it comes
to supporting a program or doing a joint venture. Our reputation is always
at risk when we endorse someone else's stuff, which is why Christian
is known for:

1) People who do this program nearly always become repeat customers.
2) Those that go on to do a live event inevitably repeat it at least twice.
3) His refund rates are almost non-existent.
4) He use cutting edge video and web technologies to create great looking

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Christian is going to be re-launching his home study program,
but this version is much IMPROVED. It's called the
'Accelerated Awakening Online Coaching Experience' and
it will be launched on March 10th. He will go into prelaunch
on March 3rd and this is the time for you to get onboard
to promote.

Last time he offered a 50% discount to his high level 30 person
small group live retreat, but this year he's giving away the entire
thing as a bonus! This retreat is consistently sold out everywhere he does it
around the world including Sweden, Holland, UK and USA.

Price of the program will be $999, (3 month payment plan will be available)
and commissions will be 45% ($450 per sale).

Affiliate prizes include bonus commissions up to 60%, iPad,
and an adventure vacation in Costa Rica!

PLUS... All affiliates will be entered into a performance
related prize pool, where at the end of the year he will
share 20% of the companies net PROFIT and share it
with all top performing partners.

AND... to make the deal even sweeter, they're going to
make sure your cookies stay in their system for an
entire year so you get rewarded for up sells, cross sells
and down sells on all their products, services and events
(and future launches).

Last year, he launched this program twice with
incredible results, with high conversions, low refund
rates, and out of this world feedback about the course

This year it will be even better. He's got brand new
pre-launch videos coming out and he's using the slick
and launch proven Kajabi system that's proven to
increase conversion and results for you.

Registering as a JV is SUPER SIMPLE.

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