Tapping World Summit 2011

I have another powerful video for you to watch from our
fr*ee pre-event video series for our upcoming 2011 Tapping
World Summit.

This video is with internationally known expert Cheryl
Richardson, a best-selling author of 5 books who is
best known as one of the world's foremost personal
coaching pioneers.

Cheryl has appeared on shows like The Oprah Winfrey
Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show
just to name a few.

You can see this fr*ee video by going here:

In this video Cheryl talks out the #1 thing that locks
fear, anxiety and an inability to take positive action
into place…

I think that what Cheryl says hits on a really important
topic for most people. Taking action on information
you learn is just as important as learning the information
in the first place. (obvious, but how often is this a
stumbling block for all of us?)

If you feel like you'd like to be implementing more
of what you learn to get better results in your life
then I suggest watching this video.

It's the 3rd in the fr*ee Tapping World Summit Video
series that we've been releasing over the last week.

Over 150,000 people have watched the first two
videos with experts Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton.

There are nearly 3,500 comments of praise and
appreciation for them on the blog as well! :)

The most common question we've had from the two videos
is "How do I reprogram my tape recorder (unconscious mind)"
and "How do I do EFT?"

To learn what EFT and Tapping are and how you can start
using it on your unconscious mind you can listen to or
download the pre-event audios by clicking on the link
below (you'll also be able to watch a video on where
the Tapping points are)


Enjoy the video with Cheryl and the three pre-event bonus
audios and if you haven't yet seen the videos with Jack
Canfield and Bruce Lipton make sure to watch those also.

Here's the link again:


Nick Ortner

P.S. - Remember, the fr*ee 2011 Tapping World Summit begins
on February 21st at 8PM EST (With an available replay for 24
hours after each day's presentations to make it easier for
international listeners).

Make sure to mark that date on your calendar as it's going
to be the beginning of an amazing event that will teach you
exactly how to implement Tapping in your life today to get
the results you're looking for and if you're already experienced
with Tapping you will find an abundance of advanced and cutting-edge
content in the summit as well!. :)

In the meantime, enjoy the video with Cheryl:


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