Accelerated Awakening

Accelerated Awakening closing?

Did you see this? Christian Pankhurst is closing Accelerated
Awakening enrollment TONIGHT at midnight:

If you've ever wanted to live life free from unworthiness
and the resistance that keeps you stuck, preventing ALL of
who you are from getting out and letting others in, then you
must watch this now.

Personally, I think Christian is giving away the farm with
this offer and that's why I've been telling you so much
about it. His method WORKS and the half price ticket to
his 7-day vacation retreat in Costa Rica AND a complimentary
ticket to his 4-day small group Accelerated Awakening
retreat is just amazing. I also happen to know he'll
never be offering this again.

Here's what his program includes:

-- Accelerated Awakening Online Home Study Course

(This is TWENTY hours of step-by step training for
each area of Heart Intelligence and also includes shipping
of the entire program on DVD-ROM)

-- 4-day Accelerated Awakening Small Group Retreat

(people normally pay $1400 for this event)

-- BONUS Facilitator & Coach Training Module.

-- EXTRA Heart Centered Communication & Conflict Resolution Module

-- 8 months of support and live group coaching

It may be one of the best offers of this past year when
you consider the real value and Christian's incredible ability
to get results for himself and his clients.

The time to learn how to live life from your heart is now --
If you still struggle with feelings of doubt and unworthiness
and find it difficult to get 'unstuck' then perhaps it's time you join
Christian's program and join the hundred's of others that have
stepped up to the plate.

The deadline is tonight at midnight. Please don't miss it.

PS. On top of immediate invaluable training, Christian has
also added UNLIMITED Personal Blog Access, 5 days a week
so he can 'hold you hand' and take you through the process.
Details here:

do this by MIDNIGHT

This is it. Accelerated Awakening closes at midnight for good:

It's the best and most comprehensive training I've seen
that addresses how to live life to the max, by coming into
your heart and removing the resistance that holds you back.

If anything, watch the sales video before it's gone. You
might want to check out some of the important things you
need to focus on this year.

Personally, I think you should definitely get this program.
The surprise discount to his 7 day all inclusive vacation retreat
in Costa Rica and his complimentary ticket to his small group
residential training are beyond worth it and Christian truly
overdelivers and takes care of his clients.

To Your Success

IM Experts

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