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I'll get straight to the point...

This is NOT a piece of software that helps you create RSS feeds.

This is NOT a piece of software to help you create squeeze pages.

This is NOT a piece of software to generate worthless, JUNK traffic.

This is NOT Software.


Because software doesn't create WEALTH.

Websites do, with real content written by real people. *

That's why you need to check THIS out TODAY.

Finally someone's doing it the RIGHT way!

You've been around long enough to know I absolutely LOVE a good giveaway, but this one takes the cake!

My friend Tom has been doing a yearly "Give Back To The People" event for some time now, but this is the biggest and best yet! Frankly, it's got a few so-called "Gurus" ticked...

Gee, I wonder why? LOL

When you are "giving away the farm" for peanuts, there isn't ANYONE that can compete!

Seriously, check it out what everyone is talking about at the site below!

Meet The Software Killer...

Finally, something Better than software that actually works.*

Check it.

Better Than Software!

Whose side are you on?

I hate to make you choose sides... but this could change things.


While I get that Tom is happy and wants to "pay it forward", this time he's just gone too far.

Do you think there is such a thing as giving away TOO MUCH?

Check it out for yourself... it's pretty crazy!


Matthew Farrell

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