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MAtthew Farrell

Killer Content

All the buzz going around about Killer Content is there for a reason and the program is definitely living up to all the hype.

Killer Content is getting ready to go viral in a big way, believe me.

To say this is a full featured program for creating an online presence that will dominate any niche you are is an understatement and does a disservice to the program.

For the first time someone (Socrates Socratous the creator) has compiled an unimaginable amount of extremely high quality content and married it to a “thing” that is hard to describe. It is a data management program, but that sounds too complicated and if I call it a word processor that sounds too simple.

Whatever title you want to give this program is up to you, but it is the most powerful tool to search and manipulate data a marketer will ever need while at the same time it is as simple as editing a document.

Let me walk you this to give you an idea what I am talking about.

You create a project; this is as simple as clicking on the word “new project” and typing in the name of your new project.

Then you search the list of only God knows how many super high quality articles. You don’t just search this list randomly, although you can if you want. You search this list by Keyword. Yes, you type in the exact keyword or phrase you want and the filter will generate a data base of thousands of articles with your specific keyword.

When you open an article you can edit and change the article any way you want, right there like you were on your favorite word processor. With a click of a button you can even “spin” the article right from the same screen with a very powerful spinning program. When you get the article the way you want it then you just save it to your project.

Then you just repeat the process over and over until you have as much content as you want in the project you created.

Now you go to your project to complete the process. You can auto-post your content directly to your blog. The auto-post program lets you control every aspect of how the content will hit your blog. You can set times and dates for each article to hit or you can just send them out all at once the choice is yours, but to just have a choice at all is something amazing.

Just because you are posting your content doesn’t mean the fun will stop there, you can generate an ebook in pdf format directly from your project window with a single click of a button.

Click, BOOM! An instant ebook with chapters arranged in the order of the article numbers in your project. Once again, you have full control over the look, feel and layout of the book and it is less complicated than a word processor.

Like I said, I don’t know what kind of a title you would give a program like Killer Content, but if I ever meet Socrates I want to shake his hand. I highly recommend this system.

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Affiliate Cash Clone

How To Make Money In The Next 2 Hours…

It sounds hard to believe right ?

Chances are, you probably came across this article, while searching for or doing research on ways to make money online.

And maybe you have already come across a bunch of websites full of faulse promises and pie in the sky claims.

Maybe you have seen things like this: "Make millions with 1 click of your mouse"

or "the gurus are luring to you, listen to me, i will show you how to make millions of dollars over night, just buy my software and you will get rich over night"

To be honest, i am pretty fed up of all this 1 click nonsense.

There really isn't any way to make millions and get rich overnight online.

Believe me i have been online making a decent income for the last 2 years, and if there was a push button solution, then i would be a BILLIONAIRE by now!

But thats not the case unfortunately.

However, there are legitiment ways to make money online and make a living by working from the comfort of your own home.

The best way to get started is with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows anyone to start making money and selling online, by selling other peoples products, and then getting commission for it.

All you would need to learn how to do is, to get your special generated affiliate link in front of the right targeted people who would be interested in what you are selling.

Nadine Jems who is just 23 years old from London has been able to do just that.

She was able to discover a very effective 4 step technique, to make money starting your very first day, with just 30 - 60 minutes of work.

Its something she called the 'Affiliate Cash Clone'

She actually came across this method by complete accident, and was able to make over $10,392 in her first 2 weeks of testing this method out.

She has put together a free video on her blog, that explains this method in more detail, and you can watch this video at the link below.

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Internet Dots

It's Not Your Fault

You've tried hard...but still can't make a go of it... it's not Your fault.

You've been mislead maybe even lied to! The common practices you followed were wrong. The people who taught you didn't know any better.

No one was trying to mislead you...it's just that the common practices have been wrong.


International Internet Marketing Expert, Armand Morin, has just created a FREE 50-page PDF Report that bares all the false practices and steps that prevent You from achieving the success that's rightfully Yours.

This FREE report explains each step, what's wrong with it and why it doesn't work.

If you're serious about your business, you NEED this report NOW!!!

It's not Your fault...up to now...but if you pass up on this FREE report and still don't achieve success...it WILL be your fault...

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The History of Unbelievable Growth

The Internet Marketing Industry has been one of the fastest growing Industries in history.

It started as a small cottage industry and grew into a multi-billion dollar industry almost overnight. What started as mainly Mom & Pop operations has expanded to almost every major corporation in the world.

Yet, within this industry, the small Mom and Pops still thrive. Many may even have a larger ROI than the major corporations.

The Problem...

With this rapid growth came rapid problems...myths, lies, misconceptions, innuendos, and even scams.

There is so much myth and fiction, out there, relating to Internet Marketing that it's hard to find the truth.

All of this hurts the entire industry...but it causes the most pain to the Mom & Pop operations as well as the small to mid-sized Internet Marketers.

The Solution...

Many of these small and mid-sized operators are forced to work harder for each dollar earned because they have to not only overcome public skepticism, but they MUST also overcome the malarkey they've been taught and the poor example and practices left by some Marketers.

The "Armand Morin Network Inc" has just released a Brand New White paper that addresses these issues.

This new White paper entitled "It's Not Your Fault" addresses these issues head on.

It, once and for all, separates Fact, Fiction and Myth and exposes the shoddy practices that are taking place.

It debunks the malarkey so that innocent marketers don't inadvertently follow it in hopes of growing their business.

For a limited time, the Armand Morin Network Inc. is providing copies, Free Of Charge, of this White paper.

This White paper will NOT be sold...it will be offered for free...but only for a limited time.

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Hybrid Pips

If you are involved in forex, read this

Ex-hedge fund trader Chris Ryan just
released a video about what he's
calling the "one thing holding you back
in forex"…


… and believe me, when I first saw
this I thought this must just be another

Then I reached out to Chris and talked
to the guy… and, well, you just need
to watch this video NOW to see just
how different this is from the usual
"robot" game:


P.S. I know you hear this every time
some new forex "software" launches…
but this is a game-changer… and…
this time it's for real. You don't have
to trust me on that -- just watch the
video and decide for yourself:


What has Chris Ryan got to hide??

When I found out about a half hour
ago that Chris Ryan planned on taking DOWN this
video where he talks about the ONE thing
holding you back in forex…


… at first I thought he must have something
to hide. But then I talked to Chris, and he
told me he's just been OVERWHELMED
by the number of people watching it (and
talking about it)… and since he promised
this was going to be strictly LIMITED…


… he's got no choice but to yank the video
in just a matter of hours. If you haven't already,
make sure you watch this video now, while
it's on your mind -- it could literally be the "game
changer" you've been waiting for:


The one "90% secret" to winning in forex? [video]

OK, this is urgent -- Chris Ryan is just about
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And you owe it to yourself to watch it now
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And not to put the pressure on, but
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TRUTH behind the $4 Trillion Forex lie
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Matthew Farrell

Facebook ATM

How to get 1000 fans in less than an hour? find out Now....

My good friend, Georgina Lany has just gone mad!

She has just published a video, full of content on some
ground breaking Facebook marketing strategies:

How to add a thousand fans to your Facebook Fanpage in
less than an hour? Live demo!

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Ps: I was just watching it and this stuff simply should not
have been made public, so powerful, I am glad
I can share this with you!


Passive Profit Portals

Enter the $45,319 Per Month Profit Portal...

He may be a geek but he sure as hell knows how to make serious bank online.

Chris Freville is revealing his 'profit portals' for the first time.

Yeah -- like I say -- geek!


Here's the cool part...

You don't need to worry about Google... SEO... PPC... PPV.. Media Buys... any of that crap.

You just 'activate' the portal and it "MAGNETIZES" traffic.

You have to see it to believe it...


I WISH I could tell you what this software will do...

I'd LOVE to tell you that the Passive Profit Portals software will make you $45,319.00 a month.

I'd love to.

But legally, I can't say that.

Even though it's 100% possible and all depends on how quickly you get started...


chris Freville just opened up the profit portal.

Now every struggling newcomer can FINALLY make fast cash on the internet. 100% F*REE.

It doesn't matter if you have no experience... no technical skills... and if everything you've tried so far has failed.

Today is a new day.


You're not alone.

Strippers, bad actors, p*rn stars all trying to sell you the latest 'push button' software.

Enough already!


How To 'Teleport' Traffic...

'Teleport' traffic?

Get outta here!

When Chris Freville told me he'd found a way to 'teleport' traffic to his sites and 'beam' profits into his bank account...

... I told him to stop watching the sci-fi channel!

But then I activated one of his Passive Profit Portals. And I was blown away...


If you want to make money online you NEED traffic. You can't do without it.

But traffic is the no.1 obstacle whether you're just getting started or you're an online marketing veteran.

Getting traffic SUCKS!

Unless... you quit chasing and start 'teleporting'...


Lazy Affiliate Riches

Wow, this is controversial!

You may have heard what some people are saying about Lazy Affiliate Riches, and if you have, then you know that it’s been pretty controversial.

You see, my friend Jeff Dedrick engineered a completely automated system that generates floods of income, easily and out of thin air, regardless of your technical skills or prior experience.

And Profit Exploits gives you step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know -- PLUS the automated tools that you previously have been lacking.

If you’re one of the smart ones that already got in, you're learning how to work SMARTER, not harder, all the while finally making that money you’ve been dreaming of.

But if you’ve not jumped in on this yet, you may be wondering if you really CAN make a ton of cash online without hard work…


… needless to say, this is where the controversy comes in.

People are wondering if this is legal…

… people are wondering if this is ethical…

… people want to know it this is Black Hat…

Well, let me tell you this – this system is 100% legal, completely ethical, and totally White Hat.

You’d have no problem sharing this with your family, friends, and people you care about.

And what’s best is that this automated program is INSANELY powerful…

So powerful in fact, that that once you get started, you’ll be blown away by how quickly the cash floods in.

I’d like to reveal more, but you really have to check out this private video so you can see this for yourself. I simply can’t do it justice in one email alone…


Ever feel like you just missed out on a chance you SHOULD have taken?

Ever thought if you had just ‘gotten in’ at the right time on something, then you would have finally gotten that big break you deserve?

Well, finally you are at the RIGHT time and the RIGHT place. Check out this cool video right now to see how you can tap into an AMAZING automated commission bot…

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Work long hard hours and be broke…

… or work less and be rich…

Not really a tough choice is it?

I think we can both agree that in most jobs, the guy who uses his brain makes more money than the guy who actually does all the hard work.

Internet marketing is no different.

There are ways to make more... in fact, a LOT MORE, by doing LESS WORK.

That's what Lazy Affiliate Riches is all about... using a powerful automated commission bot to make more money (LOTS more) while working much less…


So… why work longer if you don’t have to?

Well, I think it’s a societal thing really… people are told as they grow up… “Work hard and your rewards will come.”

Except, for most people that NEVER happens.

They end up working all of their lives at jobs they hate, only to retire with little or nothing to their name.

Well, I’m here to tell you...

NOW you have a choice…

You can follow that mantra, working your entire life at some job you can’t stand… just making ends meet…

… and one day many years down the line retiring with the hope that you can live off a few hundred bucks a month in government retirement benefits.


You can stop working so hard…

And make more money than you ever have before in your life, automatically.

Not a hard choice, it is?

Check out the video below for all the details on the incredible new system that can make this a reality for YOU:


Underground Online Seminar

Did you miss the Underground?

You probably heard about the last Underground® 7 that
Derek Gehl and Yanik Silver put on in DC 2 months ago --
from all accounts, it totally rocked!

(And that's definitely saying a lot considering who has appeared there before.)


I don't know how they do it but they keep upping the ante and bringing in an
all-new crop of real-world success stories to share
exactly how they are raking it in online. (Definitely not
the same ole, same ole - you see at pretty much every other
Internet marketing event.)

They all came to share more of their
real-world "how to make it WORK" experience than ever before
. . .

It's no wonder his Underground® seminars sell out each year.
That means there's a good shot you probably missed out - but there's good
news because they recorded the entire event.


17 of the Internet's TOP rebels, pioneers, and trendsetters quietly
came together to share their real-world, in-the-trenches tactics and
secrets responsible for millions online.

These are true Internet Insiders who reveal exactly how they are
quietly making their fortunes online...and how YOU can too!

Up-the-minute topics covered include the latest on everything
from Facebook to iPhone apps. (There are a pair of 20-somethings
doing $800,000.00/yr making free iPhone apps.)

But that's not even close to where it ends because you'll get to
hear from other renegades doing 7-figures with information
marketing and publishing small niches like bird training. Or
about one of the speakers who gives away his entire blueprint
for making $1.4M (million!) with a $67 fitness course in 7 days flat!

This is the kind of insider information you will not find anywhere else!

These Underground presenters covered everything from info
marketing to PPC, CPA, domaining, blogging, email, eCommerce,
PR, LinkedIn, Social Media, Webinars, Membership models,
launches and much more.

And that's still the tip of the iceberg because there were
2 HUGE keynote speakers:

Ted Leonsis, previous vice chairman and President of AOL.
Owner of the Washington Capitals, Wizards and Mystics sports
teams. Chairman of Revolution money which recently sold to
American Express for $300M. Ted is also an early investor in
blockbuster companies ranging from Google to Groupon.

Marc Ostrofsky, best known for selling the domain name
"Business.com" for $7.5 million landing him in the Guinness
Book of World Records for biggest domain sale. Among his
massive portfolio of domain names Marc also develops
eCommerce companies like Blinds.com which generates
$65 Million a year online.

Did you miss out on this one-time event?

...Maybe you had other commitments you couldn't get out of...

...Or perhaps you couldn't get enough time away from the office...

...Or possibly you were put off by the hassles of travel...

Whatever your reason for missing out - you now have a second
chance to get this truly business-changing (and dare I say
it, even life-changing) information. What's more, the cost
is a fraction of a fraction of what you would have paid for the
live event!


Right now you can claim the LIMITED EDITION recordings of
the event -- but only if you hurry because the masters go
back into the vault once all 500 copies are sold out or sooner.

Plus, I don't know if any remain but there are some outrageous
first-mover bonuses that may or may not still be available
once you hit the page.

To see everything you'll get - go here right away:


Don't miss out again!

Matthew Farrell

P.S. This is the 7th year the Underground® has gone on and every
previous year's Underground® event recordings are unavailable
and totally SOLD-OUT - so don't wait and miss out (again).



NAVY SEALS + A/W = Profits

Hey, I know you might have heard by now, but just in case you
didn't, the World's Most Feared Man, Osama Bin Laden, kicked the bucket
early last week.

Who took him out? The Elite Navy SEALS, that's who.

They're actually even more specialized than just the SEALS,
it's a top-shelf group of SEALS that are hand-picked from
all the other teams--sort of a mega-super-kill commando unit.

Very intense stuff these guys slugged through too...

They trained for months, using a mock-up of a building
they believed either Bin Laden or another high-level player
was living.

Then, thick as thieves, they silently took down the whole house. And you know, they don't just do this one guy at a time either...

There's a sneaky trick--these guys basically CLONE themselves.

They've got two or three or more teams, ready to go
anywhere they need to go, at the drop of a hat.

It's kind of like marketing in a weird way, and with
a little elbow grease, you can use their "sneaky"
tricks in your business too.

Listen, there's only one of you, right? You can't clone yourself,
right? WRONG! You can totally clone your self, your
voice, and your personality with...


Yep, but not just one webinar...the gurus and players
with money are now using what we call A/W or Automated Webinars.

Here's the deal: You don't have to touch anything really...

But you get to deliver the same message
(though not a Navy SEALS type), over and over again.

Check out the video.

Doing this is easier than SEALS training,
which is called Hell Week, btw. Lucky for us, it's not as hard!


Navy Seals Use Cloning Trick

Cloning Money Makers...

Well, in case you hadn't heard, the SEALS
that took down Bin Laden?

They can clone themselves...

Yep. Here's how it works.

Since they cannot be in two or three places at once,
they have several elite teams. It's basically
cloning the lethal force of a bunch of guys,
ready to go anywhere and do anything.

You can do the same "cloning" that they do,
with your marketing.


Check out this video to see what's up.


ALL the big dogs are doing this to skyrocket
their business.


Build a list at lightening speed

Grab onto freedom and success with this…

One of the most under-used tricks in marketing anything online is to partner up with people who use your expertise (and you can easily use theirs) to ramp up your list-building efforts to light-speed.

This is even more true when you add webinars to that formula—the results
pretty much DOUBLE themselves, just because of how unique the content you will be putting out is.

There’s a reason webinars work so well. It’s all about storytelling and “stealing” from Hollywood. Your audience is listening to a story (from you), and learning how to trust you in the process. Using just simple stories, our friend Joey made a cool $135,000 with just 3 webinars!

The process is simple-people are used to Hollywood “webinars”, pictures and
sound on a screen, and moving elements. Plus a great story. You pay about
$10-$11 for a Hollywood webinar, but don’t get to build a list, do you?

Here’s how to leverage all of this new tech for massive success and freedom
for whatever lifestyle suits you. http://www.webinarsunleashed.com

But here are a ton of hidden roadblocks that we’ve learned how to navigate through successfully. There’s the issue with GoToWebinar, and setting up your Mac or PC so that things can run as smooth as possible. Then there’s the added headache of getting started-where do you begin?

That’s why we’ve got that information in Module 3 and Module 4.

•How to easily partner with folks who can skyrocket your list.
•How to go about setting up a G0ToWebinar session from scratch
•Hidden secrets on setting up pre-event and post event emails to your list…
•3 in-depth case studies on how Joey Smith pocketed a cool $135,000 doing just
three webinars.

Check out the video again. You’re going to love this.

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