NAVY SEALS + A/W = Profits

Hey, I know you might have heard by now, but just in case you
didn't, the World's Most Feared Man, Osama Bin Laden, kicked the bucket
early last week.

Who took him out? The Elite Navy SEALS, that's who.

They're actually even more specialized than just the SEALS,
it's a top-shelf group of SEALS that are hand-picked from
all the other teams--sort of a mega-super-kill commando unit.

Very intense stuff these guys slugged through too...

They trained for months, using a mock-up of a building
they believed either Bin Laden or another high-level player
was living.

Then, thick as thieves, they silently took down the whole house. And you know, they don't just do this one guy at a time either...

There's a sneaky trick--these guys basically CLONE themselves.

They've got two or three or more teams, ready to go
anywhere they need to go, at the drop of a hat.

It's kind of like marketing in a weird way, and with
a little elbow grease, you can use their "sneaky"
tricks in your business too.

Listen, there's only one of you, right? You can't clone yourself,
right? WRONG! You can totally clone your self, your
voice, and your personality with...


Yep, but not just one webinar...the gurus and players
with money are now using what we call A/W or Automated Webinars.

Here's the deal: You don't have to touch anything really...

But you get to deliver the same message
(though not a Navy SEALS type), over and over again.

Check out the video.

Doing this is easier than SEALS training,
which is called Hell Week, btw. Lucky for us, it's not as hard!


Navy Seals Use Cloning Trick

Cloning Money Makers...

Well, in case you hadn't heard, the SEALS
that took down Bin Laden?

They can clone themselves...

Yep. Here's how it works.

Since they cannot be in two or three places at once,
they have several elite teams. It's basically
cloning the lethal force of a bunch of guys,
ready to go anywhere and do anything.

You can do the same "cloning" that they do,
with your marketing.


Check out this video to see what's up.


ALL the big dogs are doing this to skyrocket
their business.


Build a list at lightening speed

Grab onto freedom and success with this…

One of the most under-used tricks in marketing anything online is to partner up with people who use your expertise (and you can easily use theirs) to ramp up your list-building efforts to light-speed.

This is even more true when you add webinars to that formula—the results
pretty much DOUBLE themselves, just because of how unique the content you will be putting out is.

There’s a reason webinars work so well. It’s all about storytelling and “stealing” from Hollywood. Your audience is listening to a story (from you), and learning how to trust you in the process. Using just simple stories, our friend Joey made a cool $135,000 with just 3 webinars!

The process is simple-people are used to Hollywood “webinars”, pictures and
sound on a screen, and moving elements. Plus a great story. You pay about
$10-$11 for a Hollywood webinar, but don’t get to build a list, do you?

Here’s how to leverage all of this new tech for massive success and freedom
for whatever lifestyle suits you. http://www.webinarsunleashed.com

But here are a ton of hidden roadblocks that we’ve learned how to navigate through successfully. There’s the issue with GoToWebinar, and setting up your Mac or PC so that things can run as smooth as possible. Then there’s the added headache of getting started-where do you begin?

That’s why we’ve got that information in Module 3 and Module 4.

•How to easily partner with folks who can skyrocket your list.
•How to go about setting up a G0ToWebinar session from scratch
•Hidden secrets on setting up pre-event and post event emails to your list…
•3 in-depth case studies on how Joey Smith pocketed a cool $135,000 doing just
three webinars.

Check out the video again. You’re going to love this.


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