What you SHOULD do with Facebook Marketing

My previous email talked about what you should NOT do with
Facebook Marketing. In this email I will talk about what you
SHOULD do with Facebook marketing.

That is, If you want to

  • be a NFO and revolutionize marketing!
  • Make your campaign go viral with minimal effort
    on your part!
  • Use a simple, easy and straightforward
    approach that doesn’t require tons of coding!
  • No hidden cost, no external cost!

That’s right, the answer is Facebook Pages!

Facebook Fan Pages are essentially your very own space
in Facebook where you can design and place your “website”.
One enormous advantage is that the people coming here
are essentially targeted traffic! They came here because
you have something they want, something only you can

But, the Facebook savvy will know that the appearance
of your Facebook Fan Page counts a long way towards
getting people to “like” you and thus becoming your
fansumer! How are you going to distinguish your page
from the many competitors out there? What special
features does your page has that the others don’t?
What benefits will your fansumers get for “liking” your page?

Quite frankly, a lot of the Facebook Fan Pages out there are
downright amateurish, boring or both. They may have the
page, sure, but it looks just like any other Tom, Dick, or
Harry’s Facebook Fan Page. There’s nothing to distinguish
them from each other!

And any smart News Feed Optimizer knows that the most
important thing here is to get people to “like” your Page!
For this very reason I have created FB X-Tab
to address the above issues.

Designing sweet, beautiful, compelling Facebook Pages?

Full control over the design and implementation of your
Facebook Fan Page? Check!

No coding required, easy interface? Check!

With this powerful new tool, FB X-Tab, you have at your
disposal a complete system that allows you to create a
fully functional Facebook page in literally under 2 minutes!

Are You Maximising Your Facebook Fan Page and Drawing In Likes and Shares?

Anyone can set up a Facebook Fan Page, but not everyone
knows how to get people to “like and “share” their page,
which is really the purpose of setting up a Fan Page.

Why is this so?

It can be a combination of different things, such as the
coding, the theme and layout of the Fan Page, or the content.

However, the most important thing is that getting “likes”
and “shares” is a News Feed Optimizing science.

That’s not to mean that getting people to “like” and “share”
your page is a complicated, formulaic and bombastic
process, no!

It means that there is a surefire pattern to it that will work
every time with the right tools!


FB X-Tab is a complete system with 2 Apps, DownloadPlus
and CoupunPlus. Both employ a new technic called like-
gating and share-gating that effectively makes your Fan Page
go viral! You see, for the visitors or fansumers to access
certain deeper contents of your Fan Page (remember your
Fan Page is like a multi-page web site now, so you can
create a teaser page that only gives a glimpse of what lies
in store ahead), they have to “like” your Page, and if you offer
free downloadable content (this is to get more people to
share your Fan Page, in effect making your Page go viral),
they have to “share” your Fan Page until the number of
“shares” has reached a certain limit before the freebie is

This is just one aspect of the power of News Feed
Optimization! The ability to use just a simple point and click
interface to set up a complete Fan Page with the works to
make it go viral!


It’s also worth mentioning that the development team behind
FB X-Tab are working round the clock to bring in new Apps
every month!

To Your Success,

IM Experts

Are you ready to be part of the News Feed Optimization

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