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[BREAKING] Google Dumps 49,884,000 Active Websites

This is the biggest thing Google has ever done. They are
giving away over 49 million websites that are already listed
in Google!

And most are getting traffic already!

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Please watch this quick video ASAP and start claiming these
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Plus, this video shows you how to make a quick $500 a pop
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That's literally what Ryan's Google Ad rep said to him when he
inquired about his adwords cost per click going from $.05
to $10.00.

That's right! $10, Freaking $10 per click!!

Ryan shares the whole story here:

Has Google Ever Made you want to Punch Something?

Words do NOT describe mad Ryan had to be. To say that he spends
a lot with Google is an understatement. You would think a guy like
Ryan would get some kind of insider information right?


Ryan made a quick video for you walking you through not only the email
Kathy (his ad rep) sent him but more importantly what he did about it,
how it not only got him back down to $0.05 clicks but doubled his sales.

Ryan also show you how you can do the same thing.

Let me ask you this...

Would you be interested in Learning:

- 3 devastating quality score KILLERS that have a 5 minute fix
- Ryan's 4-step formula for creating landing pages that can escape the Google Slap.
- Increasing your sales with tweaks so simple you almost don't want them to work

If you are then you definitely want to check out Ryan's video and
leverage the thousands he spent on testing to figure this out:

If you're currently advertising through Google, have in the past
or plan to in the future it would a special kind of mistake to not
check out how Ryan overcame the Google quality score slap and how you
can too.

To slapping Google back,

P.S. Not only does Ryan tell you exactly what Google looks for in
a High Quality Landing Page but he is willing to even "GIVE" you the
the exact template that is working in his businesses across the

Yes, I said GIVE you the EXACT template he is using. You're probably
wondering if there's a catch and Yes there is...

However, once you see what that is I know you will see that it's way
more than worth much so that I'm willing to pay you just
to check it out:

That's right! Google Made Ryan Deiss "Slap Proof" (of course they didn't
know it at the time).

And you can be too...

If you pay close attention. I'll get to that part, unless you just
want to skip to the video where Ryan tells exactly what happened and what
you can do about right now to make sure it NEVER happens to

Alright, here's the BAD News <<---------

He had to Get Slapped first...SLAPPED HARD!
I think it may have even been a backhand.

Ryan just woke up one morning to find his Super Profitable Adwords
campaign had gone from $0.05 to $10.00 per click and his sales just

I mean NADA! Everything was gone like the wind.

Now for the GOOD NEWS <<---------------

Getting Slapped NEVER felt So GOOD!

You don't have to spend the thousands of Smakeroos' and Man hours Ryan did to
be declared "SLAP PROOF".

You don't have to crawl a mile through the MUCK and MUD that Ryan and his team
battled through.

Ryan has offered to show you how COME out clean and SLAP PROOF on the other
side and skip all the AGONY by clicking here:

One More Quick question...

What did the five fingers say to Google's Face?


To being Slap Proof,

P.S. The "Google Slap" Experience has allowed Ryan and the slect few
he shared his secret with to Quadruple our Leads and Double our sales.
Would that benefit your business?

How about even results half that?

>> Google Slap Proof Yourself While you still can:

P.P.S. Oh in case you missed it, thanks to the Google Backhand Ryan
has QUADRUPLED his leads and Doubled his sales!

For those kind of results you can Slap me all you want!

After getting royally SLAPPED by Google, Ryan Deiss spent months developing the
ultimate "Slap-Proof" squeeze page, and now he wants to make it available
to you:

Ryan has tested this page in 11 different markets, and not only does it yield
consistently high opt-in rates, it has yet to be slapped with $5 and $10
bids in Google AdWords.

In other words, it flat out works!

If you want Ryan's tested and proven squeeze page template plus a training
program that covers why it works and how you can tweak it to your own
market, you can go here to get it now:

Perry Belcher figured out a way to "partner" with Google that allowed him to earn
$1.2 million in just under 9 months.

Here's proof:

But here's the "bad news"...

Google got their share of his profits which was about $524,838.71, so
really he was "only" left with $688,797.15.

Still, not too bad for 9 months, huh? :o)

See how he did it by going to:

All the best,

IM Experts

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