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I'm very excited today to be able to release some brand new information on the much anticipated course from Brian G. Johnson and Aidan Booth which is to be launched on July 26, 2011.

Who are these guys?

Unless you're a complete newbie to internet marketing then chances are you'll already know who Brian G. Johnson is…the creator of courses such as SEO Press Formula, Commission Ritual, Auto Content Cash, Halloween Super Affiliate, and 300 Internet Marketers. Aidan Booth on the other hand could be a new name to you.

Brian and Aidan first met each other way back in 2009 when Aidan was a member of Brian's incredibly successful Commission Ritual course.

Back in 2009 Aidan was the student, and Brian the teacher. Since then, Aidan has evolved into a super affiliate in his own right and the two now share internet marketing ideas together on a regular basis…and that's how Rank and Pillage was born.

Rank and Pillage combines the ideas from two SEO masterminds to create a huge course detailing exactly how to build an online income, regardless of your current level of experience and technical know-how. This course gives up and coming internet marketers a chance to take an up close and personal look at how two SEO experts leverage free traffic to make a killing online.

Whether you want to sell physical goods online, become a master of Clickbank, or cash in with Google Adsense, it's all included in Rank and Pillage. Regardless of if you're a complete newbie, or a seasoned internet marketing veteran, you stand to learn a lot from Rank and Pillage.

So what exactly does Rank and Pillage include?

First of all, the backbone of the course is the mega-manual (over 250 pages packed with content) and the "watch over my shoulder" video tutorials (over 100 of these). The manual and video tutorials explain in intricate detail exactly how these two internet marketers make a living online.

In addition to the manual and videos, members of Rank and Pillage will get exclusive access to 2 premium wordpress themes designed specifically for Rank and Pillage.An exclusive group will also have the option take part in the 90 Day Bootcamp, the idea being to fast-track an "elite group" of determined marketers to success by watching Aidan Booth as he investigates a niche, then builds a money making website over a period of 3 months.

So mark the 26th of July in your calendar as a day to remember…you won't want to miss out the chance to learn from two of today's leading internet marketing and SEO experts. It's been a long time since any internet marketing course delivered so much quality information at an affordable price.Rank and Pillage has all the makings of another top selling product from Brian G Johnson and Aidan Booth.


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