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FINALLY! Targeted Traffic For Pennies

I don't know if you remember
back when we could get solid, targeted
clicks from Google for a penny a piece...

Wild West days... gold rush style...

'07 came and it was over...

Well this has nothing to do with Google...

but if you take costs into account...

you're looking at ZERO cent clicks..

[Even half-penny clicks and cheaper...]

with killer targeting...

Gut Wrenching Fist Fight 

you can almost hear
the tiny nose bones breaking...

The knuckles cracking with
each dull thud from the left
jabs... the right hooks...

If you've got the stomach for
a good fight (and you'd like to
see some scammy gurus get what's
coming to them)...

if you could punch ANY guru... who would you fight?

if you could punch ANY
guru square in the nose, which
one would you pick?

Me, I think I'd fight the traffic
gurus like this guy -

All the crappy 'systems' they
push on everyone really make me
want to take a baseball bat to
the whole Internet.

Check out this vid - because if
you want - you can get a ton of
traffic just to spite them...

A little "F.U." to rub in
their faces while you profit
from their pain...

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