Howies Halloween Party

Howie Schwartz is releasing is his Halloween Party on Wednesday October 28th.It's what he calls his little goodie bag of mp3's, secret pdf blueprints, and hours of video.

59 page report on Niche Marketing (this is not a trick)

I was able to grab (right before Halloween)
15 Niche markets for you to dominate as
an affiliate online . . .

You will find something FUNNY on the
above page . . .

My friend has lost his mind- you've got to
see this crazy video and the wild costume
he's wearing... All in the name of Google :)

Not only that, he's giving away 15 niches
you can profit from now and even the
details on how to monetize them...

Go check it out now to start your Halloween
out right-- this video is getting pulled OFFLINE.

Take care,

IM Experts
PS - Trick or TREAT :)

Ryan Lee Method

Ryan Lee Method

One of the most respected marketers on the planet, Ryan Lee, has been online
for over 12+ years.

During that time, he's dominated not one, but TWO of the most competitive
markets (fitness and internet marketing) and he's done it with virtually no-staff,
no headaches and no overhead. Doing it with just a laptop at Starbucks.

And he's doing one LAST coaching program.

For the first (and last) time he will reveal his EXACT formula to building
100% autopilot businesses. A business that is fun to run and will pay you for
years and years.

Check it out here.


IM Experts

P.S. Oh yeah.. wait until you see the PROOF video. One of his students
built a 7-figure business after Ryan outlined his system on a small piece
of paper in 10 minutes.

Watch the video here:

Big Fat Lies Book Launch

-Your Inner Critic is a Big Fat Liar

Ready to stop being so hard on yourself? Boy do I have a great book for you!

A good book deserves some attention - and a great message should be shouted from the rooftops!

My dear friend, Amy Ahlers, is launching her warm, helpful, often hilarious, and always transformational book, "Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic And Wake Up Your Inner Superstar" -- and I can assure you that this book will leave you feeling inspired and connected to your Inner Wisdom.

I'm inviting you to pick up a copy of Amy's book today (you'll love it!) and Amy herself will reward you with 7 hand selected bonus gifts (valued at over $1500) in bonus gifts from Inner Mean Girl Reform School and such luminaries as SARK and Samantha Bennett.

Go here to order your copy and find out more:

Let's show the world that women everywhere are ready to stop being so hard on themselves!

"Packed full of real truth and wisdom. I highly recommend this book for any woman who just wants to be happy."
- Kristine Carlson, best-selling author of Don't Sweat The Small Stuff For Women and Don't Sweat The Small Stuff For Moms

"Stop everything you are doing - you have to read this book! This is the book that you pass on to your closest girlfriend or daughter when she needs to be reminded of her greatness."
- Lisa Nichols, best-selling author of No Matter What!

"A crucial message for women to stop being so hard on themselves. The tools and exercises in the book are transformational, and Amy Ahlers' insight, humor and enthusiasm are infectious."
- Marci Shimoff, best-selling author of Love for No Reason

Can you see why I'm SO EXCITED to introduce you to this book?!

Sending you love,

Matthew Farrell

P.S. We all know it's not easy to launch a new book and it's so nice to share good news when a great book is released with a powerful meaningful message.

Won't you please spread the word about the Big Fat Lies Book? Please forward this email, post on FB and Twitter about this book.
Newsletter Copy
Stop Believing the Big Fat Lies!

Ready to expose the Big Fat Lies like "It's too late for me" or "I'm Not Enough" & discover the TRUTH about how fabulous you are?

You'll love this book! "Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar"

"I highly recommend this book for any woman who just wants to be happy."
- Kristine Carlson, best-selling author of Don't Sweat The Small Stuff For Women

"Stop everything you are doing - you have to read this book!"
- Lisa Nichols, best-selling author of No Matter What!

Order your copy here:

Please share this book with a woman that you know is being way too hard on herself.

Your bonus gifts:

Gift #1: The Inner Mean Girl Cleanse is an incredible six week course includes amazing videos, audios and more to help you clear out one Inner Mean Girl Toxin (Gossip, Judgment, Comparison and more!) each week and replace it with an inspiring new habit! From Amy Ahlers and Christine Arlyo, Co-Founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School.

Gift #2: SARK's Dream Boogie yourSelf Study Program is an self-paced focused and fun dream productivity program designed and delivered from my heart, to help you finally make your dreams and great ideas REALLY happen!

Gift #3: Super Self-Esteem Kit for Relationships is a power packed kit with three meditations, an hour workshop about "Accurate Thinking for Attracting True Love." You will find out how to discern your thoughts and let go of false fears and worry about your love life from Debit Berndt.

Gift #4: By The Way You Look Really Great Today collection of poems that will fill you with laughter and tears. From Samantha Bennett.

Gift #5: Your Divine Team is a digital recording set designed to help you release blocks at a cellular level and to activate in you a greater sense of confidence and KNOWING. From Sharon Wilson.

Gift #6: Jake Walden's Powerful Anthem We Are Not Broken. This song will have you singing along with joy!

Gift #7: Nadine Risha's inspiring song "From Egypt to Omaha" This song will fill you up with love and spirit.

Order your copy here:

IM Empire

Clickbank commissions soar through the roof

If size matters, then you’d better measure the
size of this guy’s…affiliate income.

How does over $1.6 million in 90-days grab you?

How does that measure up to what you’ve got?

Look, I’ve known this guy since we were broke idiots, scammed and beaten in an overseas shipping deal. 

Talk about re-inventing yourself!

This guy “wrote the book”…
and it’s all about automated affiliate marketing millions!

Joe Jackson holds the key to killer, automated targeted commissions that drive profits at exponential rates 24/7.

He’s dying to put it in your hands!
Join me!  I plan to join ol’ Joe in the 7-figure income club!

Either claim your millions from multiple affiliates across
the web with no old-school guru BS
or make room for the guys with balls and brains
big enough to jump on this chance!

Limited time offer, NO RISK!

I’m getting in on this before Jackson closes the club. 
Won’t be open long, so act NOW
or get ready for big-time regret!

Affiliates Clamor for Copies of Commission Crazy System

This automated commission creating system is
made for you.

No, it’s literally made for you! 
This guy wants you to have the secret to his
$1.6 million 90-day income!

Make as much if not more ALL OVER the web now!
And I mean NOW, because
the last few copies are going FAST.

 Torrential traffic, killer commissions like NEVER BEFORE! 

This guy has been beaten more odds than you
and I will ever even face.

And goes on to hook up a former employee with
the secret to $127,362 in just 7 days!

You’ve gotta see this for yourself.  PROOF!

Most people would keep an automated traffic driving,
wealth creating system like this to themselves.

Lucky for you and me, they broke the mold with this guy.

He knows what it’s like to be taken to the cleaners by
Internet scam artists time and again.

He wants to make sure it NEVER happens again.

But it’s up to you!

I’m gonna take this proof and run with it!

He’ll show you live in action the secret to $127,362 in 7 days.

I’m not talking another “blind” scam that lulls you into buying something you don’t understand.

Joe Jackson delivers PROOF live on camera!!
This one of a kind offer is too good to last for long.

I wouldn’t blame the guy if he closed it today.

Hurry if you wanna join me in his ranks.

Let’s go in together and swap success stories soon!


Matthew Farrell

Fast Cash Commissions

Fast Cash Commissions is LIVE! <-- Urgent, read now 

I wanted to be the first to give you
the "heads up"...
Anthony Morrison has just pulled the
trigger and taken Fast Cash Commissions
LIVE, right here:

Now, you know Anthony likes to say
“Money Loves Speed”…
… and he’s not playing around, either.
Listen: I’ve gotten a “sneak preview” of
this, and Fast Cash Commissions is
exactly the right name for this.

In fact, “Fast” might be kind of an
*understatement* for what this
software can do…
(hint: The video shows how it’s
now finally possible to attract traffic
and commissions in REAL TIME, in
ways that weren’t even possible a
year ago)…
Click here now to access the video,
I think you’re going to be blown
away by this just like I was:

Tapping the new “Real Time Web” <--- FAST video

I just finished watching this new video from traffic
whiz Anthony Morrison, and I had to be the
first to share this with you:

#1, Anthony’s opening up for the first time
about a traffic GAME CHANGER he’s calling
the “Real Time Web Effect” (hint: it’s affecting
you *already* if you’re trying to make money
… and #2, I think you’ll agree this video’s
a little “different” than the usual “marketing”
stuff (especially the part with the exploding
Bottom line: This video is about SPEED
(you’ll see what I’m talking about in just
a second)…
… so if you want to catch it before it’s gone,
click the link below to watch it right now,
while it’s on your mind:

Talk Soon,

Jimmy P
IM Experts

P.S. You might have seen Anthony on
TV (anywhere from his own show to CNN),
but he’s NEVER shared what he’s talking
about right here:

Choose Income

Do you need to make some cash fast?

Not sure how to get started, and sick
of getting burned by all the gurus and
their scams?

Well you're in luck because I have
something very special for you today.

It's a brand new money making system
that shows you how to make $500/day -
in just 24-72 hours from now!


I was completely blown away by this
and had a real "why didn't I think
of that moment".

This is so simple, yet very powerful.

And the best thing about this method...

* Zero cost (everything can be done for free)
* Zero technical skills needed
* You don't even need a website
* And you don't have to write a single word.

It couldn't be any easier than this


It was the the sound of 100 gurus
facepalming and going...

"Why didn't I think of this?"


It's your turn to get in on the ground
floor and start making some easy money
with this new system - before the gurus
regroup and catch on.

And the best part...

This system requires absolutely ZERO
investment and ZERO skills to implement.

It couldn't be any easier than this


Click below to discover a brand new system that's
been proven and tested for over 5 months to make
you money...


You now have a genuine opportunity to start
making money online.

This system requires absolutely ZERO investment
and ZERO skills to implement.

You can now work from home PART time and make a
FULL time income online.

Just click the link below to download your
copy of this new system and start putting
it to use:


To your success,

Matthew Farrell

Armand Morin LIVE

Armand Morin LIVE - San Francisco November 11-13 and Meet Armand Morin in San Francisco

Re: Meet Armand Morin in San Francisco...

Armand Morin LIVE is coming up in San Francisco. It's just
around the corner.

Check Out The Video RIGHT NOW!

This is internet marketing genius, Armand Morin with his sleeves
rolled up, in the trenches, TEACHING YOU!

Teaching YOU What's working online and what's not!

Giving "YOU" everything he's got!

November 11-13, 2011 - San Francisco, CA

Register Now...

You'll Get 3 FULL Days of Pure Internet Marketing CONTENT!

- Traffic Strategies
- Facebook Trends
- Membership Secrets
- Advanced Affiliate Marketing and more...

Watch This Before It's GONE:

AND The Price... It's So Low You Won't Beleive It!

Go Ahead and Register:

Armand has partnered with World Teacher Aid and 100% of
the purchase price of your event ticket will go directly
to the World Teacher Aid organization.

See You There!

To Your Success,

IM Experts

Easy Video Blueprint

It’s time for your second lesson in the Easy Video Blueprint crash
I hope you found lesson one informative. In this lesson we are going to
talk more about what PLR video's can do for your business
That is the big question; "what can PLR do for your business?"
If you have asked yourself this question, then you are not alone. In
you belong to a group of several thousand other individuals seeking the
benefits and advantages of using private label video's in order to
increase visibility and profits for their businesses.
If you want to get ahead of your competition in the market place, then
is essential that you learn how to harness the power of video for your
business. As we discussed in your last lesson, PLR video's are perfect
for this purpose because you can edit or change them to suit your
All that you have to do is to pick the right PLR video in order to
using video to your advantage right away. Finding websites that offer
PLR video's isn't very hard because there are new ones coming online
everyday. On the other hand, picking the right PLR video to suit your
needs can be a little bit harder task.
There are several factors to consider:
Firstly, the video must be strongly related to the product that you are
selling. The video must contain content that is similar to that of your
business for it to be effective. For instance a PLR video about
would not sever you well if you are promoting a product about fly
Secondly, you must be sure to conduct thorough research in order to
ensure that you have legally bought the private label rights to the
in order to avoid future problems with copyright and trademark
infringement. Always make sure that you read the license terms
Lastly, you want to make sure that the video come in a format that
allows you to edit the video for your own purposes. The most common
format is AVI (Audio Video Interleave). This way you will be able to
make changes to the video including adding in references to your
business, products and services.
There are of course many different types of software available to edit
your PLR video and one of the most popular is Camtasia. It is basically
a screen recording program and it can be used to produce HD quality
videos for mobile devices and the web. Camtasia offers crisp and clear
videos with no major technical skills required. It can easily be used
edit it to create polished videos. It even gives you the option of
uploading the finished product directly to the site of your choice and
also comes with a free trial version, so you can test it out before you
buy it.
Once you have acquired the perfect PLR video, you can edit it,
strategically placing links to your website inside it where ever you
fit. When this is done properly, you have the potential to reach
thousands or even tens of thousands of visitors in a very short amount
of time. This will attract a huge amount of traffic to your webpages.
Not only does this give you a nice boost in traffic it can go a long
towards helping your business acquire more customers as well as
increased income and profits in the process.
That's it for today's lesson. In your next lesson we will be talking
how you can use PLR video's to quickly build your brand and

To Your Success,

IM Experts

Mass Profit Sites

If I could show you how to make $169,119 a year... in just five minutes a day... you'd think I was either mad or a genius.

I'm not mad. So...

In FIVE CLICKS of your computer mouse, I can put you on track to earn literally hundreds of thousands every year.

It's a revolutionary system that has already been PROVEN to make $434.63 a day - every day - and that could do the same for you.

Don't let this one get away - it's only FIVE CLICKS so what are you waiting for!

The $169,119 Club wants you as its newest member!

Don't quit your day job... but we know how you can make $169,119 per year using only FIVE CLICKS of your computer mouse.

(Don't quit... because you don't HAVE to! It takes about 3 - 5 minutes per day!)

This five-click software has been PROVEN to earn an average of $463.34 PER DAY with no special skills, knowledge or even much time. About ten minutes to set up, then a couple of minutes per day could see earnings of well over a hundred thousand in the first year.

Don't delay - licenses are limited and if someone else gets their hands on YOUR profits, NAME, we won't be able to welcome you to the Hundred Thousand Dollar Club.

Are you ready to be our newest member?


IM Experts

PS - Remember - this is not a 'get-rich-quick' idea. We don't consider $463.34 to be 'Rich'. But it's a good chunk of money for 5 minutes' work every day, don't you think?

$1 Tapping Solution Promotion with 30 days in the Tapping Insiders Club

A Must See Film for Only $1
Watch the Trailer for this Film

If you haven't yet seen the documentary
film "The Tapping Solution" I highly
recommend you see the trailer on the
below page:

The film is being offered for only $1,
yup, only ONE dollar. 

It's being offered this cheap as an
incentive for people to try out the
Tapping Insiders Club, a content rich
website with countless audios, videos
tapping scripts, articles and much more.

The exact details of how it works is
all described on the page below. 

The Tapping Solution team is an above
board honest group and they even answer
the question that everyone is asking…

"What's the catch?"

in their video on the page.  I think
it's worth checking out and I definitely
recommend picking up the film for only $1.

They make it pretty simple in the video.

If you like the club you stay, if you
don't like it you cancel and just pay the
$1 for the film.

Simple as that.

See the video from Jessica Ortner for
yourself here:

Enjoy the film,

IM Experts

P.S. - I know they did this once before
about a year and a half ago and over
5,000 people jumped at the opportunity.

They're only doing it for 5 days this
time so make sure to take action on it
right away.

Choose Income System

It's finally live and it's your turn
to Choose Income now!

Facebook has been overflowing with positive
feedback from people lucky enough to get
their hands on the free prelaunch bonus.

Several of them reporting to have made
good money from that bonus alone!

Here's just one of the many FB comments:

"This is great, you two girls must of
known what I've been through! I will
definetely be buying Choose Income.
Because of my free bonus I'm already
making the money to make my purchase.
I' ve always said if someone had a real
deal they'd put there money where their
mouth was! Well that's just what you
girls have done! Take that Guru's!"

- Kimberly Beach

And that was just from one of the bonuses!

Now the full Choose Income system is
here, and it's a brand new money making
system that shows you how to make $500/day -
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This is so simple, yet very powerful.

And the best thing about this method...

* Zero cost (everything can be done for free)
* Zero technical skills needed
* You don't even need a website
* And you don't have to write a single word.

It couldn't be any easier than this

Do you need to make some cash fast?

Not sure how to get started, and sick
of getting burned by all the gurus and
their scams?

Well you're in luck because I have
something very special for you today.

It's a brand new money making system
that shows you how to make $500/day -
in just 24-72 hours from now!

I was completely blown away by this
and had a real "why didn't I think
of that moment".

This is so simple, yet very powerful.

And the best thing about this method...

* Zero cost (everything can be done for free)
* Zero technical skills needed
* You don't even need a website
* And you don't have to write a single word.

It couldn't be any easier than this

It was the the sound of 100 gurus
facepalming and going...

"Why didn't I think of this?"

It's your turn to get in on the ground
floor and start making some easy money
with this new system - before the gurus
regroup and catch on.

And the best part...

This system requires absolutely ZERO
investment and ZERO skills to implement.

It couldn't be any easier than this

To your success,

IM Experts

Paid Surveys Authority

Immediate Openings Available: Survey Taker ($250 Per day Starting)

Did you know you HUGE COMPANIES will pay you a real
legitimate full time wage just by spending a few
hours a day filling out fun easy surveys online?

This isn't like any other 'paid survey' stuff you've
seen before. Those other courses HIDE the best stuff
from you.

But these guys reveal all, and hold nothing back...


check this out. I just found a new program
that shows you how to make $3000 a month
online just by answering simple surveys.

**Without selling
**Without any computer skills
**Without a lot of spare time

interested to find out what it is?

Wake Up Stress Free

How'd you like to wake up stress free everyday
knowing that you have a proven to work $50 per
hour method that you can rely on for your daily

let me assure you, You can do this.

**no matter your age (My Grandma does it!)
**no matter how much 'extra time' you have
**no matter how 'educated' you are
**no matter your 'computer experience'

Find out more here:


--IM Experts

PS: This may not be around long so you might
want to go now and check it out:


Viral Easy Profit

Subject: How Our Powerful “Viral” Plug-In Works…
In my last e-mail, I explained why Viral Easy Profit is the best “viral” plug-in available.
But it’s not just POWERFUL — it’s also intuitive to use and easy to set up.
We invested a lot of time and effort into refining the plug-in.
Because we believe powerful software should also be easy to set up and use.
For example…
We designed the administration area to be logical… so it would also be intuitive.
It works like this…
Your visitor shares your offer in exchange for almost any type of free content you choose to give away.
Then, as part of the “viral effect,” the plug-in will…
1) Automatically publish to your visitor’s friends.
2) Add them to your e-mail list and Facebook event.
3) Give you access to their profile information.
In other words… V.E.P. provides true “viral” traffic.
For complete information about Viral Easy Profit and how it can help drive traffic to your offers, visit [AFFILIATE LINK].

Viral Easy Profit Is a COMPLETE “Business In A Box”!

As I explained, V.E.P. is very easy to use.
But V.E.P. isn’t just a plug-in — it’s actually a complete, 3-module “business in a box.”
Our simple-to-use plug-in supplies targeted traffic… and the additional 2 modules help you turn it into a REAL ONLINE BUSINSS.
1) The GRAPHICS MODULE gives you everything you need to make your page look professional. (This module ALONE is worth the price of the entire Viral Easy Profit package.)
2) The STRATEGY MODULE teaches you a variety of PROVEN methods you can use to profit from the viral traffic you’ll generate.
In summary, V.E.P. gives you everything you need to profit online… without silly schemes or worthless gimmicks.
So get started NOW…
For complete information, go to [AFFILIATE LINK].

Million dollar Pips


$250 to over $1 million in almost a year

There has been many robots launched and there are sure to be more.
Many that claim success, and some that claim millions.

I'm delighted to share with you.. the first real million dollar forex robot.

Look at the account:  $1000 to now over $1800 within a few weeks.
A whopping 80% gain.

Tests go as high as $50,000,000 in PROFIT from a small account size in
a matter of years!


The best part... Stop loss is rarely greater than 2 - 7 pips!

This is a real system.  And you MUST try it.

First Forex Robot That Makes Millions With $250
Please take a moment to read this quick e-mail as it will change
I'm excited to share with you a million dollar robot that actually
performs incredibly well using a normal and realistic strategy.
It trades using some simple indicators with advanced money management
and is able to keep an extremely low stop loss of no more than 2 - 7 pips
on average.
Not only does it trade with a low risk, but it wins big.. and by big ..
you need to see the tests.. some tests go from $250 to over $1 million.
Nothing crazy is used just GREAT money management and a solid trading
Please do yourself a favor and check it out now!
Good Luck As Always

IM Experts


Trusted Authority Formula

Finally, The Truth About Wealth

So I just watched this incredible video that revealed what NO one else is talking about ... and I knew that I needed to share it with you.

In it, a friend of mine Greg Habstritt talks about a really simple but POWERFUL process he created to help entrepreneurs multiply their value.

He calls it the "Trusted Authority Transformation" Tool and explains how he's used it several times to create multi-million dollar businesses.

He even shares an incredible insight that I've never heard before... but now it makes TOTAL sense.

PLUS he's including a PDF exercise that walks you through the concept.

And it's all free.. nothing to buy. Just give him the email address where you want the links sent, and you'll get access to all of it.

The Million Dollar Multiplier....

I just saw a new video that shows why the future of internet marketing is bleak for most people, and it made me think.

Most internet marketers don't understand this key thing .. so it's no wonder most are struggling.

This guy has used this crazy-simple (but VERY effective) tool to create several multi-million dollar businesses:

It's kind of funny how simple this is... but you can see in the video how this gives you an instant advantage.

You gotta check this out, because if you're not doing this, you're headed for the cliff.

The Critical Piece of The Puzzle

I've seen a lot of stuff in the internet marketing world, but this is a FIRST.

I just watched a great video that reveals that CRITICAL piece that almost every marketer is missing....and how to get it.

If you're tired of all the competition, this video shows you how to make your competitors irrelevant.

I have to admit, it's so simple and obvious I missed it... until now. Maybe you did too ...

Check it out, it's awesome. Wait'll you see how much this guy is giving away. It's totally worth the opt-in just to see this.

To Your Success

IM Experts

P.S. He just put it up today, and it's only online for a few days. So grab it now before it is gone:

SEO in 7 Steps

SEO Made Easy

Do you know how to optimize your website or blog?

I used to hate search engine optimization. I hated it because it's a confusing world of claims and counter-claims about the hottest traffic generating methods.

“SEO in 7 Steps” opened a whole new world to me almost immediately. The methods taught in this ebook are proven and time tested to work on any site. Now I realize the potential of these SEO techniques and understand how to apply them to my own site.

“SEO in 7 Steps” has shown me the keys to SEO success! I suggest you grab a copy and start optimizing your site today.

Tim E. Pfeiffer has brought all of the pieces together in his new ebook “SEO in 7 Steps”.  All businesses need to improve and increasing your traffic is the way to stay ahead of the online competition and stay on top of your game.

We have all heard of search engine optimization and usually ignore the power of targeted traffic. Most people don’t know the techniques and how to utilize them to their maximum potential. Tim takes you step by step through all of the basic SEO techniques using real-world examples.

Tim has taken the SEO book and made it so incredibly simple to follow that you can't fail. “SEO in 7 Steps” will show you step by step how to generate the traffic you have always wanted.

Success is what you make it.

IM Experts

Pain Relief World Summit

Pain Relief World Summit

Don't Settle for Anything Less

It's interesting how when some people
are in pain they can quit and just
give up,

and others can stand up with courage
and say that there must be a better

If you have physical pain in your body
that limits your life, how do you deal
with it? 

Do you look for solutions and believe
there is a better way?

If you want to find solutions, be
inspired and actually get results with
pain relief I suggest you watch the
video below:

This video has just been released on
the tale end of a remarkable event
know as the Pain Relief World Summit.

An event attended by over 60,000 people
over the last week. 

If you want to get unlimited access to
this event and learn how YOU can use
EFT Tapping to eliminate pain from your
life right now go to the page below.

The great thing is too, that when you
do you'll not only be helping yourself
but also an amazing center and a group
of courageous women (you'll see what I
mean in the video).

I'll be honest, this is a tear jerker video.

It's one of those videos that opens you
up and makes you realize that there is
hope in your life and that a better way
is possible, if you have the courage to
take action.  

Enjoy the video and take advantage of
the opportunity shown on the page.

Help yourself and help others.  It's
the best way to live.  :)


IM Experts

P.S. - If you choose to get unlimited
access to the Pain Relief World Summit
program 100% of your proceeds will go to
support the "You Can Thrive" group until
they reach their goal of raising $18,000
for the project outlined in the video.

Hair Loss Blueprint

Tips and Ways To Regrow Your Hair

Hair grows in cycles. Each hair follicle lives for approximately for 35 years. From one hair follicle 10 hairs grow in its 35 years life span. That means each hair live for 3.5 years. Once hair starts growing it keeps on growing for 3 yrs which is called as Anagen Phase. After that it enters Catgen phase which is intermediate phase also called as resting phase which lasts for 3 weeks. Then it enter falling phase called Telogen phase of 3 months, during this 3 months any time the hair can fall and new hair starts growing and cycle continues which is called Hair Life Cycle.

Tips to stop hair loss and increase hair growth:
The hair loss problem is common both in men and women. But there are many misconceptions like
1. The hair loss is a hereditary problem
2. The hair loss is due to use of a type of shampoo , conditioner etc.
3. If there is a hair loss then there will be a problem in hormones.
4. There is no way in stopping hair loss.
5. The hair loss is due to continuous hair cut
6. The hair loss is due to continuous combing.

                      There are many hair loss treatments available but not all the treatments are suitable for everyone. Some treatments would be only suitable for certain groups of individuals, hence do not give up so easily before reaching your goal.

A natural hair regrowth system is often the effective solution. To regrow your hair naturally you have to drink plenty of water , eat protein rich foods , eat more vegetables and fruits and use the oil extracted from the natural products such as Aloe Vera , curry leaves ,gooseberry. See the contents before buying any product.

In the women the hair loss problem may be due to pregnancy, menopause or hormonal issue. However, for men it may be due to genetic problem or disorders. The common factors are due to stress, usage of wrong conditioners and dryers and lack of maintenance.

The safe regrowth solutions are using natural products, massaging, stimulating the hair follicles and eat healthy food. To grow your hair faster you have to eat healthy food, vitamins and avoid using heat dryer, hair style methods that are not suitable.

So for a conclusion to grow your hair faster you have maintain your hair by nourishing it with natural oil, by regular combing and by keeping it very clean and by eating nutritious food.

Hair Care To Promote Hair Growth Faster

Our hair grows at the rate of 0.5 mm per day. There are various factors on which the growth of hair depends like age, diet, health and lifestyle. It is possible to have long and healthy hair and there are several methods of attaining it.

The foundation of strong hair basically lies in the nutrient we consume coupled with few tips and the ancient knowledge of home remedies. It does not require expensive supplements or hair products.   

1)  Healthy food for hair:  food containing omega-3 fatty acids has high protein content that are required to maintain scalp health. Deficiency of Omega-3 can lead to dry scalp and dull hair. Flax-seed, salmon fish, walnut etc contains omega 3. Green vegetables are good source of vitamins like A, C, iron and calcium and acts as natural hair conditioners. Beans and lentils provides ample protein, biotin, zinc and iron to promote hair growth the lack of which makes the hair brittle and leads to hair shedding.

Eggs contain biotin, protein and vitamin B-12 all of which are vital source of beauty nutrients. Whole grains contain vitamin B, iron and zinc which is beneficial for healthy hair growth. Carrots contain vitamin A which encourages healthy scalp and is crucial for well-conditioned and shiny hair.

A well balanced diet rich in protein, vitamin B12, iron, calcium and zinc helps in fast and natural hair growth.

2)  Tips to grow hair fast:  Massage the scalp regularly with warm oil. It increase blood flow and stimulates hair growth. Coconut oil and olive oil are the best oils when it comes to hair massage. Trim the split ends to keep the hair healthy as hair stops growing at the split ends.

Stress and anxiety causes hair loss and inhibits growth of new hair. Therefore, employ relaxing activities to minimize the stress level. Keep away from curling irons, blow drying, coloring and hot rollers as much as possible.

3)  Home remedies:  Wash hair with cold water as hot water causes damage to the hair. Brush your hair as frequently as possible as it acts as great massage for the hair and aids in blood circulation and results in stronger hair. However, avoid brushing when the hair is wet.

Minimum 8 hours sleep everyday helps in fast hair growth as hair grows when we rest. Egg white and crushed neem leaves or egg white and olive oil support healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Do not apply shampoo everyday as it makes the hair dry and causes breakage. Drink plenty of water to keep the hair moisturized. Also, hair becomes healthy and grows faster as water flushes out the toxins.

Try these techniques for fast results to thick, strong and healthy hair.

100 Day Challenge

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