$1 Tapping Solution Promotion with 30 days in the Tapping Insiders Club

A Must See Film for Only $1
Watch the Trailer for this Film

If you haven't yet seen the documentary
film "The Tapping Solution" I highly
recommend you see the trailer on the
below page:


The film is being offered for only $1,
yup, only ONE dollar. 

It's being offered this cheap as an
incentive for people to try out the
Tapping Insiders Club, a content rich
website with countless audios, videos
tapping scripts, articles and much more.

The exact details of how it works is
all described on the page below. 

The Tapping Solution team is an above
board honest group and they even answer
the question that everyone is asking…

"What's the catch?"

in their video on the page.  I think
it's worth checking out and I definitely
recommend picking up the film for only $1.

They make it pretty simple in the video.

If you like the club you stay, if you
don't like it you cancel and just pay the
$1 for the film.

Simple as that.

See the video from Jessica Ortner for
yourself here:


Enjoy the film,

IM Experts

P.S. - I know they did this once before
about a year and a half ago and over
5,000 people jumped at the opportunity.

They're only doing it for 5 days this
time so make sure to take action on it
right away.


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