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Subject: How Our Powerful “Viral” Plug-In Works…
In my last e-mail, I explained why Viral Easy Profit is the best “viral” plug-in available.
But it’s not just POWERFUL — it’s also intuitive to use and easy to set up.
We invested a lot of time and effort into refining the plug-in.
Because we believe powerful software should also be easy to set up and use.
For example…
We designed the administration area to be logical… so it would also be intuitive.
It works like this…
Your visitor shares your offer in exchange for almost any type of free content you choose to give away.
Then, as part of the “viral effect,” the plug-in will…
1) Automatically publish to your visitor’s friends.
2) Add them to your e-mail list and Facebook event.
3) Give you access to their profile information.
In other words… V.E.P. provides true “viral” traffic.
For complete information about Viral Easy Profit and how it can help drive traffic to your offers, visit [AFFILIATE LINK].

Viral Easy Profit Is a COMPLETE “Business In A Box”!

As I explained, V.E.P. is very easy to use.
But V.E.P. isn’t just a plug-in — it’s actually a complete, 3-module “business in a box.”
Our simple-to-use plug-in supplies targeted traffic… and the additional 2 modules help you turn it into a REAL ONLINE BUSINSS.
1) The GRAPHICS MODULE gives you everything you need to make your page look professional. (This module ALONE is worth the price of the entire Viral Easy Profit package.)
2) The STRATEGY MODULE teaches you a variety of PROVEN methods you can use to profit from the viral traffic you’ll generate.
In summary, V.E.P. gives you everything you need to profit online… without silly schemes or worthless gimmicks.
So get started NOW…
For complete information, go to [AFFILIATE LINK].

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