Elite Internet Club

So what is Elite Internet Club?
A membership site dedicated to helping people succeed online. The Members are consists of Training, Software Tools and Coaching.
Each member receives an array of different trainings that cover all sorts of topics from email marketing , video marketing, blogging, social media and much more.
Along with those courses, they receive software tools for automation as well. From SEO software to Squeeze Page generators and much more.
The coaching is set in bi-weekly LIVE coaching sessions – generally wrapped around Q&A and dissecting one or two member sites – which are all recorded and put inside the members area.

And of course, every member receives full EMAIL SUPPORT handled directly by us.
As of Decemeber 2011, the site starts with 4 software tools and 2 Training Products/Blueprints. Coaching sessions are recorded as we do record them and uploaded generally by the next day.

Each Month – we will be releasing a NEW software and a NEW Training Blueprint along with continuous coaching sessions that are recorded and displayed in the members area.

This is all priced at JUST $1 to start and the member is rebilled $97 a month after 10 days of trial period

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