Forex Profit Predictor

Only 24 Hours to go (and just 44 spots left)

A lot has happened since I first told you about the
Forex Profit Predictor and things are happening
fast now.

I just got an email from Derek Frey and he had 3 big
announcements I want to give you a heads up about.

First, the webinar with John Rawlins and Derek got
rave reviews.

Attendees got to see first hand how to accurately predict
the Forex using the aerospace algorithm he's refined for
over 31 years.

The proof (and excitement) was just overwhelming.

Second, Derek and John made a bold 'you decide' $7 trial
offer so that traders can actually experience the full
power of predictive technology firsthand.

Third, they just added an Metatrader 4 plug in that brings
the Forex Profit Predictor right into your trading platform.

As you can imagine, a flood of new members came in all at

Of the 1,000 subscriptions available, 956 are claimed.

Because there are only 44 spots left, there won't be time
for a replay of the webinar, though.

In fact, they're closing the doors Sunday at midnight, or
when the subscriptions are all claimed.

So, to be fair, what Derek and John have decided to do is
keep the full video presentation John did online as long
as there are spaces available:

You can watch it HERE until until they take it down...

I believe that the 1,000 traders who get access to a
real time predictive edge are going to be the most envied
group since the Turtles back in the 60's.

I strongly suggest you take some time tonight to decide
if this is for you.

I'll keep you posted as we get down to the wire...

To Your Success

IM Experts

P.S Here's that link again....grab your spot before it's
too late:

Quick Click Commissions

Quick Click Commissions

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There is one seed of hope in this despair.

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This link explains it best

I hate to be the one to tell you…

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You've failed to make money online…

You've failed to turn a profit…

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Phoney "systems"…

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It's time to wake up and smell the

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To Your Success

IM Experts

Affiliate MasterClass

What's Secret #1 to becoming a successful affiliate marketer?

Are there secrets to affiliate marketing that most of the top affiliate marketers just take for granted?  You bet.  These are not ideas that you can just look up online.

Sean Kaye has taken his vast knowledge of building and running successful businesses and for the last two years applied it to affiliate marketing.  And guess what  -  he's discovered the secrets.  In his exceptional four part video series he will reveal 3 of the key secrets to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

In Part 1 of the series, called "Shifting Sands", you'll learn:

Recent changes to affiliate marketing, and why some people got caught by them
*       What's coming, and how to "future-proof" yourself and your family's financial future
*       The #1 secret to being a success in the world of affiliate marketing
*       Practical ways to take advantage of this idea

In the next videos Sean will take you through the other key secrets of successful affiliate marketing.  Watching these videos is like sitting down with a seriously smart and trusted friend - someone who knows his stuff and just wants to help in any way he can.

This is an amazing opportunity.  And it's free!
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Enjoy the video!

IM Experts

Forex Profit Predictor

Can a Rocket Scientist and a Former Floor Trader 'Outsmart' the FX market?

What if you actually COULD predict any market's future direction
and be RIGHT most of the time?

And imagine making $2 million dollars in one DAY by going short
BEFORE a massive crash...

Not because of dumb luck or 'rolling the dice'...

But having a supreme degree of confidence going into the trade,
and knowing ahead of time that you were right.

Sounds like a pipedream, I know... 

Yet that is exactly what happened when a former professional trader
had a chance meeting with a brilliant aerospace engineer, and then
they used real 'rocket science' to accurately forecast ANY market.

The results have been almost unimaginable.

He's been hauling in huge gains since the 1980's for his private
clients... and for himself.

In fact, this guy PUBLICALLY predicted just about every major
swing in the stock market for the last 10 years straight in a
major trading magazine... As in BEFORE it happened...

He was even able to rake in $2 million in a day.

It's a jaw dropping true story!

I highly recommend you see and hear this for yourself:

If THIS doesn't get your blood pumping, I don't know what will.

Let me know what you think. 

What does 'Stealth Aircraft' technology have to do with trading Forex?

I guess every trader dreams of looking into the future
to see what the market's gonna do next.

Even if you could do it ONCE it would be worth a fortune, right?

That's why the video I sent out sparked a flood of emails to
come in like crazy...

In case you missed it, you need to see this for yourself...

Turns out a reclusive trader named John and his friend the
aerospace engineer named Seth applied actual rocket science to
predict every major swing in the Dow for the last 10 years.


I almost didn't believe it, until I found out John published
his predictions IN ADVANCE in a major trading magazine. 

It's all a matter of public record.

That got my attention. And it should yours.

So watch this video now and get the whole story:

Remember the massive market crash of 2008? (Who doesn't!)

Imagine being short for THAT massive move... Well, John
PUBLICALLY predicted the downturn... well ahead of time.

And that was no fluke...

He raked in a cool $2 million on a massive sell off way
back in 1989 as well. As you can imagine, John's built up
some very loyal clients with predictions like these...

In fact, one of his private fund trader clients turned
$700k of his own money into $10 million in just ONE year.

So if you missed this video yesterday, go check it out
now... It's somewhat 'unusual' and a bit controversial.

So it may not be online very long.

Click here...

IM Experts

P.S. I KNOW accurately forecasting ANY market seems
like a pipe dream.  That's what I thought - until I saw
John's PUBLIC record of predicting the DOW for 10 years

You decide. It's all explained here...

P.P.S. Stay tuned... I have twist in the story to share
with you tomorrow that involves this technology and Forex.

Online Stock Profits

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Marketing With Anik

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Mobile Money Bandit

Do NOT read this email if you are easily angered.

Yep, it’s true…

Mobile marketing as we know it is dead
and gone.

Now, that may come as a shock to you…
After all, if you’ve been even slightly
interested in making money online…
you’ve probably noticed the recent plague
of offers promising you unlimited mobile

You’ve heard about the app creation game…
text marketing… and cash-sucking banner

But now… as the excitement’s dying down
and and the smoke’s starting to clear…
people are finally realizing they’ve been

Turns out this whole mobile marketing craze
isn’t as profitable as the pushers want you
to believe.

In fact, there are 5 Huge Reasons mobile
marketing may already be history.

Check out this link, where you’ll see
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On that page… there’s a shocking video
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promising a sustainable business that just
isn’t there. At least not if you do it the
way they tell you to.

The video is by a guy named Jusin Elenburg.
He’s also a mobile marketer… but it’s a
whole different mobile. Something he calls
Tap ‘N’ Talk.

And it’s where the REAL money is.

Now… get this… he’s not even trying to
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Nothing to buy. No teasing… nothing.

He uses this short video to lay out the case
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If you’ve ever wondered why the world’s
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But I won’t steal his thunder…

After all… he says it better than I ever

As I said… there’s absolutely nothing
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All you’ll find is solid evidence and a ton
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*Why the average affiliate marketer is racing
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One thing though…

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This is like that… EXCEPT this video is
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So who exactly is the Mobile Money Bandit?

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If they ever did in the first place.

Of course… every “super hero” has a remarkable
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Thing is though… unlike your average super-hero…
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P.S. This is not the same video you saw yesterday.
This is the continuation… It’s where Justin
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P.P.S. Traditional mobile marketing – hell, even
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It was great a few years ago… but this is 2011…
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Armageddon Paydays

Unlimited Facebook Ads Loophole…

Ever heard of Mo Mulla?

He's been a big player for over 10 years now. And the guy just has a crazy knack for finding flat-out weird ideas to make a lot of cash…

His latest venture involves "gaming" Facebook and hijacking their traffic…

…It's perfectly legal and Facebook actually encourages it. But I've never seen anyone scoring traffic quiet like this….

It's crazy.

I'm surprised no one has thought of this yet, but as soon as I'm done with this email I'm going to go put it to use myself.

Check out this video (no opt in required) to see exactly what he's up to.

Pretty freakin' eye opening.

Does 2012 Mean The End Of The Internet?


So I heard a crazy theory.

This guy thinks 2012 will bring the end of online marketing as we know it.

And he makes a pretty good case.

So what do you think?

Are launches and sales videos really dead?

I hope he's wrong about that.

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The Impending Online Bloodbath…

Well, it's 2012 and we're still alive!

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Even the top gurus are struggling.

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The video explains everything, from the downfall of our industry to the gurus going broke – and more importantly – how you can take advantage of the situation and turn a tidy profit yourself…

Seriously, watch this while it's still up.

To Your Success

IM Experts

P.S. There are MAJOR changes happening right now in this business, untold amounts of money changing hands AND an opportunity for you to effortlessly take your fair share of the pie…

It's all explained here –

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