Commission Avalanche

Marketer Confession Creates Controversy

Frankly, I agree with what this guy has done:

He's come out and is CONFESSING a deep
secret about the top Internet Marketers. See,
this guy is on the INSIDE with the biggest

For 18 months he kept his mouth shut, now
he got fed up and made this:

Many are angry that he's revealing TOO much
of "INSIDER" stuff and there is controversy

Personally, I say "ROCK ON!" - it was about time.

If you've ever felt "cheated" when you bought
a product in the Internet Marketing space, your
jaw will drop when you watch this:

This guy refuses to take the it anymore

I bet you're just as tired of the same
type of "hypey" videos OVER AND
OVER again.

And so is this guy

And today, he's SPEAKING OUT.

He's calling people out and he has something
BIG TO PROVE to you.

So watch this video, but ONLY if you agree:

This one is going to create lots of controversy

…but SOMEONE needed to do it.

A good friend of mine finally got very upset
and snapped a few days ago. He called me
and told me what he was doing…


I didn't think it was a good idea, but at the
same time I knew it was time SOMEONE
did it.
What Did He Do?

You see, he's very close with some of the
TOP Internet Marketers in the world. Well,
he's just come out of the blue and made
this video:

He confesses some of the BIGGEST secrets
of the Industry.  He spills beans.  He calls out
people and well…he's creating tons of

Good for him. It was time this was done, even
I'm sick of a the BS going around.

The Secret In Being Successful With Online Marketing

I'll make this quick.

I just heard a rumor about a guy who
profited $10k in his first 10 days.

And he's sharing his EXACT methods
in this special video:
The coolest part is these methods aren't
some special "hack" or "loophole"

He's been using these for the last 2 years
on almost COMPLETE autopilot.

Check out what he's doing:

The truth about internet marketing
The revolution of internet marketing has begun..
The NEW Internet Marketing methods are here
so sick and tired of this B.S.
Excuse my language but I'm angry


Isn't it time you learned the TRUTH
about Internet Marketing?

Chances are you've failed MISERABLY
in the past and you're STILL looking for
your solution.

Great news!

Today, I've found your solution:

And it's not the TYPICAL "push button" solution
you're used to seeing.

I need you to excuse his language and
understand he was a bit ANGRY when
he made this video for you.

But he speaks the truth.

Serious Notice about your purchase

Please take the following notice very seriously.

If you follow Internet Marketing Training or Software
products, you may be at risk.

This video explains more:

If you have purchased any Internet Marketing product
in the last 90 days, this consumer notice directly
applies to you.

This video explains the Fraud and how to protect
yourself from it. Please be sure to forward this message
to anyone else you feel can benefit from it.

Thank you,

IM Experts
Member of the Internet Marketing Protection Agency (IMPA)

Healing With The Masters

I have something amazing to share with you...

There is this series that is changing lives and showing individuals just like YOU how to overcome extreme challenges, ride through upsets, expand into a new level of ease and grace in your life, AND profoundly improve your abundance. And, IT'S F*R*E*E!

It may seem to be too good to be true, that something this great with this much integrity, that can make such a huge difference in your life, is also free. But it is true!

Here is how it works... first you register and in exchange for registering you receive access to 30 free shows (You have from now until June 6 to listen to live shows AND replays), PLUS 7 Life Changing Inspirational Video Shorts (it all starts March 13).

AND this particular series has the BEST KNOWN names in the industry all are here with the soul/sole intention of guiding you to your heart and opening your mind to the power that you are.

You will also be able to access 7 life-changing inspirational videos (you can see a sampling on this site: , each one energized to open you up to possibility.

In addition, you will receive some wonderful bonus gifts - healing tools you can use RIGHT NOW.

To sum it all up,

1. Go to this link and register:
2. You will experience a whack of life-changing techniques, processes, meditations, invocations, and energies through this series of 30 shows
3. You will receive access to 7 inspirational and energized videos
4. You will be able to download 4 bonus gifts of powerful energetic healing tools you can use right now

That's it... how does it get any better than that?

If you haven't checked them out before, this is your chance to hear what everyone is talking about, I promise you will be glad you did. And I would LOVE to hear back about how this series assisted you in your transformation.

I have come across a wonderful affiliate program that I know you will want to check out.


They are also changing lives.

McLean MasterWorks is offering a special free program that you can share with your subscribers. It has been transforming lives for hundreds of thousands in 122 countries for more than 4 years.

Previous affiliate partners have shared that when they let their lists know about it, they actually receive thank you emails, building great loyalty with their subscribers.

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This season is topping them all with 30 transformational high-energy shows, AND 7 free videos, PLUS 4 healing bonus gifts. This is a PACKED series that is being absorbed and shared more than any season on this series before 2012. This timeframe is what many in our industry are seeing as the most important time in our history, AND in human evolution.

What this means for you is there are important things to share with your list about what they can accomplish. There is also a clear opportunity to generate income and solve problems for your subscribers.

This is one of the MOST powerful free programs to guide your subscribers into these new energies of change. In these challenging times, so many are looking for answers and this series and associated affiliate program DELIVER, allowing you to offer something incredible to your list AND generate a GREAT income.

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So to recap:
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Thanks in advance.
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Auto Web Law

Description: Auto Web Law provides you with over 70 Internet Legal Documents including: Website Disclosures, Purchase Agreements, Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, Copyright Documents, Newsletter Disclaimers, The Latest FTC Disclsoures and more...

Price: $147

Are You The Next One To Be Investigated?


We have all heard the horror stories about online businesses
and the people that run them getting investigated by the

It's no joke. Ignorance is NOT Bliss.It's usually cost you,
big time!

Click this link for complete detals...


As you know, marketing online strategies are always changing
and so are the laws.This is not something you should take


What have you got to lose? EVERYTHING! All your ASSETS!


Will you be the next one to be investigated by the FTC?

No one knows who will be next...BUT if you are in compliance
you have nothing to worry about.

View this shocking video before it's too late...

Don't Make This Mistake...

Listen up...

The FTC is cracking down once again and in many cases they
are justified in doing so.  But in some cases it's a matter
of the site owner just not knowing what the law is...that's
no excuse but it could have been avoided.

You may not be aware of it, but your website may not have all
the legal documentation it needs.

You could be looking at some HUGE FINES or worse yet...shut
down of your sites, loss of your merchant account and even
freezing your bank accounts!

Ignorance is not bliss.

It could cost YOU YOUR business!!!

I know of people that have had their accounts frozen and their
websites shut down...All because of a Simple LEGAL MISTAKE!

Don't let this happen to you...TAKE ACTION AND PROTECT


We don't want to be fear mongers here. But the fact is, if
you are out of compliance, you can be fined and shut down

Don't wait until you are find out what
"YOU" don't know.


Success Leaves Traces,

IM Experts

I am a compensated affiliate for the Armand Morin Network

Underground Online Seminar

Get the Underground intel without leaving home
Join the top 3% of Internet marketers

Real quick question for you:

If you could get the insider secrets from the REAL
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Would that appeal to you?

If so, then I encourage you to check this out:

Yanik Silver and his team have worked something
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Every year this event is packed because its not the same
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You really do not want to miss this!

IM Experts

P.S. Even better is you won't have to wait for the recordings
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row seat to hear the latest online building trends, tactics
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This will give you a huge advantage immediately
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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I will be
attending the Underground Online Seminar 8 on
March 1-3rd.

This is always the event of the year to be at but
the bad news is Yanik just informed me that it's SOLD OUT.

However I've got some really good news for you...

I just found out that Yanik and his team have
decided to open up a Live Streaming option
for people who want to attend but just couldn't
make it to Washington DC for one reason or

What this means is you will get to experience the
whole event from your computer at home... live in
real time!

And don't worry you'll have full access to the replays just
in-case you can't watch non-stop over the 3 days of the actual event.

Even better is you won't have to wait for the recordings
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This will give you a huge advantage immediately
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If you are planning on attending live, then I
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If you just can't make it in person then please
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Check this out - you'll be glad you did.

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Strategic Profits

From Frustration to Freedom

Success strategies no one else is talking about

Frustrated with the painfully slow progress you're
making trying to build a reliable income online?

Overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do
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Well today can lead to all of this changing for
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When you meet "the guru to the Internet business
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Based on Rich's experience helping thousands of
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The fact is, 95% of businesses started online are
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And MUCH more!

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ClickBank: 17 Billion Opportunities

Want to see how this "loser" went from zero to $272,497?

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I can't say too much...

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Right now, the potential is near limitless for this dude, Craig.

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Now the gurus are clambering to be his buddy.

A turnaround? You bet.

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Viral Cash Creators

Ever wondered why...

Things DO NOT work the way you think?

That’s why busting your hump on SEO is WORTHLESS...

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In fact pretty much EVERYTHING you're doing SUCKS !!

This ex-loser on the other hand "rolls" different:

Check him out:

HIS actions are...

# NOT Pointless...

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We all know that there's only ONE thing you need to
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But the WAY you're getting it and the QUALITY of it...


That's why this guys 3-minute-to-activate system is so UNIQUE...

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This is the next BIG THING...

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Learn why the hell He's giving a select group of affiliates
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See you over there... if you’ve got the guts!

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PS This thing just BUSTED Click Bank

Quantum FX Pro

QFX Banner 03

These are 2 *WEIRD* scenario that happen again & again to 97% of
Forex traders.

Scenario 1:
You look at the chart & identify the trend is on the way up. Then
you confidently place a BUY order. BOOM! The moment you have placed
the order, the trend has reserved  & you lose bloody lots of money.

Scenario 2:
Very similarly, you look at the chart & identify the trend is on
the way down. Then you short the currency order. BOOM! The moment
you have placed the order, the trend has reserved  & you again lose
lots of money.


In just recently, Kishore M has personally recorded 2 videos that
can help overcome challenges described in the 2 scenarios above.

Here is the page where he put up the videos

These are the 2 videos that have caught too much attention in Forex
community & have *consumed* almost all his website bandwidth within
2 short days

Most Forex Gurus are so angry with Kishore now.


Because he is making them look bad with his outrageous QuantumFX
Pro package.

If you have watched his videos  ...that
created such an attention & controversy among those forex gurus,
you surely know about the *cool* QuantumFX Pro package.

Some asked: "Are You Crazy?"

"Who is this crazy dude who provides so much items with such an
embarrassing low price point?"

I admit it is really embarrassing low price. See, unlike most
gurus, Kishore M created this product NOT because he want to
squeeze-it-all the hard-earned money from people. That's why it is
at such a low price. He wants it to be so affordable for the right

This is Different
As he has said in my 2nd video, he is concerned if you just want to
purchase it out of SHEER EMOTIONAL IMPULSE. Most people want their
customers to get all emotional & impulsively buy stuff from them.
BUT, this is different.

He want to make sure you decide to purchase it because you BELIEVE


He is someone who don't like to use those Guru-Scarcity techniques
such as Limited Sets to rip off people chance to get hold of this
outrageous QuantumFXPro package.

As you've probably noticed, he is not really interested in
"twisting your arm" and using high-pressure sales tactic like Fast
Action bonus in order to get you to purchase QuantumFX Pro package.

Warmly Welcome You if...

I warmly welcome you to join his QuantumFX Pro community only if
... you seriously treat Forex as your business or career
... you are very committed to your success
... you are willing to FOLLOW Directions
... you are willing to implement proven ideas
... you are NOT Guru-Groupies who simply sign up for any "Next Big

Here to claim your full package:


{Your Name}

P.S. Some worried subscribers asked when he will increase the
package price to $197.00. What I can say now is that he will do his
best to maintain the current low price:

Since the 2 videos have been passed around & spread like wild fire,
QuantumFX Pro method - spawned from the 2 videos - is getting
"Rock-Star" treatment from Forex Community.

QuantumFX Pro method:

Like a Rock Star

QuantumFX Pro suddenly become a Rock Star appearing everywhere
across forums, newsgroup, blogs & 3rd party forex websites.

I never expect the word-of-mouth effect on real value adding
information can be so huge.

Sorry if you encounter page-loading delay when you click the
"Purchase" button because people are flocking in to secure a copy
for themselves.

You can try again with this link (try refresh the page):

Benefits for You

The below is benefit highlights of QuantumFX Pro package. With it,
you will:

~ Learn how to recognize 13 highly profitable FX PRO patterns that
can Make You a Lot of Money.
~ Master a systematic approach & have FULL CONTROL over your trade
decision without depending on so called “guru hot tips”,
“mysterious black box system” or “overly-hyped-up forex robot”
~ Know exactly when to exit the trade & Take a Profit before you
even enter a trade
~ Gain strong foundation knowledge & insights about Forex market.
~ Learn how to choose the RIGHT broker
~ Get step-by-step guide on How to Trade using FX Metatrader
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To Your Success

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P.S. Because there is a long long list of items inside the package,
I put the item list here instead of email body so that I can cut
short the email for you. Here is the items included inside
QuantumFX Pro package:

For QuantumFX PRO package, you get ALL:
1. Quantum Fx Pro Module 1 (Video Course), worth $485
2. Quantum Fx Pro Module 2 (Video Course), worth $388
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5. Audio Recording of Quantum Fx Pro Module 2, worth $188
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Dude, I know it is a very long list :-) Enjoy:


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The MOB Attacks Google

I've just heard that a "MOB" App
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Make Market Launch

Welcome to the First Day Of the Rest of Your Life

I want to introduce you to a couple of people.

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It isn't luck. It isn't skill—and it's not even brains.

You’ll find out EXACTLY what it is in this video:

[PICTURE URL: alt="success leaves clues"]

Pay close attention for clues from them that can implement in your business. Learn from their successes—and their mistakes — so you can join them.

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alt="Make, Market, Launch IT revealed"]

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Ruthless Income

With the rash of products coming out that promise to deliver droves of cash just for clicking a magic "easy-button", its a wonder that any of them are true.

Why do people keep buying these products that make huge promises but seldom deliver?


Every once in a great while, one of these products actually works,
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this is ONE of those "Rare" finds..

Did you take any positive actions today?

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FACT: Most people will answer "NO" to this very question.

What's the point of reading page after
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82% of people reading this STILL
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I hear customers all the time that moan about having
to pay $10 for hosting, $4 for a domain name, and
even $19 a month for an Autoresponder account...

Point I'm trying to make is, if you went offline and
tried to start a business in the traditional route,

- you'd end up spending at minimum, $50,000..

on staff,
inventory.. and so on.

So it makes me SICK when people complain about
investing a mere $10 online to start a business...

If you're one of those people then don't bother
looking here for a solution...


IM Experts

PS. Internet Marketing is one of the most lucrative
markets online... so don't moan, be proactive and
go for it!!

Wake up call..

Make Market Launch

Meet the Creator of Some of the Most Successful Personal Development Products In the World

Meet Pam Hendrickson, who spent almost 20 years helping the biggest names in personal and professional development (including Tony Robbins!) to create some of the best-selling personal development products in the world.

alt="amazing woman breaks into online marketing"]

In this video, Pam and Mike Koenigs (founder of Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer and one of the most successful online marketers) will show you that the potential market is HUGE – and primed for massive growth.

(Keep reading because they’re giving away a Platinum consulting package, too!)

Take a look at last year's numbers alone:

-- Personal Growth: $10.5 BILLION-dollar industry
-- Corporate Training & eLearning: $33 BILLION-dollar industry
-- Personal & Corporate Coaching: $1.2 BILLION-dollar industry
-- Digital Information Products: the industry has DOUBLED in the last 5 years

In the video, Mike will reveal the 5-step process that you can use to tap into this growing industry:
Make Market Launch Video 1

All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

You can have the entire planet at your fingertips...

...if you know how to deliver something of VALUE to a market that NEEDS what you have.

This new video will show you exactly how.

In it, you'll discover:

-- how to make, market and launch an outstanding product to a market who NEEDS what YOU know
-- how to tap into this multi-BILLION-dollar industry that just keeps growing
-- how to get off the hamster wheel of trading time for money and start profiting while you sleep
-- how to harness the 5 mindset secrets that determine whether a business takes off or shuts its doors
-- how you can win two days of consulting and filming in San Diego with Pam & Mike, the product creation MASTERS, to get your own product to market NOW

Watch the video:
Make Market Launch Video 1

You already have the skills to make this happen.

All you need is the SYSTEM.

Mike & Pam will share it with you in this free video series.

You can't afford to miss it:
Make Market Launch Video 1

This 8-Figure Business Was Built on 3 Things

How many times have you watched a so-called "expert" video on YouTube and thought, "I can do that!"

You CAN do it—and you can do it BETTER than most of the people out there. Mike Koenigs & Pam Hendrickson are going to show you how in this new video:
image alt="turn your ideas into profits"]

(And keep reading because they’re giving away a Platinum consulting package, too!)

As they'll tell you in the video, all you need are THREE things:

You already have the FIRST one: a computer with an internet connection.

To get the SECOND one, you'll meet Pam Hendrickson, who spent almost 20 years working for some of the biggest names in personal and professional development (including Tony Robbins!). She'll show you the MINDSET you need to create a world-class business that extends your impact and supports your lifestyle.

Together, she and Mike will give you the THIRD thing you need: the proven systems and strategies to help you:

-- make, market and launch an outstanding product to a market who NEEDS what YOU know
-- tap into a multi-BILLION-dollar industry that just keeps growing
-- get off the hamster wheel of trading time for money and start profiting while you sleep
-- harness the 5 mindset secrets that determine whether a business takes off or shuts its doors
-- win two days of consulting and filming in San Diego with Pam & Mike, the product creation MASTERS, to get your own product to market NOW

Watch this FREE video now:

Mike has already used these EXACT systems to execute FIVE consecutive multi-million-dollar launches and create an 8-figure-a-year business.

With that kind of proof, I figured it was worth a few minutes of your time:

The REAL Growth Economy

Women are a force to be reckoned with—economically and otherwise. :)

If you want to be successful at the highest level, you’ve got to be able to make, market and launch a product for ANY niche you choose - especially the growth markets (like women)!

Mike Koenigs & Pam Hendrickson explain in this video:
alt="the women are taking over"]

If you want to know where the newest emerging growth market lies, all you have to do is look at the crowd at an online marketing event.

Two years ago, you'd probably see one woman for every ten men.

Now the numbers of men and women in the room are about even.

There's HUGE opportunity there—on both sides.

Because as Joel Bauer says, "Where the women go, the men will follow."

Discover how to tap into this emerging market in this new video from Mike & Pam:

IM Experts

PS – You could dominate this market if you get in at the ground level. It's all about delivering what women need.

Pam & Mike will show you exactly what I mean.

Watch the video:

PPS – Mike & Pam are giving away a Platinum product creation consulting package: a "boatstorming" session on Mike’s yacht in the San Diego Harbor, a day in Mike's $250,000 state-of-the-art, television-quality studio AND a product promotion to their combined list of nearly 200,000 people. (Plus, Mike will pick you up in his solar-powered Tesla electric sportscar that goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds!)

Talk about getting to your income goals quickly!

Watch the video for details on how to enter:
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