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Marketer Confession Creates Controversy

Frankly, I agree with what this guy has done:

He's come out and is CONFESSING a deep
secret about the top Internet Marketers. See,
this guy is on the INSIDE with the biggest

For 18 months he kept his mouth shut, now
he got fed up and made this:

Many are angry that he's revealing TOO much
of "INSIDER" stuff and there is controversy

Personally, I say "ROCK ON!" - it was about time.

If you've ever felt "cheated" when you bought
a product in the Internet Marketing space, your
jaw will drop when you watch this:

This guy refuses to take the it anymore

I bet you're just as tired of the same
type of "hypey" videos OVER AND
OVER again.

And so is this guy

And today, he's SPEAKING OUT.

He's calling people out and he has something
BIG TO PROVE to you.

So watch this video, but ONLY if you agree:

This one is going to create lots of controversy

…but SOMEONE needed to do it.

A good friend of mine finally got very upset
and snapped a few days ago. He called me
and told me what he was doing…


I didn't think it was a good idea, but at the
same time I knew it was time SOMEONE
did it.
What Did He Do?

You see, he's very close with some of the
TOP Internet Marketers in the world. Well,
he's just come out of the blue and made
this video:

He confesses some of the BIGGEST secrets
of the Industry.  He spills beans.  He calls out
people and well…he's creating tons of

Good for him. It was time this was done, even
I'm sick of a the BS going around.

The Secret In Being Successful With Online Marketing

I'll make this quick.

I just heard a rumor about a guy who
profited $10k in his first 10 days.

And he's sharing his EXACT methods
in this special video:
The coolest part is these methods aren't
some special "hack" or "loophole"

He's been using these for the last 2 years
on almost COMPLETE autopilot.

Check out what he's doing:

The truth about internet marketing
The revolution of internet marketing has begun..
The NEW Internet Marketing methods are here
so sick and tired of this B.S.
Excuse my language but I'm angry


Isn't it time you learned the TRUTH
about Internet Marketing?

Chances are you've failed MISERABLY
in the past and you're STILL looking for
your solution.

Great news!

Today, I've found your solution:

And it's not the TYPICAL "push button" solution
you're used to seeing.

I need you to excuse his language and
understand he was a bit ANGRY when
he made this video for you.

But he speaks the truth.

Serious Notice about your purchase

Please take the following notice very seriously.

If you follow Internet Marketing Training or Software
products, you may be at risk.

This video explains more:

If you have purchased any Internet Marketing product
in the last 90 days, this consumer notice directly
applies to you.

This video explains the Fraud and how to protect
yourself from it. Please be sure to forward this message
to anyone else you feel can benefit from it.

Thank you,

IM Experts
Member of the Internet Marketing Protection Agency (IMPA)

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