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These are 2 *WEIRD* scenario that happen again & again to 97% of
Forex traders.

Scenario 1:
You look at the chart & identify the trend is on the way up. Then
you confidently place a BUY order. BOOM! The moment you have placed
the order, the trend has reserved  & you lose bloody lots of money.

Scenario 2:
Very similarly, you look at the chart & identify the trend is on
the way down. Then you short the currency order. BOOM! The moment
you have placed the order, the trend has reserved  & you again lose
lots of money.


In just recently, Kishore M has personally recorded 2 videos that
can help overcome challenges described in the 2 scenarios above.

Here is the page where he put up the videos


These are the 2 videos that have caught too much attention in Forex
community & have *consumed* almost all his website bandwidth within
2 short days


Most Forex Gurus are so angry with Kishore now.


Because he is making them look bad with his outrageous QuantumFX
Pro package.

If you have watched his videos http://www.quantumfxpro.com/jv/go.php?offer=johnmal99&pid=1  ...that
created such an attention & controversy among those forex gurus,
you surely know about the *cool* QuantumFX Pro package.

Some asked: "Are You Crazy?"

"Who is this crazy dude who provides so much items with such an
embarrassing low price point?"


I admit it is really embarrassing low price. See, unlike most
gurus, Kishore M created this product NOT because he want to
squeeze-it-all the hard-earned money from people. That's why it is
at such a low price. He wants it to be so affordable for the right

This is Different
As he has said in my 2nd video, he is concerned if you just want to
purchase it out of SHEER EMOTIONAL IMPULSE. Most people want their
customers to get all emotional & impulsively buy stuff from them.
BUT, this is different.

He want to make sure you decide to purchase it because you BELIEVE

==>  http://www.quantumfxpro.com/jv/go.php?offer=johnmal99&pid=1&u=quantumfxpro.com/success.php

He is someone who don't like to use those Guru-Scarcity techniques
such as Limited Sets to rip off people chance to get hold of this
outrageous QuantumFXPro package.

As you've probably noticed, he is not really interested in
"twisting your arm" and using high-pressure sales tactic like Fast
Action bonus in order to get you to purchase QuantumFX Pro package.

Warmly Welcome You if...

I warmly welcome you to join his QuantumFX Pro community only if
... you seriously treat Forex as your business or career
... you are very committed to your success
... you are willing to FOLLOW Directions
... you are willing to implement proven ideas
... you are NOT Guru-Groupies who simply sign up for any "Next Big

Here to claim your full package:

==>  http://www.quantumfxpro.com/jv/go.php?offer=johnmal99&pid=1&u=quantumfxpro.com/success.php

{Your Name}

P.S. Some worried subscribers asked when he will increase the
package price to $197.00. What I can say now is that he will do his
best to maintain the current low price:

Since the 2 videos have been passed around & spread like wild fire,
QuantumFX Pro method - spawned from the 2 videos - is getting
"Rock-Star" treatment from Forex Community.

QuantumFX Pro method:

Like a Rock Star

QuantumFX Pro suddenly become a Rock Star appearing everywhere
across forums, newsgroup, blogs & 3rd party forex websites.

I never expect the word-of-mouth effect on real value adding
information can be so huge.

Sorry if you encounter page-loading delay when you click the
"Purchase" button because people are flocking in to secure a copy
for themselves.

You can try again with this link (try refresh the page):


Benefits for You

The below is benefit highlights of QuantumFX Pro package. With it,
you will:

~ Learn how to recognize 13 highly profitable FX PRO patterns that
can Make You a Lot of Money.
~ Master a systematic approach & have FULL CONTROL over your trade
decision without depending on so called “guru hot tips”,
“mysterious black box system” or “overly-hyped-up forex robot”
~ Know exactly when to exit the trade & Take a Profit before you
even enter a trade
~ Gain strong foundation knowledge & insights about Forex market.
~ Learn how to choose the RIGHT broker
~ Get step-by-step guide on How to Trade using FX Metatrader
~ Get Access to All Sources of Top Forex News I personally use to
Outperform most traders
~ Learn One Quick-Forex-Profits Technique from me  & Start
Accumulating PiPs Rightaway
~ Finally You Deserve to Have Trading Skill that Can Get You & Your
Love Ones to Dream-Lifestyle FAST ...WITHOUT taking a bunch of your
time & effort

To Your Success

IM Experts

P.S. Because there is a long long list of items inside the package,
I put the item list here instead of email body so that I can cut
short the email for you. Here is the items included inside
QuantumFX Pro package:

For QuantumFX PRO package, you get ALL:
1. Quantum Fx Pro Module 1 (Video Course), worth $485
2. Quantum Fx Pro Module 2 (Video Course), worth $388
3. Quantum Fx Pro Module 3 (Video Course), worth $388
4. Audio Recording of Quantum Fx Pro Module 1, worth $285
5. Audio Recording of Quantum Fx Pro Module 2, worth $188
6. Audio Recording of Quantum Fx Pro Module 3, worth $188
7. QuantumFX Pro Complete Manual, worth $97
8. Quantum Leap Your Profits Strategy Guide, worth $297
9. Metatrader Step-by-Step Operation Handbook, worth $67
10. Forex Future Margin Strategy Guide, worth $97
11. Power JumpStart Your FX Profits Video Course, worth $297

Dude, I know it is a very long list :-) Enjoy:



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