Renegade Millionaire

Interact with Dan Kennedy, personally

If you have interest in growing your own business, discovering your hidden
customer-attracting skills or understanding how the most successful people
redefine "work," you must [watch your fourth and final free video] from
Dan Kennedy.

Video 4: Inside the System

Interact with Dan, personally

A few days ago, I sent you the first video in Dan's series.

You heard that economic professors have determined the number of
millionaires in the US will double in the next ten years.

That was shocking for me to read.

But then, in today's video he made for you, [Dan's taken things to a whole other level.]

He gets pretty personal in this episode.

He shares the three business-building concepts he says to himself everyday:

1. I will do the opposite of whatever the majority does. I will run toward the fire.
2. I will find breakthroughs outside the majority's approach to any given
    business...not inside it.
3. I will stay relentlessly focused on...[go here to know the rest.]

I don't understand it, really.

Dan charges the world's biggest Corporations more than $18,000 per DAY,
just so they can hear his opinion.

And here he is, giving you a [free, four video series] with some of that
pricey knowledge and expertise.

I guess when you're a best-selling author of 13 books, and you dominate the
direct marketing world, you know what you're doing.

[Go here right now to see what I mean.]

SIDENOTE: I sent this email before I even finished watching the video.
I just went back and realized that the last couple minutes are THE BEST PART! Awesome!

I won't ruin the surprise, but just know you need to be one of the first 500 people so
[go see for yourself.]

Renegade Millionaire is only available right now

Marketing legend, Dan Kennedy, has shared a [TON of killer info] in the 35 years
he's been running his business.

I've learned so much from him in the time I've been in this industry, I have
forwarded you his [entire free training videos] over the past week.

Now for the BIG news!

Watch this:

Renegade Millionaire is now open to you

Dan has said he's accepting new students into his Renegade Millionaire
mentoring program!

[Right now you need to go here to know more.]
The Great Recession has created an incredible opportunity for you.

It's your choice to go after something most people fail to pursue...the opportunity
to attract new customers.

Customers are equity. Period.

And you'll discover what makes you attractive in the buyers' mind, inside
the Renegade Millionaire system.

Once Dan shows you the exact strategies for getting an enormous list of customers,
you'll experience how it feels to send your bills to your new "herd."

Decide to invest in being a Renegade Millionaire.

[Go here to know more and to take action.]
Talk soon,

IM Experts

PS - I only promote products that I respect and know work. I've talked
with Dan, and we've agreed that if you invest in Renegade Millionaire after you
[click on my link], he will give me a referral fee.
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