Big Money Speaker Bootcamp

I'm going (or I've attended) James Malinchak's Big Money Speaker
Bootcamp. It's being held in LA this December and I thought of you
because I know you'd be interested in attending.

I don't know if you saw ABC's hit TV show, "Secret Millionaire", but
James was featured on the show. At this Boot Camp, he shares his
strategies and tips on how to become a Big Money Speaker®.

One of the things I've learned from James which has
made a tremendous difference in my life and business is (---)

Check it out at-

Even if you're not interested in getting paid to speak, there's
a lot of great marketing content that will help you in your
career/business. This webpage has all the details, they'll even
be some celebs at the event!

PS: Really, this is going to be great for you-

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