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If You Ignore This...You Might As Well Ignore What You Eat

Do you know why we have such
rampant disease in the United States
and in other Western cultures?

Most people think it’s the quality of
the food, that people aren’t eating
well, and that they’re not exercising...
but that’s only half the story.

What people are ignoring is their
hormones.  And do you know what
the #1 thing is that has a negative
effect on’s stress.

Whenever I mention stress people
kind of blow it off and then wonder
why they can’t lose we*ght, get
themselves to eat well or maintain
regular exercise. 

They just assume stress is a part of
life and ignore their stress levels saying
things like “you try being stress free
when you have kids” or “do you know
how much pressure I have at work?” or
“what am I supposed to do...meditate all
day long?”

Here’s the thing...if you’re ignoring your
stress levels, you might as well just reach
for the junk food. 

Because most likely you’ll eventually sabotage
yourself, and relapse on healthy eating and
exercising habits, if you don’t deal with
your stress levels (have you ever done that

Stress affects EVERYTHING when it comes
to health...from your hormone levels, to your
ability to stay on a healthy diet to your ability
to maintain exercise habits. 

And if you want to learn how to lower your
stress levels...I suggest you watch the video
on the page below.

It teaches a scientifically proven technique
known as EFT or Tapping that has been proven,
in a lab, to lower cortisol levels and reduce

Trust me, click on the link below and watch
the video.  This is something you need to know
about if you want to be healthy.

To your long term health,

IM Experts

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