Have You Seen The World's New #1 EA Trade the USD/CAD?

There's a reason why people are calling this the new #1 EA in the World!

That's because IT IS! If you haven't seen this yet, go here now!


What's really getting to people is their 100% transparency! They basically show you exactly how they created everything and then said "Hey, you could go make your own…but that's going to cost you a lot more, why don't you just use ours?"

Seriously, they reveal everything in no uncertain terms. The page on their site is one of the longest I've ever seen, but it's also the most thorough explanation of HOW an EA works that I've ever seen.

Check it out:


How Does It Work?

Over the course of the last 3 years or so, a lot of things have changed on the USD/CAD during the Asian session. The first thing is that the tick volume jumped from a measly 244 to a MASIVE 10,000 and it's still climbing!.

Then they saw that the spread had also changed. From 5.1 pips all the way down to 1.8 pips.

Things were starting to look very favorable. But…then it got BETTER!

In the last year the range during the session gradually went from 69.63 pips to 27 pips.

Now, what that all added up to…especially with the unique symbiosis of the US and Canada…was a VERY unique and previously untapped price channel.

There is now a very STABLE, and regular zone of daily activity that…if you knew what you were doing…could make you a TON of pips!


How PipJet Trades the USD/CAD

Like I said, using the information above, you could try to trade this manually…but…when there are 16 moves happening every minute, it's doubtful that you'd be able to grab a significant amount of pips.

It's just something that only automation can really benefit from. Things move VERY fast in that price channel. That's why only PipJet is leading the pack with this discovery!

It was designed from the ground up to do this and ONLY this. You can't stick it on another pair and expect the same results!

PipJet is a scalper. Just imagine the activity inside a 27 pip range with a tick volume over 10,000! It captures those small chunks of pips quickly and efficiently…and that's why it can grow an account so fast!

There's never a boring day with PipJet!

Risk Is A Thing Of The Past!

What's even better about PipJet is that there is virtually NO RISK! I know you're not going to just take that for granted, but it's true.

Firstly, if you take a look at the account statements that they've got on their page, you see maybe 0.5% of the trades resulting in losses.

Of course this is due to the superior coding and trading expertise of the group involved.

But that alone does not mean that there's no risk. The reason why this is a very low risk EA is because in a price channel with a range of 27 pips, you're able to set VERY short stops.

Their predictive algorithm is designed in such a way that even if the trade suddenly goes the other way, the loss incurred is so small it's not even noticeable. The immediate next trade will wipe the loss away.

There are NO losing days!


Who's Behind PipJet?

One of the best teams in the business! These guys have a sterling reputation in the retail FX arena!

Their first public offering was the Forex Megadroid Robot. That came out years ago in March 2009. In fact, that bot has remained the #1 EA all the way up until PipJet was released.

Over those few years, they've provided their subscribers with every update needed for Forex Megadroid to accommodate the different changes in the market.

They're probably one of the only groups online that have an actual BRAND behind them!

This is not a here today, gone tomorrow type of scenario. This if FOR traders BY traders!


Their support is all top tier and when you join them, it's like you're getting a life time motor plan for your EA!

Now, after hearing all that, is there any doubt that this is the new #1 EA in the world?

None at all!

This was designed to take small accounts and grow them fast without risk! What else could anyone ask for?

Get it here:

New EA Makes AutoPilot Profits Effortless! See Here!

Have you heard about the new USD/CAD Bot they call PipJet?

It's all anybody's been able to talk about! PipJet Is the world's #1 EA!

If you haven't seen what all the fuss is about, you probably haven't been paying much attention to what's going on in FX…check this out:


Let me give you a quick run down. Over the last few years, a unique price channel has developed on the USD/CAD during the Asian session.

The tick volume went up really high, the spread went down really low and it's all happening inside a very small range.

No one noticed this happening except the team from Forex Megadroid.

You remember them don't you? The had the #1 EA for a few years in a row? Well, just until this NEW one came out.

Anyway, they're probably one of the only guys that issue updates to their robot to keep it current for all the market changes.


Anyway, they saw this stuff happening and they pounced! There's about 16 moves in this price channel every minute, so you can't trade it manually.

They built PipJet specifically to take advantage of this price channel…this robot is so well designed, it's basically a risk free way to double your account every month!

You're probably not going to believe that…but think about this, in a range of only 27 pips you don't need to have huge stops…this is a scalper!

Even if it makes one mistake…(and if you look at their statements…some a few years old…you'll struggle to find any losses) it recovers from a loss immediately with the next trade.


Lots of LITTLE trades equals one HUGE pile of pips!

Long story short, you HAVE to get this TODAY!

Recipe for instant trading success…take one small starting account, add one cup of PipJet…stir…let simmer…collect pips!

One of their accounts went from $1k to $35k with almost no losing trades!

This is a sure thing….and in FX that doesn't come along too often!


Get it Now!

All the best

IM Experts

P.S. If you're curious, they tell you EXACTLY how the robot works on the site, you can try to build your own if you think you'll have the time!


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