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It seems like anyone can claim anything and the Internet makes it seem true -
the standard of proof is pretty low these days, right? Wouldn’t you rather
see the gains in YOUR account?
That is why I was pleasantly surprised when my friend Dustin, instead of
just talking a great game, showed me his trading account results for the
past 7 months where He is making HUGE profits without actively trading,
and the proof was undeniable, as you’ll see in this video...
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You gotta see it to believe it, and Dustin’s team has a link on the video
page that allows you to get your hands on the software and try it out
Very cool!
Click that link to watch the “proof” video he posted sharing you his amazing
results (which were verified by an independent third party). He is on track
to turn 3k into $1.5 Million.
I was extremely impressed, and I think you will be too. The video is actually
the second in a short series of video that he has put together to show other
traders how to make great money without trading, and without falling victim
to flash in the pan trading robots that rarely (if ever) work.
I commend him for opening up like this, and sharing what he has created. He
has a fantastic reputation in the FOREX industry because his stuff works,
and this video proves it.
When it comes to FOREX, trading account balances are the only thing that
really matter, and that’s why I want you to see the video of his trading
results - monthly gains, massive rates of return, a fantastic win: loss
ratio and it’s all pretty much on autopilot.
Go check out this video and see if you aren’t impressed too, and try it
out yourself on your own and see if you start making money with it. They
recommend you start with a demo account and they provide a link to get
one with the software enabled on it.
Also make sure you pay special attention to the part about the “Avalanche
Effect” which should get you very excited. And you’ll see how anyone can
grow a fortune with the right tools, like the one he uses as his “Secret weapon”
to create these results.
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New Profit Agent FAQ Video as release gets closer Hey [Name], if you haven’t yet checked out Profit Agent, this new FAQ video
will bring you up to speed. It answers all of the great questions that
Dustin’s team has received so far, including the biggest question: “how
can you be guaranteed to get access” and “is it possible to get it at no
Surprisingly, the answer to that one is YES! Watch the video to
learn more... There are also some people wondering if it’s a fully legal method and
Dustin answers that one too, so make sure you watch the video to see
all of these answers.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock all week, you know that Dustin’s
is a literal “rags to riches” story, he is a top-notch trader, but
nowadays he rarely trades actively because this system (called Profit
Agent) is fully automated, and in 7 months it nearly quadrupled his
trading account from 10k to 40k.
I recommend you watch the video now because this passive income machine
is unbeatable - I’ve never seen such strong returns month after month
after month. It just keeps chugging along, cranking out profits, and
the interest is building very quickly.
In the video, Dustin explains how anyone can ensure they get access.
Don’t take this for granted as many people who wanted the software on
its initial release ended up getting locked out, which means there is
pent-up demand that is going to make the release even more difficult
to obtain.
This latest video is the most frequently asked burning questions about
this automated “passive income on autopilot” strategy - kind of like a
video F.A.Q.
He also answers a bunch of other important questions too, such as:
• How easy is it to set up and get rolling for people who don’t
have much time to deal with it?
• What brokers does it work with?
• Can non-traders understand this strategy?
• Who is the ideal user?
Here’s the link again: Sincerely,
IM Experts
P.S: If you’d like to get on the Profit Agent “cut-in-line” list (a very
good idea), you can do it right underneath the video.

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