Seven Summits Trader

EURUSD +2,000 pips

"All good things must come to an end." Do you believe this?
Well, in this case, it's unfortunately true...

My buddies Mark & TJ have just announced that they're about
to release the Seven Summits Trader FOR THE LAST AND FINAL

** RSVP for the Final Release Party Here **

12pm EST Live Party, Thurs, Aug 16th

6pm EST Live Party, Thurs, Aug 16th

I don't know if you've ever heard of the Seven Summits Trader
(aka: SST) but this universal trading system has been steadily
pounding away the pips and points for TWO straight YEARS...
that's a lifetime in our industry!

With all the 'fly-by-night' robots and phony trading strategies
out there, the SST has shown positive, consistent results for
2 years running. And it's not stopping...

In 2011 alone, the SST traded the EURUSD for +2,000 pips! The
Russell Emini Futures managed +450 points. And if you can
believe it, the SST is on track to meet and EXCEED these
numbers in 2012.

But all good things must come to an end and Mark just told me
that they're nearing max capacity... which means one thing -
a huge freaking party to send off the Seven Summits Trader in
style. And you're invited!

Seven Summits Trader FINAL RELEASE Party
Date: August 16th, 2012

12pm EST Live Party, Thurs, Aug 16th

6pm EST Live Party, Thurs, Aug 16th

This is going to be big. If you're interested in a SIMPLE
trading system that will build on safe, yet consistent return
week after week, month after month, year after year - I've
heard nothing but great things about the Seven Summits Trader.

P.S. I'm in their 'inner circle' and they just let me know that
on this live party webinar, they're going to be doing something
they've NEVER done before. I think this could translate into
either a MASSIVE DISCOUNT or some insane giveaways. Either way,
it's a win-win so stop what you're doing and get your seat now:

** RSVP for the Final Release Party Here **

12pm EST Live Party, Thurs, Aug 16th

6pm EST Live Party, Thurs, Aug 16th

Risky Demo Performed LIVE

Ok, so you know the last and final launch I emailed you about
the other day?

Turns out that BEFORE their release, they're hosting a LIVE DEMO
of the Seven Summits Trader system to whet your appetite! Click
here to sign up for the 9am Eastern demo this Wednesday:

This is awesome because you're going to actually sneak preview
the system BEFORE it goes back up for sale for the FINAL time
(because the creators, Mark & TJ, are taking it down from public
release... permanently).


Yea. They've reached max capacity so after this last launch,
they're closing it down for good to all future members while
they concentrate on helping, teaching and supporting the current
SST traders.

Can't say I blame them - I've seen a ton of systems before
basically 'break' because too many people are trying to trade
the same markets, the same time frames, basically the same trade
plans - all at once.

Anyways, if you're interested in seeing what this system has
done for the past 2 whole years, stop what you're doing now and
register for the Live Demo this Wednesday, August 8th at 9am

See you there?

IM Experts

P.S. Because they're doing this live, the system could actually
perform TERRIBLY. Those are the risks of doing it live... but
they're so convinced, they're throwing caution to the wind and
letting you see it perform live anyways.

Come see the SST system FLY or FAIL here:

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