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This Takes Balls

A few weeks ago a millionaire friend of mine
called me out of the blue and said...

"I want to do a massive product launch
with a difference."

"What's the difference?", I asked, intrigued...

"The difference is that I'm giving away all
the profits to a few select 'investors'..."

His name is Michael Cheney. He's a 39 year-old
millionaire marketer and for the first time ever
in history you are getting the chance to MAKE MONEY
from one of those massively lucrative product launches
you see happening all the time.

Grab this now because the slots are filling FAST
for this unique and life-changing opportunity:

Opportunity is at your door. It tried knocking
but you didn't hear it so now it's using
your doorbell...

This is hands-down the most exciting, innovative
and potentially lucrative offer I've seen all year...


* You will get a share of all the profits from
this millionaire's next lucrative product launch

* You get to watch over his shoulder as he
designs, creates then launches a product to the world
and YOU get to share in all the profits

* You get weekly Live Cash Casts with this millionaire
that reveals to you everything he does to create a
hot-selling product from scratch so you
can copy the secret methods for yourself

DANG! this is goooood...

You know those ideas that you hear about
and think:

"I wish I'd thought of that!"

Well, I just discovered this...

Cool eh? It's not some other training program
or boring software. With this groundbreaking
program you actually get to watch LIVE, as this
millionaire marketer does a huge product launch

Go see the short video for yourself and
you'll see why it's SELLING OUT FAST!

To your success,

IM Experts

P.S. This is so good I wish I'd thought of
the idea myself:

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