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Sold-out 8 years in a row...

Eight years ago, Yanik Silver brought together a group of
real-word online success stories to share exactly how they
are raking it in.

Appropriately enough, he called his little experiment the
"Underground Online Marketing Seminar". And because of
the unique concept it totally SOLD-OUT 5 weeks early (while
most other events are still trying to sell tickets up until
the very day of the seminar).

In fact, it was so successful that the crowd demanded
another one...and another one! In fact, every single
Underground has sold-out even faster because of the buzz
and reputation of this event being THE place for networking
and learning.

[Optional: Let me tell you this event was incredible. I was
there (or I listened to the tapes, etc) I thought I knew a
lot when it came to online marketing and I've attended a lot
of seminars but these speakers really blew me away!]

Well I don't know how he did it (again) but he managed to
uncover an *ALL-NEW* group of "under-the-radar" six-figure,
seven-figure...and even 8-figure earners for the
Underground Online Seminar 9:


It's all going on February 28th - March 2nd, 2013 in an
undisclosed location in Washington, DC. Next year might
seem too far away to even think about but there's an
important reason not to delay.

Actually, there are *3* reasons to pay attention now:

Reason #1: You get the lowest discounts, bonuses and
surprises (including VIP seating at the secret networking

Reason #2: Like I mentioned, last year this unique event
sold-out weeks early. And from the buzz, build-up and new
success stories - I have reason to believe this year may
sell out even quicker.

Reason #3: It's damn fun! Every year Yanik does a new spy
theme and it's a true experience. Not some stodgy seminar
where you sit in a windowless room every day listening to
boring Powerpoints. This year's theme in Inspector Gadget.

It would be a huge mistake not to be here:


Have you ever wondered if there might be a group of
'under-the-radar' Internet successes quietly raking it in?

The answer is a resounding...YES!

But the rub is, these ordinary people don't go around
looking for publicity! They don't advertise their
accomplishments because they don't need to nor want to. You
see, they are quite content to remain in the shadows and
make their money "in the dark" (while keeping their mouths
shut and their secrets very close to the vest).

These people do NOT speak at all the usual seminars because
they do NOT make their living selling info to attendees.

I bet you've probably never heard of these true insiders -
and they would have been happy to keep it that way
too...UNTIL Yanik Silver figured out a surprising way to
hold them hostage for 3 full days and let you "SPY" on their

Find out how he did it here:



IM Experts

P.S. Listen, this is definitely NOT the same "Usual
Suspects" you see speaking everywhere else. In fact, you've
probably never heard of this unusual bunch of "doers" who
are coming to break their silence.

Collectively and conservatively these "Go Go" men and
women bring in millions online per year. If you could pick
up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge - what
would that be worth to you?

Don't you think you might be able to learn a thing or two
from these real-world 'doers'?


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