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I have found an absolute awesome new piece of software that can rank your sites on page 1 of Yahoo & Bing in as little as 2 short weeks

At last, a piece of ranking software that is Google, Bing & Yahoo safe, with BETA testers showing amazing results in a VERY short time and best of all the rankings are sticking!!
This software has a social focus, so it leverages the PR and traffic that comes along with social media.  But one of the best things about it is it is set and forget traffic! This software is set to be hands free back linking weapon!
No VAs to hire, no articles to write, nothing else is needed to absolutely KILL in the search engines, just plug, play and rank……

I have seen other comparable pieces of software that charge a monthly fee, that why the guys who developed this are only opening it up for 7 days.  They are being really tight lipped about what they will do after that, but making it a monthly subscription was one of the ideas….
So if you have websites that need a boost to the top of the search engines jump all over this while you can, as its only available for 7 days… yikes!

Do you need free traffic to your website?  Well check this out

At last something that is 100% Automated and will get your floods of free targeted traffic
As you already know traffic is the lifeblood of your online business, regardless of the niche you are in or the offer you have you need traffic.
This software delivers you instant rankings and social viral traffic on a silver platter.
It Google safe, the rankings stick and it’s so easy to use even a complete newbie can use it

You will never need another back linking tool again because this is so jam packed full of features, this is not your regular WSO….
* Automatic backlink creation from hundreds of social media sites
* Automatic email creator
* Automatic solve captcha through de-captcher and death by captcha
And so much more…. but do you see the theme here… AUTOMATED
This frees up your valuable time, and gets your traffic to get you earning from your money sites!
Adsense, CPA, Offline, niche blogs, Clickbank… however you choose to monetize you can’t loose!
It literally is a case of build it… use this software… and they will come – BOOM!

Do you struggle to get traffic to your websites??
Well you are going to love what I have found here….
See some great friends of mine have been cooking up a storm out back in the secret weblab and let me tell you Dan, Rodrego And Maulana, they have blown this one out of the park!!
Want to get straight to the goodness??

Ok Ok, let me tell you more about the awesomeness that you are about to experience firsthand.
This is the diamond in the SEO viral crown
But…….. Just how do you get the fire started???? Surly you don't have to re code Facebook and be the next Mark Zuccerberg  to get 22000 hits in under 24 hours…
Well that’s one way to get there but as most of us have not got a Harvard degree then let’s look at alternative ways to get a bucket load of Viral Traffic

See my friends let call them the Traffic Trio have really researched exactly what the search engines what to see when they crawl our sites and within this tool kit they have included everything ever needed to really impress the bosses back at Google, Yahoo & Bing as a long term ranking solution.
Not today my friend!!
You might be wondering “What’s the catch?”  Why are they sharing this best kept secret??
Here it is!! You have 7 days to jump on board and get your hands on this incredible software
I know that’s a bit harsh but the Traffic Trio have bigger plans for this rocking software and if you act fast you can be a part of the pioneering stages at a cost that is ridiculously low.
So stop thinking about this no brainer offer and get in on it before the doors close or the price goes up.

To your success on the social powerhouse

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