Point and Click Mobile App Creator opens on NYD

I am going to keep this short.  You may have heard already of
SkyBuilder and Greg Jacobs.

Well back in July he released SkyBuilder which at the time
was the coolest, hippest and most useful Mobile App builder
ever to be released on the market.    Needless to say
that launch sold out and with the current batch of customers
they have went on (in the last 6 months) to garner over
5 Million downloads of SkyBuilder created apps on the
Android and Apple App Store with many users generating
$300 a day in residual income just off of apps already installed.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing,  but it gets even better.
Listen in the last 6 months SkyBuilder has NOT been avavible
to the general public and Greg and his team have been working
hard in their secret SkyBuilder labs and have brought some incredible
upgrades to the software (so if you heard about it before, then it will
be time to take another look)

but before I tell you about the upgrades for SkyBuilder customers
you need to know the deal.

Tommorrow, New years Day, Janurary 1st,  Greg is going to open
SkyBuilder complete with all the upgrades for a limited amount of

This mean if you read below and like what you see, then you will
need to be ready to purchase as soon as I send you the "Go"  email

Got it?

ok,  I am going to leave you now now with the BIG list of new SkyBuilder
features.  now before you even read these,  keep in mind that this
does not evne include the already AWESOME SkyBuilder core set of
features, as these are just things added in the last 6 months since the last
launch.     Ready?

SkyBuilder updated feature list 1-11

1 - Massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) optimization of our
IOS apps output.  On initial launch some users complained
that the IOS apps would load too slowly and hence they
were having issues with approval.    We have solved this
by changing up the framework for which IOS apps are deployed
and hence our clients are getting their apps approved more
regularly and consistently.

2 -  QR Coupons - This is a very innovative new feature that
you can provide to small businesses that allows them to create
ongoing loyalty programs for their customers.   The SkyBuilder
app houses a QR Code scanner that the customer would scan
every time their enter the restaurant etc.. that would then keep track
and offer them some reward or coupon over time with more visits
This is a proven customer loyalty and retention tool that SkyBuilders
can offer to their clients for added value

3 - SkyApps - This is our instant HTML 5 mobile website creator.
Sometimes a full blown app will be more than the needs of your
client and they just need a mobile website put up.    SkyApps
has the same point and click simplicity as SkyBuilder Apps, except
that it is creating a Mobile HTML5 website for your client instead
Very useful and adds value stacked proposition.

4 - New Monetization methods.  In addition to the already included
Abmob network,  we have added one tip integration of TapGage,
an interestial network that users are reporting significant earnings
with and the Everbadge uprise which is pay per install network.
Just by adding these two new methods,  our NICHE App clients
have been able to more than double their average earnings
per install in recent times.

5 - Breakout Dashboards -  A long time coming, it is finally here
and allows you to offer your business clients a separate whitelabel
interface to manage their own push notifications and QR Coupons.
You can charge your clients extra $ each month for this service and
they will love having complete control over their own notices.

6 - Push Notifications 2.0.     The Original SkyBuilder Push Notices
were a text box and a send button.   Oh have we improved.
In Push 2.0  you have the options of Rich Text Formatting, App
and Push Statistics, Push History,   choice to send the push through
the App or notification bar, Internationalization (can send in 35 languages)
and the ability to segment pushes between Android and IOS. WOW

 7  - We have a date announced for SkyBuilders LIVE! in mid-march
and will be offering tickets as a bonus for the first 100 new purchases

 8 - Tiered Pages – SkyBuilder now has the ability to create multi-layered
apps with rich content for apps such as (restaurants menus, sport rosters,
 etc) & Niche apps (recipes, health directories) that users will keep on
their phone forever. This feature alone has increase our end user’s
retention rate by 20%!

9 - Internationalization – Apps are now supported for every international
version of the iPhone App Store, meaning that users can dominate new,
 relatively untouched markets with virtually no competition

10 - Automated Apple account setup - Setting up an Apple account
 is a painful process that proved to difficult for some users and provided
an obstacle which caused them to refund.  We've created an automated
system to get Apple account system setup right away & stick around!

11  - So Much more even to mention.  Things like design updates,
new templates,  colors and new fun addons like a Tip and Mortgage
calculator completely add incremental value every step of the way

Ok,  if you like all that and want to get on the waiting list to buy
first thing on New Years Day,  just goto this link and put in
your email address to skip to the front of the line

I will write you again tomorrow so you can buy before everybody

Talk then,

IM Experts



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