Mind Movies 2013

Do you want more?

I'm talking about more in all areas of
your life - more wealth, more happiness,
more peace, fulfillment, love, passion
and purpose.

If your answer is a resounding yes
[click here for a short but powerful
video that will reveal the easy path to
getting more].

It features an awesome Aussie lady
named Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of
Mind Movies, the personal growth
phenomenon that's already touched over
1million lives around the world.

If you haven't met Natalie yet, trust me,
you'll love her.

After just a few seconds into [this video,] you
too will see that she's sincere, genuine and
100% REAL.

Listening to her is like chatting to an old friend.

In [her presentation] she'll share a weird trick
that she used to rewire her thought patterns.
Plus she'll also teach you how to "put your
success on auto-pilot..."

...So that you'll achieve almost any goal you
set for yourself quicker and faster than you
ever thought possible!

And if you're keen on the topics discussed
in the video you'll have the opportunity to
sign up for a live free training session
that goes deeper into everything mentioned
in [this video].

Have you ever struggled with judgmental, critical or
self-defeating thoughts? If so access this…

[Video Presentation <----- gotta="" p="" see="" this="" you="">http://www.mindmovies.com/mm_matrix/fascinating_secrets.php?18308

Oftentimes we leave these negative thought patterns
unchecked, but what we don't realize is this:

When we do that, we're deeply embedding thoughts
that cause us to unconsciously repel the things we
truly deserve and desire - money, happiness,
fulfillment, love and freedom.

This is the main reason I urge you to watch this important
video today… because it explains the simplest way to use the
power of your mind to FUEL success in every area of your life…

[===> Stop, click & watch this free video]

By 5 Minutes In…

You'll discover what's acting like an invisible barrier
and keeping you from getting the results you want
(you'll probably be shocked when you learn what
this is!)

By 7 Minutes In…

You'll learn how you developed these "invisible
barriers" and more importantly, how you can easily
remove them, so you can effortlessly move closer
towards your goals.

By 10 Minutes In….

You'll understand how to reach ultimate success in
every area of your life and no, it's not about how
hard you work, who you know, or how much money
you have.

Reaching colossal success is actually A LOT simpler
than you think…. yet very difficult to master if you
don't know [THIS. ]

Be in the know and master success,

IM Experts

P.S. I'll be honest, I wish I [this video] would have gone deeper
into making a success "plan of action." But, I suppose that's
what the free online workshop is for…. you'll see what I mean when you
[go here.]

Jennifer's Healing With The Masters

Hang out with Wayne Dyer FREE?Hang out with Oprah's Guests FREE?It's time for YOUR Personal

Are you any of these?

- You just don't feel well enough to engage fully with your life?
- You're cranky because it all just seems too hard?
- You regularly live with pain in your body or have been given a scary "diagnosis?"
- You are gripped with constant stress about money and getting bills paid?
- Have to face dysfunctional relationships at home and/or at work daily?


When we are faced with a constant barrage of physical, energetic or emotional pain, we are generally in survival mode. We aren't really living, let alone thriving. We are just getting by.
I know that's not the life you want for yourself and I think I have a powerful solution for you.
My friend, Jennifer McLean, has compiled the most massive workshop on the planet delivering access to the world's greatest master teachers (many of whom have been on Oprah) -- AND it is completely free.

Jennifer's Healing With The Masters has provided the most relevant, cutting edge, new methods of permanent, profound and vibrant health and happiness for over 500,000 people in 230 countries for 10 straight seasons.

Imagine 10-plus stadiums filled with people moving into a pain-free life just because they participated in Jennifer's workshop. This could be you.

So, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then join Jennifer and learn the techniques that will "unlock" your body's own internal healing systems AND natural wealth.

Participate with this remarkable community of like-minded individuals ready to change their lives and the planet, itself. Help yourself to a life that is on purpose and flowing with more grace and ease.

What have you got to lose but pain and suffering?


And share with us the amazing insights and experiences you will have. We love hearing from you about our recommendations.


Are you at one of those moments in life where you just don't know where else to turn?
Maybe you have experienced loss, financial upset, a breakup, or a dear one has passed over.
If so, we are so sorry for your loss - truly. And we think we have found a remarkable way to support you.

>> Move Into Your Grace, Health & Wholeness HERE <<

There is something I want you to experience and I promise it will guide you to some of the deepest, most relevant answers available on the planet... Answers to managing these unique times and some of the powerful life challenges you may be experiencing.

For some, this has been a true miracle.

Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters is entering its 11th season of transformation. This celebrated, powerful and free workshop series delivers the profound answers so many are seeking for their hard questions.

The largest and most renowned program of its kind, Healing With The Masters has reached over 500,000 in 230 countries - empowering participants to discover and live their purpose, heal chronic health issues, and discover new ways of relating.


Healing With The Masters has also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and built 5 schools in the poorest regions of Africa, created potable water in devastated places on the planet, supported medical clinics and doctors in needed regions, and has assisted communities all over the globe in creating sustainable businesses.

You can now become a part of this amazing community -- this movement, really -- AND dramatically improve your life in the process.

Jennifer and her renowned guests (many of whom have been on Oprah and whose books you might just have on your shelf), will guide you to... well, YOU.

Here you will discover:
- How to apply the necessary tools and techniques for creating an amazing life of flow and miracles.
- The abundance codes that have guided hundreds of thousands, worldwide, to new levels of true wealth (both financial and an enriched life).
- The secrets to vibrant, balanced, aligned health. (Guidance and applications that you simply can't find anywhere else.)
All this... in one place... one workshop series... AND IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE


All you have to do is register for free, and it is waiting for you... ready to nudge you away from struggle and guide you into fully living a life of grace and ease.

This powerful community and its high-profile speakers will hold you in your bright light and allow you to see, experience and wield the power that is you.

What have you got to lose except lack and limitation?

IM Experts

P.S. - If someone said they would give you a FREE ticket to the largest workshop in the world designed to move you into a life of freedom, peace and health, would you take it? You have that opportunity right now.

>>> Claim your FREE ticket <<<

P.S.S. - Don't take my word for it. The results speak for themselves through what these previous participants have shared:

"Thank you for continuing to amaze us with the most incredible guests! The variety of interviews you bring us keeps up listening. I am on my 3rd season and I've got my daughter and my friends listening too!" ~ Carole

"I experience panic responses to a vexing health challenge, and through your series I was able to calm down and asked into it as suggested. I instantly released the fear of it, and I found I was able to converse directly with the 'energy,' and it left! My friends are going through various shades of the same challenges, and discovering that we are way mightier than we know. I would not have had the mindfulness to have looked at it like this without your seminars. Thank you." ~ Eunice

"Jennifer, thank you so much for all these workshops. I have listened to many of them and feel myself growing, becoming more confident, and trusting in my own abilities." ~ Mary G.

"This program has assisted me greatly with quitting smoking. Thank You!" ~ Lori


forex Income Map

  "Why You Will Probably Lose Everything If You Try
  And Trade Forex"

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  Of course, you might not lose everything. You might
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  You know why most traders lose?

  They don't apply plain old common sense. They let
  the next bright shiny new object get the better of
  them and jump in and out of the next-best thing.

  In some ways they should be applauded because they
  are at least trying. They intuitively know they
  deserve better, but don't know what to do about it.
  It puts them in a catch 22 situation where they have
  to grasp at straws.

  But not any more...

  Remember what I said about common sense. This is what
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  Here are three common traits of great traders:

  #1 They make decisions based on facts. The get as
  much information about the trade as the possibly can
  and then make a trade based on a rule-based system,
  that has proven to have done well in the past.

  #2 They exercise self-control. Once they start
  trading with a successful system, they make a mental
  decision never to vary from those rules regardless
  of what happens. They understand that the more
  mechanical they make their decision the better.

  #3 They are not gamblers. They know and understand
  how to control their account with well thought out
  money management.

  Do yourself a favor and watch someone trade who has
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  $2099 of gifts

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  All the best
  IM Experts

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Quake Mix

54 year old grandpa just paid off his bills with this! 
Easily the most common/important question all of us have to
deal with is ‘how can I get some income FAST for…’
- Unexpected situation (car broke down or medical bills)
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Well, here’s how:
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Forex Daily Trading System

Forex Daily Trading System

His Blueprint Made Them Millions...

His skills have made millions of dollars...
Some of the Biggest "Forex Gurus" around paid
him a king's ransom to tweak, rebuild and perfect
their services:


He's the man Forex insiders call "The Mathemagician"...
Now, the FX mogul who crushed all competition
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The new Forex Daily Trading System
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...it Combines well OVER 38 Strategies.
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Covert Social Press

Common Sense SEO?

You might be wondering what the heck "Common
Sense SEO" is all about...

Since, for most of us, SEO seems like voodoo
performed by hedge doctors and black hatters
spamming their links all over the place.

But... You might remember the uproar over
Google's Panda and Penguin updates last year.

Those two updates changed the face of internet
marking and SEO almost over night.

There is a new reality now - and most of the
old tricks and short cuts do not work any more.
In fact most of the SEO and software people
are trying to sell you daily will outright
hurt your rankings!

What you need to do instead is to apply some
common sense and this free report will show
you how:


SEO is actually a lot easier and more simple
now... but if you don't know these new "Common
Sense" strategies you are going to be left
behind in the dust!

When you sign up on the page below - you'll
not only get the "Urgent Google Fix" (which
is a must have...

You'll also get a brand new 40 page report,
detailing these new cutting edge Common Sense
SEO strategies...

...and quite frankly this free report is a lot
better than what most people are trying to
sell you!

Reading the report helped me a lot and I
highly recommend that you grab your free
copy too - I know you will enjoy it.


Last year Google out their infamous
Panda and Penguin updates.

Loads of marketers dropped out of
Google and lost all the traffic and
income over night.

Others adapted and came out ahead

I don't know what the next update
will be called, Pterodactyl is as
good a guess as any... But I do know
that there will be a new update, and
those failing to adap will be hurt
badly again.

Now there are tons of products
promising to be Panda/Penguin proof
(seems like a new one is launched
every day). Some even claim to secure
you against future updates.

That is of course utter BS - because
they have no way of knowing. And the
fact is that most of the short cuts
and magic plugins they are selling,
already go against what Google wants
you to do!

The only way to secure your blogs
against the "Pterodactyl" update
is to apply the 4 common sense
strategies in this free report:


One of them is even instantly taken care
of by the "Urgent Google Fix" mentioned
on the page.

Don't be afraid of the Pandas, Penguins
and Pterodactyls... But don't think you
can fool them either, they are clever

Instead download this free report today
and prepare yourself in time for the
next update and be among the 1% that
come out on top when it happens!

Covert Social Press

Exclusive: full video demo of Covert Social Press

There is a new killer WordPress theme called
Covert Social Press launching tomorrow.

It's developed by the IM Wealth Builders and
if you have seen their previous Covert PinPress
and Covert VideoPress themes... You know that
this one is going to be amazing too!

They have just released a full video demo
of the theme so you can see exactly what it

Watch the video walkthrough here:

My mind is already spinning with ideas for
how to use this powerful new theme - and I
can't wait to grab a copy for myself when it
goes live tomorrow.

I highly recommend that you sign up for the
early bird list too, so you can grab this at
the lowest possible price. If their previous
themes are to go by - Covert Social Press
will sell very fast and the price will go up

Join the early bird list & watch the video here:

To your success,

IM Experts

The Tube Traffic Secrets

The Tube Traffic Secrets sales

How To Get free traffic and leads from youtube

Jeff just opened up his newest training program and it's definitely
one of the best I've ever seen.

It's called "Tube Traffic Secrets" and it's all about getting free
traffic and free leads from YouTube.

Well worth checking out:

It's a private membership site and training program where Jeff
teaches you  how to tap into the Business-Building Power of YouTube.

He shows you how to get free traffic from YouTube, and then he shows
you how to turn that traffic into leads.

Here's the best part:

Jeff is an AMAZING teacher.

If you want to learn how to build your list, your brand and your
business with YouTube then Jeff is definitely the man for the job.

Highly Recommended:


I truly believe that YouTube is one of the Fastest and Easiest ways
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So if you are a Small Business Owner, Author, Speaker, Consultant or
just someone starting out with video marketing…

Then you really need to learn how to properly leverage the business-
building power of YouTube before your competitors do.

Check out Jeff's 7 simple steps to YouTube success:

Viral Content Magician

Viral Content Magician

800LB Gorilla of traffic is DEAD!

SCRE*W Google!

... Yeah you heard right!

Google used to be the 800lb Gorilla Of Traffic but not any

YouTube, Amazon & Facebook are the new King Pins of

In fact YouTube Receives over 800 million unique visitors a


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I'm about to share access with a software tool so powerful
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This beast is called 'Viral Content Magician'

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Did i mention the word AUTOMATIC! :-)

That how's deadly Viral Content Magician is - sleek
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Make Amazon, YouTube and Facebook work for you...

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How cool is that?

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Siphon Commissions to your...

- Clickbank acccount
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or whatever you damn well please!

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IM Experts

Learn Directly From 17 Internet Titans at Internet Prophets LIVE!

Brendon Burchard, Joel Comm, and 15 Other Renown Teachers LIVE In Chicago 

The online world is changing faster than you can imagine. What worked yesterday may not work today. By tomorrow, it will be old news.

If you want to join the 1% who are killing it online, you need to keep on top of the latest cutting-edge strategies. The best way to do this? Learn from the people who are creating what's new and what's next.

My friend, Steve Olsher, has assembled a powerhouse cadre of world-renowned teachers who will provide you with a concrete understanding of the Three T's you absolutely must master to profit online. It all happens at his game-changing Workshop, Internet Prophets LIVE!, taking place in Chicago, April 18-20.

I'll be in attendance and I'd love to meet you there. Reserve your seat HERE: http://tinyurl.com/internetprophetslive2013x

At this Workshop-style event, you'll be one of only 300 attendees and receive hands-on, personal attention as you discover hard-core tactics for creating a profitable online business by leveraging the three T's:

1. Technology
The tools, tactics, shortcuts, and software you absolutely need to be using. You'll learn first-hand from online titans including Brendon Burchard, Pat Flynn, and Jason Van Orden how to leverage technology to the hilt and put your business on auto-pilot.

2. Traffic
The lifeblood of your online business. Learn hundreds of no- and low-cost ways to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your site everyday from the co-Founders of Threadless.com, crowdSPRING.com, Joel Comm, and other leading-edge sites.

3. Team
There's no "I" in team - and thank goodness for that because you no longer have to do ALL of the work! Employees, independent contractors, and thousands of joint venture partners want to build your business for you. All you need to do is understand how to approach them, inspire them and provide what they're looking for. World-renown experts including Vishen Lakhiani (CEO of MindValley), Stephen Messer (co-Founder of LinkShare), and Sohail Khan, the million-dollar JV broker, will show you how.

Only 240 seats remain available, so you'll want to act now:

Click HERE to register.

I look forward to seeing you there!

IM Experts

PS - This Workshop is very different from any other you've attended. You'll learn during the day, implement at night, engage in structured networking with other leading-edge entrepreneurs, and meet your teachers during The Two-Minute Drill. This is going to be an incredibly powerful three days.

The 2013 Tapping World Summit

Last Chance…It Ends Tonight at Midnight…

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder...

The 2013 Tapping World Summit upgrade
opportunity - which is owning the actual audio
presentations, along with the workbook, transcripts
and bonuses in either digital or hard copy format -
ends tonight at midnight, Pacific time...

You've probably heard a lot about this event
over the past month or so, and with good reason...
Tapping works extremely well.


Here are a few reasons for why I recommend
getting this program:

1 - EFT or "Tapping" has been scientifically
proven to work in a number of areas.

For example, in one study 30 minutes of
Tapping was shown to reduce cortisol levels
(the stress hormone in the body) by 24% as
compared to 30 minutes of talk therapy
or 30 minutes of no therapy at all…

That's impressive!  And it's extremely
relevant for all of us in our fast paced
society who need to be able to de-stress.

2 - Tapping is highly supported by some of
the world's leading personal development
experts such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay,
Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks,
Arielle Ford, Joe Vitale and so many others.

As well as world leading health experts like
Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Joseph Mercola,
Kris Carr, Dr. Eric Robbins and
Dr. Christiane Northrup.

And even world leading therapists,
psychologists and psychiatrists like
Eric Leskowitz (Ph.D. - Harvard University),
Carol Look, David Feinstein Ph.D., and
Dr. Patricia Carrington

3 - Beyond the scientific research that has
been done and the world-leading experts
who support it, what's most impressive is
how many people have said that they have
gotten great results with Tapping.

There is case after case after case of
everyday people just like you sharing their
results with Tapping, not only from this
Tapping World Summit event but all
over the web.

They've shown results in pretty much any
area you can think of…like improving
finances, losing we*ght, eliminating
physical pain, or negative emotions, or
limiting beliefs, creating the relationship
of your dreams and so much more…

The list of what it works for really
does go on and on.

4 - The impact it's having on a global
scale is unreal.

Earlier this week The Tapping Solution
shared a video, which showed Tapping
being used with tremendous results for
those most deeply affected by the school
shooting in Newtown, CT, with children
survivors of the Genocide in Rwanda, and
with war veterans suffering with PTSD.

If Tapping is working on these extremely
tough situations just imagine the miracles
it can create in your life…

So if you want to get the same results
in your life that so many others are
getting with EFT…

I HIGHLY recommend you visit the page
below and check out the upgrade options.

You can check it all out here:


I hope you take advantage of it before it
ends tonight.  

With love,

Matthew Farrell

P.S. - The pricing is extremely reasonable.
In fact, this is the 5th year in a row they've
run this event and the price has never
gone up once (there aren't many things
you can say that about nowadays!)

And the reason it's never gone up is that
they care first and foremost about getting
this information out to those who truly want
to use it and get results.

Trust me on this one, this is one of those
programs that is a must-have for changing
your life...


Hedge Fund Trader X

Trades Hotter (and Bigger) Than Kate Upton

Once a year Sports Illustrated shows the hottest babes in the skimpiest
bikinis, and places them in the barest of climates for an intense
effect. This year is no different with Kate Upton exposing herself to
the cold and unfriendly elements of the frozen tundra....

kate upton.jpg

 Which got me to thinking....

What if your investments could stand insulated against an otherwise
frigid market....

What if you could see the naked truth of the market BEFORE it

And deliver returns to you triple in size than that of Kate Upton's
beautiful (Ahem!) eyes....

A former Wall Street insider going by the name of Hedge Fund Trader X
is doing just that! He's exposing an investment strategy that spins
off ENORMOUS profits....with a recent trade (Feb. 14, 2013) of 177% gain
in just two weeks!

You can see it at: 177% Profit in Two Weeks

He's not revealing his name (I'll tell you why in the next email)....but
he's connected to the richest people on the planet, and has the golden
rolodex to prove it!

He's going to show you how to hand pick investments that can make you
eight times richer during what may be the biggest selling off of
stocks in history!

Every savvy investor knows that fast wealth is created when the market
tanks....and Hedge Fund Trader X is going to reveal to you how to profit
immensely by knowing which stocks are next.

If you're invested into any of these stocks....you'll want to see this
rare opportunity protect your portfolio and capture triple digit

Here's the link again: Triple Digit Returns In Two Weeks


Gold Dropping Harder Than Obama's Approval

Hedge Fund Trader Warns That Investors Can Do One Of Three Things To
Avoid Another Significant Loss In Their Investments:

1. You can keep your head in the sand....and get fleeced -- AGAIN -- in

2. You can keep your money on the sidelines, and moan about the skimpy
1% that CD and money market returns give you...

3. Or you can take control and pile up profits of up to 500% while
everything else is tanking!

Are you prepared? Find out at: Gold Value Dropping Hard


Hedge Fund Trader X is an ex-Wall Street Insider who is warning
investors that NOW is the time for a 180 degree turn in your

He's revealing the naked TRUTH about a carefully hidden time bomb that
could cause an earth-shaking economic collapse....and how you can
diffuse this time bomb in your own investments!

This jaw-dropping exposé won't be up for very long.

Don't take another financial beating!

Here's an extremely slim chance of protecting your wealth in 2013 and


FX Flash Pro

Simple Method in Forex Never Stops Working

I’ve got something special to share with you. You will want to read every word of this letter, trust me.
Here’s the scoop.
I’m about to link you to an automated Forex robot that changes everything… Let me explain.
- The system has a high win rate with live money 3rd party verified proof.
- Based on proven fundamentals that have worked for over 100 years (trading the trend).
- Works on 7 Currency Pairs with 16 Versions for you to use.
Check it out now, it won’t be this affordable for long…


Real Money Account Shows You Trend Trading Really Works

If you are looking for a trading method for Forex that is simple, has worked in the past and without a doubt will work in the future, then you MUST trade the Trend.
With the right tools you can see where there is a strong trend going up or down.
When you trade with the trend your odds of succeeding in Forex significantly increase. Let me show you some real money proof…


These 7 Currency Pairs Can Make You A Lot Of Money

Take a look at these 7 currency pairs being traded using a proven
method to trade the trend with a 95% win rate.


Big Money Masters

Video Report shows Big Money in 2013 

I'm not normally one of those people that get's
excited easily...

...But over the last few weeks I've been given an
"exclusive sneak peak" of LTG GoldRock's 2013
Big Money Masters report...

...Now if you've never heard of these guys before,
these guys are "The Traders" you need to know...

The best part...they just released their 2013 Big
Money Masters Blueprint and they've told me I
can give it to you...
Get Video Link Here

It includes their 2013 Big Money Video Report...

Now this has me super excited as these are the
"real strategies" from "Big Players" and I know
you can use them for your success.

The only catch is that it's available at no cost
for just a few days.

So click the link below to get started:

Get Video Link Here

Talk Soon

IM Experts

P.S I've spent the last couple of weeks going through
the blueprint and doing what they suggested and
I promise you'll be blown away...

...Claim your blueprint here:
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10 Million Visitor Impressions

Ten Million Visitors is LIVE with BONUSES!  Go Now…

Earlier today, I sent you an email about The 10 Million Visitors special done for you traffic offer opening up today, it’s now live Click Here…
This is the exact traffic source that a BIG Three TV Network is buying up tons of ad space … we’ll be right there with them funneling the same traffic their going after.
NO this is not a traffic course..
YES this is DONE FOR YOU traffic generation.
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Great news!
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Here it is & it's better than I expected.

Sorry I took so long with this but trust me it was worth waiting for. Here's the information I've found out about this fund manager.

I've been to his website and I've just watched his first training video.......what can I say?

I've got about 4 light bulbs over my head (lol), had multiple "aha" moments, and am just amazed that someone is teaching all this stuff. It was an eye opener to say the least!

And get this; he's genuinely not pitching anything in the video. It was just pure up front education. A must see for anyone who wants to get ahead in trading.

On top of that, I got an invite to a live trader training presentation that he's running next week, and after what I just watched I honestly can't wait for that. I highly recommend you visit his site and take a look for yourself.


This guy has got some serious knowledge, he's a great trader, a great teacher, and he's refreshingly honest. I'm not easily impressed by the forex industry, but this trader has got my attention.

I won't waste any more of your time now. Get yourself over to his site and you'll understand why I'm raving about this. You will be impressed!

Here's that link again:


Some more "insider" trader knowledge

I wanted to pass on some more information about James Edward, the pro trader who's giving away all that incredible trader training. (Did you watch his video?)


I hate using the term "insider" because it's so clichéd and over used, but honestly......I can't think of a more suitable way to describe this guy. He's in a whole different league.

Here's what he's teaching in his live trader training presentation on Tuesday:

His own trading system, including entries, exits, and open trade management.
The real edge the top percentile of pro traders exploit in forex.
How to identify individual currency strengths and weaknesses (so you can trade the very best trending pairs)
The secret behind intra-day trends.
How to identify which direction price is statistically more likely to move at any given time.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

It's fair to say (actually it's an understatement) he's showing people exactly what they need to become profitable and successful traders.

This really is something you'll want to take advantage of. The trader training presentation on Tuesday is going to be off the scale and very exciting so make sure you register and attend.


The funny thing is that James is pretty under the radar in this industry and I hadn't heard of him before, but all of a sudden it seems like everyone who's anyone is raving about him and his training. Looks like word is getting out and a lot of people are very impressed.

Anyway, I've got to shoot off now but make sure you register for Tuesday. It's going to be worthwhile.

Happy Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day

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Do You Believe in Second Chances?

If the past year wasn't your greatest, if you have already broken
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It's similar to the pattern of Bill Murray's character, Phil Connors,
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But, instead of repeating the same day over and again, both
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Is it any surprise that they repeat the same results?

February 2nd is an important date not just because it's
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