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Common Sense SEO?

You might be wondering what the heck "Common
Sense SEO" is all about...

Since, for most of us, SEO seems like voodoo
performed by hedge doctors and black hatters
spamming their links all over the place.

But... You might remember the uproar over
Google's Panda and Penguin updates last year.

Those two updates changed the face of internet
marking and SEO almost over night.

There is a new reality now - and most of the
old tricks and short cuts do not work any more.
In fact most of the SEO and software people
are trying to sell you daily will outright
hurt your rankings!

What you need to do instead is to apply some
common sense and this free report will show
you how:

SEO is actually a lot easier and more simple
now... but if you don't know these new "Common
Sense" strategies you are going to be left
behind in the dust!

When you sign up on the page below - you'll
not only get the "Urgent Google Fix" (which
is a must have...

You'll also get a brand new 40 page report,
detailing these new cutting edge Common Sense
SEO strategies...

...and quite frankly this free report is a lot
better than what most people are trying to
sell you!

Reading the report helped me a lot and I
highly recommend that you grab your free
copy too - I know you will enjoy it.

Last year Google out their infamous
Panda and Penguin updates.

Loads of marketers dropped out of
Google and lost all the traffic and
income over night.

Others adapted and came out ahead

I don't know what the next update
will be called, Pterodactyl is as
good a guess as any... But I do know
that there will be a new update, and
those failing to adap will be hurt
badly again.

Now there are tons of products
promising to be Panda/Penguin proof
(seems like a new one is launched
every day). Some even claim to secure
you against future updates.

That is of course utter BS - because
they have no way of knowing. And the
fact is that most of the short cuts
and magic plugins they are selling,
already go against what Google wants
you to do!

The only way to secure your blogs
against the "Pterodactyl" update
is to apply the 4 common sense
strategies in this free report:

One of them is even instantly taken care
of by the "Urgent Google Fix" mentioned
on the page.

Don't be afraid of the Pandas, Penguins
and Pterodactyls... But don't think you
can fool them either, they are clever

Instead download this free report today
and prepare yourself in time for the
next update and be among the 1% that
come out on top when it happens!

Covert Social Press

Exclusive: full video demo of Covert Social Press

There is a new killer WordPress theme called
Covert Social Press launching tomorrow.

It's developed by the IM Wealth Builders and
if you have seen their previous Covert PinPress
and Covert VideoPress themes... You know that
this one is going to be amazing too!

They have just released a full video demo
of the theme so you can see exactly what it

Watch the video walkthrough here:

My mind is already spinning with ideas for
how to use this powerful new theme - and I
can't wait to grab a copy for myself when it
goes live tomorrow.

I highly recommend that you sign up for the
early bird list too, so you can grab this at
the lowest possible price. If their previous
themes are to go by - Covert Social Press
will sell very fast and the price will go up

Join the early bird list & watch the video here:

To your success,

IM Experts

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