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  "Why You Will Probably Lose Everything If You Try
  And Trade Forex"

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  Of course, you might not lose everything. You might
  be one of the few who does make their living trading
  Forex, but ask yourself this - how many people do
  you know who actually can prove to you that they
  make their living in Forex? Well, here's one guy
  who's not afraid to show you:

  You know why most traders lose?

  They don't apply plain old common sense. They let
  the next bright shiny new object get the better of
  them and jump in and out of the next-best thing.

  In some ways they should be applauded because they
  are at least trying. They intuitively know they
  deserve better, but don't know what to do about it.
  It puts them in a catch 22 situation where they have
  to grasp at straws.

  But not any more...

  Remember what I said about common sense. This is what
  I want you to do right now. Just go to this webpage
  and watch the live trades and watch and read some of
  the material there, then apply some common sense:

  Here are three common traits of great traders:

  #1 They make decisions based on facts. The get as
  much information about the trade as the possibly can
  and then make a trade based on a rule-based system,
  that has proven to have done well in the past.

  #2 They exercise self-control. Once they start
  trading with a successful system, they make a mental
  decision never to vary from those rules regardless
  of what happens. They understand that the more
  mechanical they make their decision the better.

  #3 They are not gamblers. They know and understand
  how to control their account with well thought out
  money management.

  Do yourself a favor and watch someone trade who has
  mastered these three rules here:

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  All the best
  IM Experts

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