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Discover 3 Keys that Unlock Your Heart's Intelligence 

This week the top leaders of the pioneering HeartMath organization are giving a FREE teleclass on "The Keys to Unlock Your Heart's Intelligence," and I'm writing to let you know about it!

HeartMath is the world's most influential scientific organization focused on activating the powers of the heart for greater joy and less stressful living.

And this Thursday, March 21st, HeartMath leaders will share the keys to bringing your heart into coherence with your brain to experience a new baseline of vibrant health, deeper relationships, more satisfying work, ease throughout your day and many more benefits.

Get details and sign up for free here:

On the call, you'll learn:

A quick practice to ease any stress, confusion or emotional turbulence--and bring you back into your heart
How you can cultivate your own powerful inner energy reserve to make your life easierand enjoy the experience of being in the flow on a daily basis
The key principles to access your heart's deep wisdom to guide you in every area of your life
Fascinating research on how connected you really are to the hearts of others (your emotions even affect the earth itself!)
Should be amazing. I hope you can join me:

Cosmic healing laughter for you

If you're like me, you can sometimes take yourself and the struggles of the world too seriously. Could you use a little humor to blow off steam and open your heart?

Or how about a giant belly laugh that helps you see our global crises from a whole new vantage point?

Well you're in luck!

This April Fool's Day, we've got an opportunity for some enlightened tomfoolery because Swami Beyondananda, the renowned Cosmic Comic, will be delivering his long-awaited antidote to the planetary doldrums:

Cosmic Relief 2013: A State of the Universe Address

Sign up for free here:

If the state of our world has you down, the Swami is able to use his powers of levitation to help you rise above it. His goal is to help you dissolve the illusion and see that it's actually the Shift that is now hitting the fan (yes, with an "f")

Swami is beloved as one of the world's favorite metaphysical mischief-makers; he delivers "comedy disguised as wisdom, and wisdom disguised as comedy"!

Since laughter is the gateway to both healing the heart and freeing the mind, you're sure to leave this event more liberated.

So, do join him for a rockin' good time, and invite a friend or two to join you!

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