WP Social Tracker

Measure Social Sharing Impact on Your Businesses Bottom-Line!

Local businesses realize that Social Media NEEDS
to be a part of their online marketing strategy.

But measuring it’s impact and effectiveness has
been a struggle…until NOW!


If you are a business owner or run an agency that
manages clients SEO/Social Media campaigns, you need
to check out WPSignalTracker…that JUST went LIVE!

WPSocialTracker is a social signal monitoring dashboard
that will allow you to easily monitor social signal/sharing
across your client and/or client competitors websites.

Grab Sharing Insights + Analytics Down to the Post-Level
from popular social sharing sites like…

- Facebook
- Twitter
- StumbleUpon
- Pinterest
- Google+
- Delicious
- LinkedIn

Finally you can help to correlate social sharing with

Watch the Demo:

For 7 days they are offering WPSocialTracker at a
special discounted price!

Also the price increases every 10 sales, so go and
grab your copy NOW for the lowest price possible.


To Your Success,

IM Experts

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