Localizer Lead Tool

Unlimited Local Business Leads at Push of a Button

How much would you pay for a
complete and current list of local
businesses in your area like:

- Used Auto Dealers in Phoenix AZ

- Plumbers in Boise Idaho

- Chiropractors in Sydney Australia

- Dentists in Manchester UK

- Child Care Centers in Charlotte NC

I'm talking dozens to hundreds of Laser
Targeted Leads Delivered at the Push of a Button

In This Video We'll Reveal A Piece of Revolutionary
New Lead Generation Software That Does Exactly That.

Watch It In Action!


You'll Pull In Geo Targeted, Niche Specific Leads
complete with Company Name, Addresses, Phone
Number, and even Email Addresses with ease.

You'll also know instantly which companies are
in desperate need of your Apps, where they
Rank in Google Places, and Who's Places Sites
Have Gone Unclaimed....

Handing You The Perfect Opportunity to Swoop In
and pick up a batch of new clients overnight.

Tap into this Unlimited Supply of Leads for your
Local Consulting Business Right Now!

There Thousands of Leads Ripe For The Picking
And Sitting Around Waiting For You....

So What Are You Waiting For?

Go Now!

IM Experts

P.S. Be Sure to Watch The Entire Video,
you'll get to see the software in live action
pull in dozens of local leads in just a few seconds...

All Highly Qualified and Handed to you on a Silver Platter.

What More Could You Ask For?

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