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FB Loophole Puts List Building on STEROIDS!

Let’s face it, list building is hard work!

We all know that building a list is essential
for being successful online, but building a
list of targeted subscribers takes time and/or



What if I told you there was a loophole that..

- Leveraged the #1 visited site on the web
- Has over 1 billion active users
- Is 100% organic (No Paid)
- All based around connections, referrals, and word
of mouth marketing
- Can build your email list, social presence
and traffic ALL at the same time

Would you believe me? Well it’s true!

It’s called EngageRocket a brand-new WP plugin
that utilizes something that most of you have
never heard of BUT all have seen…

The “Facebook Open Graph”.

Watch EngageRocket in Action!


Ever see status updates in your timeline or news
feed like this…

“John Jones is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify”

“Terry Smith just ran 3.5 miles in Downtown Atlanta
using MapMyRun”

“Karen Peters Liked a photo on Instagram”

“Christopher Peck finished reading The Name of the
Wind on Goodreads”


Until now, only large companies and apps have the
budgets and know-how to utilize this type of

Now all marketers can utilize this VIRAL form
of Traffic Generation and List Building to CONNECT
with a targeted audience…generated by word of mouth

Grab Your Copy Now…


To Your Success,

IM Experts

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