List Frenzy

Stop Doing The Wrong Stuff – Shift Your Focus !

So here we go…I promise you that this shift in focus will open new
HUGE doors for you.

Again…I just want to help in any way I can. I just can’t stand the fact
that so many starting internet marketers are being ripped off and are
more or less “forced” into buying the next “Magic Wealth Software”
because everyone says it’s the bomb.

I believe in ethical, powerful tested and proven strategies that have
worked for decades and will always work…
I already told you that interaction with your target prospects is one of
the aspects that will guarantee your success. I can almost hear you
asking…”Then how the hell do I do that ?”

We’ll get to that, but I’d like you to realize something first…
How often do you see statements like “You MUST do SEO !” ? Or maybe
“Article Marketing is THE way to go !”… or “Blog your arse off to build
a successful online business !” ?

Exactly…NEVER ! In fact those will only disappoint you even more. Too
much effort and zero results…nada money in the bank. I made that mistake
and realized I was going the wrong way after too long…believe me.
Next question…

What are all the successful marketers shouting at you all the time ?
Yup… “The Money Is In The LIST !” and
“You HAVE to build a LIST !”.

What’s the best way to interact with other people ? To get the important
message over to your friends, family or…prospects and customers ?
It’s the best invention ever in the internet era. The most trusted channel
of communication that has dominated internet marketing for ever.

That’s what you should be focusing on…Email Marketing ! They’re not
telling you for nothing…It’s the truth. Start building a list !
Marketers pay boat loads of money for email leads, solo advertisements
and email marketing services…because it’s the best way to interact directly
with their prospects. Targeted communication to those who agreed to
receive their messages.

Yes, you’ve heard it all before…just like everybody else. But…what the
vast majority doesn’t realize is that it’s not just the money that’s in the

It’s the PURE basis for your online business… PERIOD !
Whatever your online business is going to grow into…it’s all based on
your list of subscribers and customers. Your list is the foundation of
your online success.

“But I’ve tried so many PDF and online courses and still I haven’t been
able to build a list !”

I understand…and I’m not surprised. Most products on list building are
teaching you the basic stuff and leave out the details that make the
difference. Or they leave you with too much work you MUST do before
you can actually start building a list. Or they’ll give you exactly those
sources for adding subscribers to your list that will kill your list before
you can start making money with it. (sigh…)

Been there…done that…was part of that 99%…
Fact is…you don’t need a huge list to make good money online. Who
ever tells you that is either a liar or has no clue what he’s doing…
Those two guys I told you about, Andre and Anton, they’ll be releasing
a training product with a complete package, which enables you start
immediately…no hard work to set things up…everything is provided
and set up with a few clicks. They’re offering some HUGE bonuses to
go with it all, like a 90 minute interview with THE list building dude of
today, John Cornetta (to name just one…).

They call it “List Frenzy”…and from what I’ve seen and learned from it
the name tells you exactly what it does. There are many ways how NOT
to do it, but these guys will give you the few RIGHT ways to do it, that
for some reason many just don’t want to share…
“List Frenzy” will be released on the 13th of July at 9:00 AM EST, so
make sure you’re there on the 13th and be one of the first. This is a true

You can find out more through the following link:

I have to finish setting up my own email campaign I started on this
morning, so I’ll leave you to it for today.
Thanks for sticking around to the end of this long email…(sorry about

IM Experts

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