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ex-programmer reveals bank's strategy...

I couldn't help but leak the news of this professional trader hired
as a programmer for a Swiss bank. Shortly after being hired, he
deciphered code that would excite any Forex trader.

Here is how he described his rare opportunity:

"I couldn't believe the level of access I was given to create their
systems and strategies. Banks do in fact run the show! Simply
put...I wanted to catch the same wave."

While what he learned was not illegal, there are reasons banks
trade when they do. Imagine an indicator that reveals these specific
trading zones with a win rate of 72-90%. A trading tool that removes
the guess work by leaving a clear cut path to consistent profits on
any pair or time-frame!

What seemed impossible has been accomplished, and for a short
time you can get your hands on it.

Take two minutes and click the link below to gain access...


Matthew Farrell

P.S. To stay under the Bank's radar, I am told that the software is
being given to a small group of traders and won't be available for long.

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