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In case you have missed the hype of the week
I felt it was URGENT that I brought this to your attention.

VIRAL Pay Bot went live and sent EVERY Internet Marketer
into a frenzy..

Check out what all the hype is about

We are talking about bringing “On Site MONETIZATION”
to the next level..

I am talking about shading out your content and getting
your desperate viewers to pay a MICRO PAYMENT
to unlock your content… OR share..

Watch the DEOMO In action NOW.

•    As we have mentioned above you can unlock content
via micro payments or large payments if that’s your thing.
•    Plugin can shade out paragraphs, or entire pages of content within a site.
•    Each block of “shaded out” content has a window box explaining
what the viewer will learn after they unlock the content.
•    To unlock the content there will be SOCIAL buttons
such as “Like, Tweet, G+” the admin can set which buttons to show.
•    Once the content is unlocked via PAYMENT, or LIKE it
can be unlocked for a month, a week or forever whatever the admin sets.
•    Once content is “Unlocked by Payment” you can be
directed back to the unlock page or diverted to another page.
•    Instead of a window showing what the user will learn when they
“unlock” the content there is the option to put in a VIDEO that
plays to entice the viewer to unlock the content.
•    There are different unlocking THEMED BOXES.
•    When the content is unlocked, there is the option for a
POPUP TO APPEAR, which is another means to promote your
affiliate offer to the viewer who just bought into your content.

There is a weekend price freeze before this amazing product
starts increasing again during the week.

Also note that the price will increase to $97 after
its initial launch so you are bagging yourself a
bargain right now.

Start generating real cash with your sites          

Micro Payment Content Locker exploded
a site’s earnings to $160 in just 48 hours.

See how its done, click here..

This is an ingenious NEW plugin that has
launched this week and has caused a stir
in all the internet marketing chat rooms.

If you have content on your site then lets
monetize it right now.

Watch the Case Study here to see how its done

If you get in NOW you lock yourself in for

Are you frustrated that your sites are
not making as much as you would hope?

Are you tired of creating content and
seeing little or no return?

Well today is your lucky day as a new
Micro Payment Content Locker
Plugin has been created….

>>Check the DEMO Video Here.

This Micro Payment Plugin
when activated on an old washed out
site earned $160 in just 48 hours.

This plugin has hit the internet hard
and is causing a stir..

Is that you can grab your copy now
while the price is at rock bottom.
It is on dime sale so move fast.

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