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 [New Video] 10x Bigger Than Dot Com Era? New video shows it all.

You know how much wealth was created
from the “dot com” era, right?

Well, that was nothing.

There’s a revolution happening that’s seeing
10x the results of what the dot com era was
ever able to achieve.

In this video, Ed Dale shows how he and
350 of his closest friends generated over
1,000,000 customers in only 11 months
with virtually NO paid advertising...

We know how much money was made in the
personal computer era, the dawn of the Internet,
the google Pay per click and adwords gold rush,
and of course the web 2.0 facebook era....

What you’re about to see dwarfs all of this.

HINT: This can all be done with your iPhone
or iPad... and I’m not talking about apps.

Get the full scoop in this new, ALL-CONTENT
video now, before they take it down...

Talk soon,

IM Experts

P.S. At the end of the video, you’ll be given
complimentary access to a PERFECT
example of how this system has been put
into action... and is getting results!

Here’s that video again:

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