[Amazon Affiliates] Plugin Asks Visitors For Feedback and Helps You Sell More?

I just found out about a cool plugin that I think
all Amazon affiliates must have!
It’s called Re-EngageZon and it’s developed by
my good friend Igor Burban.

Check it out here:

Re-EngageZon helps you make more Amazon sales and at the same
time it works hard to send your sites viral traffic from
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

If you think your job is done when visitors click your affiliate link,
you are wrong!
Most shoppers don’t find the right product right away.
This is where Re-EngageZon steps in.

With Re-EngageZon your site will take good care of lost and confused
This plugin will help them find the right product and help you make a sale.
It will even allow your visitors share the news about their
new purchase right from your site (and gain social traffic).

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

Check out the demo and pick up your copy now:

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