I QUIT Internet Marketing

I QUIT internet marketing

Have you downloaded and read the "I Quit IM" report?

It's an impressive read from Rob Toth.

Beginners and even more so, intermediate level online business owners would get the most out of it. But I'd recommend skimming it even for those who have 7-figure companies.

There are some eye-opening parts too such as how Rob spent 2 million on one birthday party.

Read that section and you'll see why I think it will be an eye-opener for most people.

As a bonus, you'll also get
   * a copy of "Best of 2012" ... the title is dated but this 192 page book is great reading
   * a 16-minute Bloopers video of marketers in Whistler, B.C.
   * video of Rob's Marketers and TANKS event (want to drive a tank?)
   * access to several online marketing training videos

All of this is free by the way.


Oh, on page 19 of his I Quit IM report, Rob talks of an internet marketer who invested $40,000 into a launch and only sold $98 (gross sales). Find out the mistakes he made.

Read "I QUIT: Why I'm Quitting Internet Marketing After $920,000.00 in Sales... And What's Next?".

Download everything from here:


I have a question and a recommendation...

First the recommendation.
I came across this membership. Less than 10 bucks per month. It has a collection of some great (including some LEGENDARY) internet marketers and they add more each month.

Complete videos from conferences, short interviews with top names.

Lots of goodies in here.

Take a peek:


Personally, I love this stuff.

But I'm curious what websites or resources YOU turn to when you want to kick-back with some business or maybe internet marketing specific education.

Write back a quick email and let me know YOUR personal preference sites.

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