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Last Chance On This Powerful Video

I just wanted to send you two quick last chance reminders…

#1 - This Friday is the last chance to watch the replay video of the webinar entitled "How to Create an Abundant, Stress-Free Financial Future, Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible," being run by NY Times bestselling author of the book "The Tapping Solution," Nick Ortner.

Over 54,000 people registered to see the webinar over the last 2 weeks.  It has had amazing feedback!  You can see the replay by going here:

GET THIS LINK FROM THE LINKS AREA THAT SAYS "Financial Program Webinar Replay Link"

#2 - This Friday is also the last chance to register for Nick's upcoming "The Tapping Solution for Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment" 7 week program, which starts this coming Monday, September 23rd, at 8PM ET.  You can learn about that here:

Here's what previous attendees have said about the program:

"Nick, Thank you for this awesome opportunity to become a part of your tapping community. We both sat in on most if not all of the 7 weeks of the wealth creation tapping and we have already changed from being in about 50 to 70 thousand dollars of debt to not being in debt at all. We are now even growing a savings account which is already at $13,000.00!"

-Torie Walsh

"When I think back on my journey through the 7 Weeks to Financial Success Program and my progress since I think - WOW!!! Our finances are better than they have been for a long time although there is still room for improvement and growth. I had the courage to ask for a specific salary when I was told I was getting a raise - and got it; I've received several unexpected bonuses at work such as one after my boss got back from his overseas holiday; gifts in the form of life coaching and EFT sessions, I've been having small Lotto wins on a regular basis, won a digital camera with Readers Digest and a huge hamper of fresh vegetables from our local supermarket.

There have been other benefits too that are probably bigger and more important than the finanical ones. I'm in a waaaay better headspace than I was 12 months ago and my relationship with my brother is in a totally different place which is just incredible. I can finally see us becoming best friends. I have also released 7kg of excess weight and dropped a dress size. And best of all, I no longer beat myself up all the time. I can honestly eyeball myself in the mirror and say "I love you, I'm proud of you", mean it and know it to be true. I truly am my own best friend. Thank you tapping and Nick and the whole team at The Tapping Solution."

-Lisa Eden

"Thank you so much Nick for working with me on the blocks that I had to selling more books during the live Q&A! Amazing things have happened for me since the course started! First of all, an experienced equine marketer is working with me with my books -- for free because she never did a book before--and all kinds of things are happening thanks to her!

My check from the publisher this month was 7 times what the last one was, and my book rankings have moved up ASTRONOMICALLY on Amazon!! and I've got book signings lined up all over the place! I knew you were the one who could get me to break through my resistance to success with my books! I love ALL my books now! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"


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