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You've probably heard by now how powerful video marketing is.

But, the trouble with video marketing is actually making the videos in the first place. After all, the first step in video marketing is creating the videos.

You may have also heard the saying "the money's in the list". Combining video marketing with email list "squeeze" pages is about a potent marketing technique as there is anywhere.

Creating videos and email squeeze pages take time and effort, and that's assuming you already have the skills.

Until now...

EZ Video Dynamo is an awesome system that lets you "fill in the blanks" to create effective marketing videos in just a few minutes.

Then the system lets you add that video to a auto squeeze page maker that creates great looking video squeeze pages with just a few mouse clicks.

And to make it even better EZ Video Dynamo also includes tons of special "stick figure" characters you can use to quickly and easily make even more marketing videos? Even better, what if many of these figures where animated, to really jazz up your videos, giving them lime, movement and emotion?

To make it even better, what if you could sell the videos you make to clients, including the stick figures? The problem with most media you use in videos is that you can't legally or ethically use them in projects you sell to clients. However, the EZ Video Dynamo system was developed so that you can use the included resources to make and sell marketing videos for you clients.

Making and selling videos to clients is extremely profitable, and with the EZ Video Dynamo System you can not only create great videos for you to make money from clients, you can create video squeeze pages to build email lists for yourself, as well.

But, if you were allowed to use the videos, squeeze pages and characters for not only yourself, but also your customers, you'd have another powerful way to make even more money.

EZ Video Dynamo is really a great deal. You're getting:

Marketing Video Templates - Just open in PowerPoint and make a few very simple changes to customize your videos and BOOM you have a great marketing video. You can use each of the templates over and over.

The Dyno 5000 Video Squeeze Page Maker - This makes extra cool looking video squeeze pages using just a few clicks.

Custom Animated Stickman Images - Add these to your own videos to add movement and emotion. This collection makes it so easy to create your own marketing videos. Just add them to your Powerpoint slides (or any other video editing program) to create instant impact.

The Classified Tools File - An essential guide for those that want to take your video creation skills using PowerPoint to the next level. It focuses on the best resources that are free or very cheap, easy, fast and fun.

For more info, full demos and examples, check out EZ Video Dynamo now at:

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