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Have you ever worked the most ridiculous job?
When I was 16, I was a busboy at a crab place.
It was called Scooters (no, not Hooters) and
the whole experience was... well, ridiculous.
Low pay, crappy treatment, the whole 9 yards.

But that is not the only kind of 'ridiculous,'
am I right? Sometimes life's most ridiculous
things could be the most enjoyable. One time
in college, my buddy fit an entire couch that
his neighbors wanted to throw away... inside 
the elevator inside his apartment building!!!

(Where there are means, there are ways... LOL)

They say, "if you build it they will come,"
but what would every FAILED business person
say in response to that?! 

- "Uhh, ... Not quite."

- "Yeah, I built it... and they were nowhere near."

- "I couldn't speak my customers' language."

So what I ask you if that is ridiculous, then
your answer should be a definite YES. And not
the good kind of ridiculous... this is the 
absolutely worst kind of all! 

My favorite kinds of shenannigans involve 
doing things without really doing them. Like 
not doing any work and still making money 
while you're at it. What you do with your free
time is entirely up to you! Sounds like the
dream? It shouldn't. Watch this video:

All the lazy millenials out there are trying to 
get in on the HOT mobile market! Why? Because 
it is poised to bring RIDICULOUS profits to
all who strike while the iron is hot, before
a stampede of public strangers try to get in 
on the action themselves. No one wants that

So for someone who wants to build mobile apps,
that means one of two things: 

A) Learn programming and debugging (not the
good kind of 'ridiculous'), --OR--

B) Use a push-button software that does it
for you, no programming required.

Which would you rather do: A or B? That's 
like choosing between bussing tables at a 
crab place and riding a couch inside an
apartment complex elevator! One is tedious,
the other is FUN!

The choice is yours. But regardless of what
you choose, do learn about the mobile app
market. It is worth every second of your 
time. You can get started by watching this

Want to reach your customers where they are at?
Use your brain: you've gotta use their mobile!
Don't miss out on this time sensitive info.

Best Regards,
[[Your name]]

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